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The hue and cry of war is the first thing that any refugee to the Battleground witnesses. Armies clash here eternally upon constantly changing fields of war, engaging in what is known as The Unending War. From mortals to fiends to celestials to rebels without a cause among any origin, any who have a desire for battle can find themselves here engaging in ongoing war. Hosts of archons, regiments of devils and hordes of demons and more can all be found here, for this is a realm between the lands of light and darkness where their armies may often meet to determine the fate and future course of many a land and mortal soul. In addition to in the infernal planes, demons and devils wage skirmishes in their own ongoing wars here. Titans and giants roam, gleefully entering into the combat. The oversight of Kor generally maintains a rough and delicate balance. Slain soldiers eventually return, although usually in lower rank and form. Fortresses dot the landscape although every fortress ultimately falls and a new one rises again. Even the terrain shifts wildly at times, providing armies, mercenaries and independent forces with an ever changing and diverse landscape on which to wage battle. The heart of this plane lies grim halls of Kor the Conqueror and god of war. The Battleground is his realm though he suffers the existence and passages of other deities and Powers on occasion.

Planar Traits

• Normal Gravity

• Normal Time

• Infinite Size. Like a battlefield map that stretches on forever.

• Highly Morphic. The Battleground is constantly changing with its features conforming to match those of countless battlefields across creation. A given area can react to particular spells or to sheer force of will. The basic unchanged terrain is similar to that of a rocky but generally featureless plain. A great battlefield. However, even this slowly shifts over time when left alone.

• Mildly Chaos Aligned. Lawful entities and armies do suffer a social penalty here.

• Enhanced Magic. Spells that create, enhance, or mimic weapons (such as flame blade, keen edge, or Mordenkainen's sword), and spells that excite hostile emotions (such as rage, heroism, or antipathy) are extended. Spells and compulsions that calm and pacify others and all charm spells are impeded.

Important Sites

The entire Battleground is the domain of the lord of battles and god of conquest and warfare, Kor. The features of this land often mirror the countless battlefields in the mortal world ranging from great expanses of oceans to sprawling deserts. The landscape is constantly changing but there are a few constants and established locations that do exist.

The Wargarde: The seat of power of the ancient deity Kor is said to be in the ‘center’ of the plane although the plane itself is considered to be infinite in size. Here in Kor’s great fortress, his petitioners and servants seek union with the mighty god and his forces by participating in the Unending War and elevating themselves to higher awareness and spiritual power. The halls of Kor are of iron and adamant and even within its confines, battle is ongoing, even to the very throne of Kor himself. Clad in armor and braying trumpets, the most powerful and honored of those who dwell upon The Battleground are given the right to do battle before the sight of Kor himself and be chosen by the deity to be elevated to a higher place of honor in his realm. Battle wages here almost unceasingly and the house of Kor is full of weapons, shields and armor of great size and brightness. During rare occasions of calm and feasting Kor and his vassals would sit and hear songs of raiding, sacking, battle and glory.

Descriptions of the Realm: One by one, you make your way across or over the squirming river of the dead, being washed out to the great blood sea for renewal. You know this because the Storm Giant, Griv, explains it.

"Every day the dead are washed out into the Sea of Soul's Blood in this part of the Realm. It is different elsewhere. We are in the realm of the Nightmares of War. You may see things you wish you had never seen. Be wary of tha and pray you do not have perfect memories."