A Marketplace Meeting

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Log Info

  • Title: A Marketplace Meetup
  • Emitter: Ravenstongue
  • Place: A07 - Lower Alexandria Market District
  • Summary: Ravenstongue is at the Market District collecting free samples for Pothy when Venom, Aryia, and Verna appear. The group all socialize and speak to each other on a variety of topics, such as Pothy's fear of Aryia and Verna's househunting efforts. Auranar arrives and is introduced to Venom and Ravenstongue. A pleasant afternoon is had.

-=--=--=--=--=--=<* A07: Lower Alexandria Market District *>-=--=--=--=--=--=-

Just west of the Northern Highbridge and east of the arena, commerce blooms. Noisy and bustling, most anything may be purchased here for a price. Vendors from all cultures sell their wares from exotically colored carts, and the smells of different nations and far-off city-states mix with local ones from Alexandria and its riverbanks.

For all its commerce, visitors are advised to keep hold of their purses. Even the merchants possess a certain, cunning look. Most are positioned at carts or stalls as opposed to a formal storefront, with trade here being mobile, and visiting from all parts of the world.

Though the quality of goods suffers here compared to Upper Alexandria, the options are more diverse. Too, the oversight of the Watch is slightly less, and during times events are held at the Arena, chaos abounds. After dark, the square becomes a hangout for bards and other entrepreneurs whose business is best conducted by night; the shadows at the edges of the square often contain furtive figures engaging in their own brand of business.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- Dramatis Personae =--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-    
Aryia                4'8"     110 Lb     Shadow Elf        Female    A heavily scarred mul with a resolved look about her.                      
Auranar              4'8"     123 Lb     Wild Elf          Female    A wild elf with dark skin and a red dress                                  
Ravenstongue         5'0"     99 Lb      Half-Elf          Female    Short half-elf girl with violet eyes and black hair.                       
Venom                5'6"     130 Lb     Human             Female    A woman(?) about 5'6" in a ragged black veil and poncho.                   
Verna                4'5"     98 Lb      Half-Elf          Female    Petite humanoid in bulky gray robes and cloak.                            

It's a beautiful winter day at the Market, which means the District is somewhat packed with those who don't mind the slight chill on the wind if it means they can bask in the sunshine and find a good deal.

It also means there is a fairly unique sight in the air over the Market District: a certain pale-feathered corvid with blue eyes, soaring around in loops. His mistress--or really, the other half of the package deal that is Pothy--holds a small paper boat filled with seared vegetables. "Pothy!" Ravenstongue calls up to the sky.

"Saaaaay nooooo mooooore!" Pothy declares as he dives down from the sky and lands onto Ravenstongue's shoulder in a neat and clean fashion. He makes it look too easy, and his reward is gone in a matter of a second as Ravenstongue holds the boat up to him. He looks at Ravenstongue and says, "More."

"Okay, okay, next stall it is," Ravenstongue says, and she makes her way to the next one. Such is the life of caring for corvids.

So it is, that the winter chill is less discouraging to another soul, one shrouded head to toe in veils, leather and oilcoth.

Venom walks along the thoroughfare moving from specific stall to specific stall, but if the figure is looking around at all, the obfuscating headwear makes it impossible to tell.

Ok... the invocation of Pothy and the exultant response could have something to do with the upward pivot of the shrouded head.

That's a safe bet.

The engima's course changes subtly, and her stride will eventually intercept the generously feeding sorceress.

There's a figure basking in said sun atop one of the roofs that oversees the markets. Clad in a green jacket, shades pressed against their scarred grey face and arms folded behind her head is none other than Aryia. Being lazy.

"Hey lady! That's the third time this week, get off my roof!" a human shopkeep shakes a fist at the lounging elf. She sighs, rolls over, and lets herself slide off unceremoniously. She lands on her feet.

"Next time you do that, I'm calling the Watch for trespassing!"

Aryia raises a brow, stares at them, and walks off.

