A Trip to Myrddion

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Log Info

  • Title: A Trip to Myrddion
  • Emitter: Whirlpool
  • Place: Myrddion
  • Summary: After paying Shaevin a visit, the Ankorill investigation team set out to Myrddion. Upon the rustic countryside, the key there were given reveals an abode that seemed suddenly abandoned. Time to search for clues.

You're going to have to leave Shaevin to his fate. Though it might rankle some, it's not anything that one can do anything about *right this second*, and it seems to be a stable loop. He is dying. Over. And over. And over.

Before you go, he does take some time to converse with Seldan -- about the fall of the peoples that now comprise the Dominion -- the city-states of Serenza and Nale were conquered, long ago, in the early days of Charn's expansion, and it was these people who were the first to taste the lash of slavery, with Nale specifically being integrated quite forcefully that way. While he is not well read on the subject personally, he does speak of a particular scholar in Charn who has a library that might hold answers he seeks. These forbidden archives might be difficult to gain access to, as the Charnish do not wish there to be 'alternate' versions of thier proud history.

(You know, the truth.)

And then there is the key, and it's mystery, and then there is a trip to Myrddion to take. While Seldan has not been directly to the area in question that the mark on the map is indicated, it's close enough to the capital that one should be able to find it with relative ease, given that it's in the countryside wher buildings are perhaps a bit more sparse.

...which where you are. When something particular happens.

Aryia, to be honest, had no qualms with Shaevin's fate. What he did in one timeline was blasphemy, and somethign that should not be wrought upon this world. During their time in ancient city, a few things were learned. History matters of import, as well as discovering they had not erected a similar ward as to Alexandria.

And, well, Aryia's bag has a number of new, pristine bolts of fabric she picked up. But that's neither here nor there.

Some time later, here she is again, in a different country. She's never really been to Myrddion, a sight that she takes in with her hands in her pockets with brows raised. "Quaint, here," she gestures, looking amicably more relaxed than their last venture. "Never been here before."

Seldan had listened to the tales with his usual stoic quietude, nodding here and there. This is not a topic on which he has a great deal of knowledge either, and the idea that Charn had lied about its history surprises him not enough to make him so much as twitch.

He draws in a deep breath, though, at the mention of a trip to the heart of Myrddion, although the notion of it being in the countryside does seem to mollify him a good bit. "Let us begone, then-"

Once they have arrived at the area in wuestion, he looks around him with little recognition, when the key in his hand - vibrates. He looks down at it, _staring_ at it, and draws a quick sigil in the air. The blue-gold-silver veil appears over his eyes, and he studies it for a minute. "Conjuration magic. It seems to - react to the presence of its lock."

Schara is uncharacteristically silent following the exit from the city of Tashraan. The artificer wanders off with the rest off to the countryside.

"So, just triangulate where the vibration is the strongest by taking readings and measuring them with a piezoelectric accelerometer or some other device." The artificer finally suggests. "Assuming that the rate of vibration scales linearly with distance, that is."

The *good* news is that in the countryside, buildigns are a bit far and few between. There are country homes out here and, well ...

... the key seems to be pointing towards one moderately-sized estate house in the distance. at least, the vibrating is growing the closer you draw to it.

Aryia's sightseeing is cut short as Seldan brings attention to the key. It's reacting, vibrating. Her brows furrow before she looks about for what could cause such a reaction. "Of course it vibrates," she comments idly before flicking her attention to Schara.

She blinks. "I guess that could work, do you happen to carry something like that around on you? Along with an output?" she signs before shaking her head and tilting up towards the Elunite. "Good find, Seldan. I guess we can just... point it around like a dosing rod?" <Handspeech/Tongues>

Seldan had only given a small smile for the mention of quaintness from Aryia. "Bryn Myridorn is a far cry from this, and yet is it well, do we not venture there this day," he offers, eyes still on the vibrating key. "I -" He does not appear to understand the significance of the vibration, only that it appears to have magical meaning. Thus does he regard the item with curiosity rather than embarrassment, and lets himself walk for a while.

When Schara speaks, he - stares at her, for a good minute or more, clearly trying to comprehend the words. "My lady, do I understand you to mean that it should vibrate more strongly as we draw closer to its source?"

Closer, now, you're making your way towards the building in the distance -- and yes, Seldan finds that the vibration is in fact getting stronger.

Aryia bobs her head to Seldan, a faint quirk of a smile cresting her lipsward. "Probably a place I should check out some day," she comments with her gestures. "Add it to the seemingly growing list."

Her smille shifts to a lopsided smirk at Seldan's confusion at Schara's jargon. "An empirical and overcomplicated way of saying just that," she signs, amused as they amble on towards the rustic countryside. Their path slowly drawn towards this estate. She quirks a brow at it. "... this seems... too small for Ankorill. The house," she gestures towards it. "Hopefully it is empty. I can scout it if need be." <Handspeech/Tongues>

"It does seem to favor this estate," Seldan inclines his head to Aryia, a gesture that suggests gratitude for the explanation. He turns his attention, then, towards the house, surveying it as they get close. "Lady Belvade seemed to favor - a variety of residences. Think you that this is among her residences?"

"Yes, I have come to realize that miss Akorinil Belvade has an affinity for various innuendos." The artificer answers idly before, what she is saying is misunderstood. "I can't say for certain, which is why a proper reading would be necessary. And well, it would be difficult to narrow down to a given place unless there is a specific landmark or similar close by, which is why finding three points would narrow it down the most." They continue. "To put it another way, well, imagine I were to punch you. You have ways of knowing you're punched, and how hard, right? Your nervous system is able to process the outside stimulus as a force upon it, and react accordingly. But it's not just living things that can do that. Materials are able to receive energy in their own way, which can be converted to a readable source with the proper equipment, and I probably have the parts on me to make a rudimentary sensor for the purpose."

Aryia shrugs towards the Silverguard. "Some quaint, rustic shit in the middle of seemingly nowhere? I can see her toting that about."

It was her turn to pivot to Schara and stare. Just simply stare. "... if I wasn't in a relationship with an artificer, I'd have understood none of that shit. But... no, we don't need to overcomplicate this."

She rubs her face, squares her shoulders, and takes the initiative to approach the abode, looking for any signs of life from outside on the way up. As well as if there's a matching adamantine lock on the door. <Handspeech/Tongues>

The key does not match the lock on the front door. The interior is dark and shuttered, so harder to see anything of what's going on, but it does not look occupied at this time.

<OOC> Aryia gonna try the door
<OOC> Aryia says, "AFTER checking it"
GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (12)+32: 44

Seldan looks for all the world like he understood very little of that shit. "I am quite acquainted with the ways of magic, my lady," he replies, with a very small smile. "You make good sense."

He turns his attention, then, instead to the house at hand. "Let us try the door, then, and learn. I shall knock, to ensure that it is indeed unoccupied." He raises a hand to knock firmly on the door.

The door is ... open??

There's no magical traps on it. But the door? Definitely unlocked.

"Well, I guess this building would qualify as a notable landmark." The artificer sighs. "Alright, it seems like you all have this under control, and I'm probably over thinking things. Should we just go in if it's already open, or does that indicate that it is already investigated by someone else? Is there a lock on the door for the vibrating key you are holding, Seldan?"

Aryia can't help but chuckle at Seldan's politeness, her shaking her head before inspecting the door to the estate. While the mute had half a mind to just waltz on in, the Elunite knocks.

And... the door opens? "Not trapped," she quips, tapping her sternum with two fingers. Assessing Schara's input. "No lock for that key that won't get fucking crushed from adamantine."

As for the question if they should go in? It seems like Aryia has that answer, as she shoulders the door open and makes her ingress once no one answers the door. <Handspeech/Tongues>

"Nay, none." When Aryia shoulders aside the door unlocked, he merely chuckles quietly, a self-deprecating ghost of a smile playing around his lips. He allows the key to lead the way into the mansion, the vibrating rod leading him into the dark hallways before them. "Come," he turns back to Schara. "Let us se where the lock that fits this key might lie."