And spies a diving alabaster raven. She follows their path, spying its master, as well as- the mute perks up, a light smile gracing her lips as she strides up to the soon to be trio.

It doesn't take long for Ravenstongue to receive the next free sample. She approaches the stall and the human chef running the show gives her a smile, a nod, a "Howdy, Pothy, here ya go, buddy," and a little sausage stick. She holds it out to Pothy and he inhales it.

But rather than immediately responding with a "More!", Pothy catches sight of the figure moving towards them shrouded in veils. This catches the corvid's attention. After all, there could be snacks hidden under all of that! Bountiful, glorious snacks! What a wondrous day of invention.

"Snacks!" Pothy calls out, and he lands right in front of Venom, his white tail feathers wagging up and down much like a happy dog might. His big blue eyes look up at the veils and leathers with childlike wonder and expectation. "Snack? Snack? Snack?"

"Oh gods, Pothy, please," Ravenstongue says with a sigh and a roll of her eyes.

"Sna--" Pothy is interrupted as Ravenstongue rushes over and snatches up the bird.

It's not often the enigma is assailed for charity.

The earnest, hopeful plea of the pale bird prompts a cant to the veiled head as the footfalls come to a halt before the corvid.

There is a ripple in the oilcloth poncho while the birds mistress scoops him up.

Head canting the other way, a gloved hand emerges from the poncho with a strip of smoked rabbit to dangle out to the pet as the other hand emerges to offer a friendly wave while Aryia closes from a vector outside of her current line of sight.

And then there were four... five? four and one-half? Pothy counts for some measure, though precisely how much might depend heavily upon whom was asked. Verna enters the market from the south, her hood down in the comparatively fairer weather. A small basket is hooked with one arm. Empty, for the moment, most likely, given its sway.

If there was ever a figure that was successful in silencing the ravenous bird, they appear from behind the charitable veiled figure.

Aryia announces her presence with a soft two-note whistle, along with a wave of a gloved hand.

The Mourner is spotted by the perceptive mute, her shifting some to ensure the social circle had a spot for her to be included when she drew close enough.

Pothy almost dances--or what can pass for dancing considering he has talons and not feet-- on Ravenstongue's shoulder as the dried rabbit is presented to him. He flaps up and takes it from her, swallowing it down in one fluid motion more like a snake consuming a meal than a bird.

But then he spots her. He flies back immediately to Ravenstongue's shoulder and burrows his face into the hood of her cloak. There is no Pothy here. He no longer exists. Pay no attention to the bird butt behind the curtain.

"Well, wow, I didn't expect to see you here, Aryia!" Ravenstongue says as she spots Aryia behind the enigma of veils. She smiles and says hello to the veiled figure with a wave of her hand. She's not yet spotted the Mourner in the crowd.

Venom pivots slightly on her heel at the sudden mood swing from the briefly satiated avian and upon sight of the other silent figure, she bows her head and brings her hands up to frame a greeting of, "Hello, you're looking well today."

Her attention turns back toward Ravenstongue and the feathery tumor wiggling past her head from the hood and she remarks, 'I hope he isn't about to be sick." <handspeech>

The two-tone whistle catches Verna's notice, first. This is followed by the fluttering of wings and subsequently by recognition of 3.bird individuals. Her steps alter towards the flock, where she offers, "Good day to you all. I trust all is well?" The basket under her arm may or may not contain hidden snacks, though it is not conveniently labelled so.

Aryia blinks at Pothy hides away. She smiles some, thumbing her nose before she flicks her gaze over to the gestures. Her cheeks color a tinge. Must be the chill. "Hey. Appreciated," she motions back before prodding a knuckle against her fellow mute's arm. "I don't think he is. He's never not hated eating something. He's just afraid me is all. And he has nothing to worry about."

The silver shades turn towards the cowering bird. "As long as he doesn't scream, he's safe." She cracks her knuckles.

The pugilist gives a thumbs up to Verna. "All is good for the time being. I've just been lazy as of late. How goes the house hunting?"<Handspeech>

"Thank you!" Ravenstongue says with a smile to the veiled figure. "It's been a while since the myceloid incident. How are you? And don't mind Pothy--as Aryia said, he's just a little terrified of her."

Pothy peeks out just a bit from the cloak. A blue eye stares at Aryia. "Merp," he says quietly. It's a tiny little noise, which prompts an "aww" and a scritch from his mistress.

"And a good afternoon to you too, madame Mourner," Ravenstongue adds as Verna approaches. The basket in her hands catches Pothy's attention, and the bird perks up a little more, but he looks at Aryia and seems hesitant about demanding to know what's in that wicker food prison.

Venom nods, "It has. You both look well." she signs in return. It's then that she turns toward the Mourner and bows her head.

She shifts her position slightly to allow everyone to be contained within her field of view and looks between the women as they talk, though Pothy's new vitality seems to draw her attention.

"What did you do to scare him?" she wonders in sign. <handspeech>

Verna dips her head to Ravenstongue and to the enigma wrapped in veils (lightly dusted with mystery) before responding to Aryia's inquiry. "The hunt goes well and we located some possibilities of note. There is the matter to be resolved before we finalize that, however. I hoped that I might once again impose upon you for your services regarding that, as I did previously." There is a pause before she clarifies, "Not urgently, and at your convenience."

Her attention shifts to the culprit of the corvid conversation. "Aryia can be quite firmly persuasive. I am not surprised by his concern."

Aryia gives the scared bird a little nod in acknowledgement of their quietness. It wasn't the yearning for snacks that bothered Aryia, it was- "There was a time he was going on a snack craze. So much so he yelled directly into my ear. I warned him that if he got too loud like that again, I'm going to chuck him into the ground and make him cobblestone grout."

She smiles. "He's been well behaved since then." And the terrible part is, she'd actually do it. A gesture toward's Verna's addendum seals that.

That being said, Aryia nods a few times at Verna's request, her sighing slightly. "Glad to hear that it's going well. And yes, I can help with that. I'll be sure to bring more snow filled waterskins." <Handspeech>

"I've actually been looking for a house, too," Ravenstongue says with an interested look at Verna. "Well... Saving for one. The apartment's nice, but, well, I don't think two people and a raven can fit comfortably in it. Or any one else who might be living with us as well in the future, like Grandfather." There's a slight flush on her face as she discusses the matter.

Pothy flies over to Verna, landing by the Mourner's feet. He looks up at the basket and, to his credit, asks politely and at a reasonable volume, "Snacks?" His blue eyes glisten with anticipation, although he gives Aryia a nervous glance to make sure he's not about to be turned into a kickball.

The veiled head dips, and she signs, "I'm Venom. It's nice to meet you." and she glances to Aryia as it seems she's got more talents on tap than the enigma is apparantly familiar with.

She reaches out to gently bump knuckles against Aryia's arm, then, because the Mul'niessa was capable of conveying the concept to the bird, she waves his way and signs, "I don't like loudness, either."

Headcant, then, "The water is very refreshing that way." <handspeech>

Whethers other may or may not wish to indulge in feathered footbal, Verna does not seem inclined. In fact, she even shifts the basket to hand and then carefully lowers it to the ground, releasing it for Pothy's possible perusal. "You will need to determine that for yourself," she notes (as the basket is lidded yet not latched). He spoke to her, as it were, and she returns the inquiry with answer.

"Sage Mourner Verna. A pleasure," she returns to Venom. A pointed nod and "Thank you" to Aryia follow at her answer. she then gestures to the full-blood whilst looking to Ravenstongue. "She may be best at home-acquiring advice, as she was already successful and my ... our journey is only just begun."

Aryia raises a brow at Ravenstongue. "I see. Glad you're comfortable with Telamon already. Just don't let Grandfather pressure you," is all she notes about that, still clearly wary of that fey.