... it's weird. The interior is far more sumptuous than the exterior would lead one to believe. It is clearly designed for luxury, and multiple people living in it.

...but as you make your way through the home, a certain air takes hold. People *were* here, and then they up and ... left some weeks ago, it would seem. Right in the middle of everything. Rotted food is left on dining tables, for example, half-eaten. Beds are unmade. Everyone is gone, and hasn't returned.

The key ceases vibrating.

"Well then, I guess we should investigate further?" Schara wonders aloud as they enter the building. "Someone left in a hurry, and I'm very glad that I am able to block out smells more effectively with my helmet. Is there any sign of what made them leave so abruptly, however?"

Aryia squints as they slowly clear the building, finding dusting signs of life. Nose scrunching from the stench. "... this matches up with the safehouse we found with the smut rod. Just up and gone," she observes. Her ears flick once as she looks up to the ceiling.

The key stops. She stares at it. Ponders. "I bet having that key lets us access this space. Seems like some weird, extraplanar shit."

A look to Schara. A big shrug up to her chin. "We'll have to turn the place over after we clear the house." <Handspeech/Tongue>

Somewhere in the search of the house, Seldan has extracted from his knapsack a thin scarf, and tied it over his nose and mouth against the stench of swiftly abandoned house and weeks-old food. "Even so," he nods to Aryia in agreement, and to Schara as well. "That is, perhaps, the crucial question to hand. For what reason did she and hers - for more than one occupied this space - depart so swiftly?"

A thorough search of the house conducted, you at last find one more thing: a concealed door. No, the key does not fit it either, but it does lead down, down into a chamber below.

A sanctuary, it would appear, dominated by an icon at its center, a blind-folded woman with her arms outstretched, carved from marble with exquisite detail and adoration. It is Taara, it can be none other.

...this is not a safe house. This is a temple ... and its minders are missing.

OOC Planning

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You've spoken to the Navosian, Shaevin, and are for the moment going to need to leave him to his punishment. I imagine that said punishment doesn't sit well with some of you, but it's not something we can deal with right this second. ;D I will go over a couple of things he'd tell you before that. From there, there are still other things related to check on: the Taaran locations noted on Akorinil's map, and othe less certain other places she indicated, as well as the odd adamantium key."

<OOC> Aryia nod nod!

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Before I emit, I'd like to know what you'd prefer. I'm going to assume investingating the key will be something you'll do, but there's the specified Taaran place that Schara identified, other Taaran locales in other places, and unidentified ones that were clearly of osme interest to her in alexandria and its regino, as well as other realms such as Myrddion."

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I don't wanna railroad you guys, just wanna follow your interests. :)"

<OOC> Aryia nod! "Right now, I am leaning more towards Myrddion or the Taaran place to investigate. But yes, investigating the key is probably first?"

<OOC> Seldan says, "Let's begin with the key."

<OOC> Whirlpool nods!

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I assumed you'd wanna know more about the key. Is there anything you'd like to do to it first?"

<OOC> Seldan says, "Let's begin with detect magic."

GAME: Seldan casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 16 DC: 18

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The key is certainly magical. There's a conjuration effect on it."

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "With some additional study, it seems enchanted to react to the key it is meant for."

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Er, to the lock."

<OOC> Seldan nod.

<OOC> Seldan says, "So we are going to play a little hot and cold with the safehouses."

<OOC> Aryia says, "ooh, clever"

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "This is Akorinil! It's always h-"

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Anyway."

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So I saw some interest in hitting Myrddion first?"

<OOC> Seldan says, "That is fine with me."

<OOC> Aryia says, "i expressed interest because its sort of out there. But now if there is a matching piece to this... it might be best in a place that is more... neutral politically? Or at least geo-politically"

<OOC> Seldan says, "We will need to hit them all."

<OOC> Aryia big nod

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Aryia: Punch, punch them all."

<OOC> Aryia says, "punch card time"

<OOC> Whirlpool says, ""They're buildings, Aryia""


<OOC> Whirlpool says, "All right. I'll assume that, and roll with that for my emit."

<OOC> Aryia nod!

<OOC> Schara nod

-End Scene-