Noting the introduction, she looks towards Verna and shrugs lightly. "I just did a little digging was all. And got lucky as I scooped mine up during the height of the demon panic. So... it's free real estate." <Handspeech>

"Well, we're getting a bit serious," Ravenstongue says in regards to Aryia's point, still flushed. "But it's not directly to do with him. I decided Alexandria's my home for the foreseeable future, so I might as well put down roots and buy a home. But, well... I'm meeting Telamon's parents soon, and I told him before we thought of getting engaged, I'd like to have a house. I'm trying to be sensible about it all while acknowledging my heart."

Meanwhile on the other side of sensibility, Pothy croaks softly, almost a thinking noise, as he hops onto the basket. He lifts the lid and roots his beak around inside for goodies.

Ravenstongue can't help but snicker at Pothy. "He doesn't get many opportunities to root around in things like that. I got him out of that habit a while after I first got him."

She looks back at Aryia. Her violet eyes twinkle a little behind the glasses as she says, "Grandfather's not really pressuring me. He does think his jokes about getting more grandchildren are funny, but that's Grandfather for you."

Venom goes still to allow the conversants to proceed without interruption on her part, at least so far as her communicative signs. She does seem to look around a little bit, maybe scouting more bargains in the background as things proceed.

Verna's gesture to Aryia remains at the mention of sensibility and heart. "Aryia holds wisdom for those matters, as well," she advises Ravenstongue," as I can attest. Though you lack none, yourself..." This latter is noted as a brief lift and flick of her foot tips and closes the basket lid.

Said basket is empty... or it WAS, at least. Now it momentarily contains a curious covid. "That is a habit he should continue to avoid..." Verna voices his agreement down towards the basket as much as across to Ravenstongue.

Aryia just shrugs lightly. "Yes, live with them a bit before you do something like that. Some people are a lot different when you're around them almost every hour of the day. Good. I'm glad he's not putting unneeded pressure"

She watches the white raven for a moment overlong before resting on her back foot, a quirk of a smile tugging at one corner of her lips. The mute rifles around in her pocket, pulls out a wrapped hard candy, and unwravels it. A light whistle to get the bird's attention, then she underhand tosses the lemon sweet to him.

She shrugs a little bit. "I just say shit, and sometimes it makes sense," she signs, watching Venom peer around for a moment as she too joins in the casual surveying. <Handspeech>

A red-coat clad wild elf with black hair dyed pink at the ends, and thus very easy to spot in the crowd of the market place, makes her way with a small box and a pile of books carefully placed in a tower tied off with twine. She seems quite pleased with herself as she spots Verna and company, making her way toward the group with a little wave to it. "Hello!" She offers a smile to everyone, brightening somewhat at the sight of Aryia who she is a little familiar with. "I hope I'm not interrupting!"

There is a white raven currently inspecting a basket by Verna's feet. He looks quite frustrated as he turns up empty. "Sad, sad," Pothy murmurs, but then Aryia tosses him the lemon sweet! His eyes light up and he catches it in his beak, returning to Ravenstongue's shoulder with a few beats of his wings. He swallows it whole and looks happy... For the moment.

"Oh, we're just talking about all manner of things," Ravenstongue says. She peers a little curiously at the sylvanori, a smile settling on her face. "I don't think we've met. You can call me Cor'lana--or Ravenstongue."

"Pothy," Pothy says, mimicking Ravenstongue's voice. He preens his feathers, cleaning himself to look good for the new guest.

"And yes, Pothy, you're Pothy," Ravenstongue says with a giggle. "He's actually named Apotheosis. I call him Pothy for short."

Venom's head pivots slightly as the new soul makes her approach to the little knot of familiarity. The veils make her likely scrutinty hard to discern, but the shrouded one makes a dip of her head and affords the stranger a little wave.

A hand vanishes under the poncho for a moment, then dangles another length of smoked meat for the bird.

Baskets and birds are abruptly a secondary concern as Verna turns towards the newest greeting. As soon as it strikes the Mourner's features, the sylvanori's smile is reflected within them. Not as full nor vibrant, but present. "You are not, and should never consider yourself such, dearest."

One hand is extended towards Auranar in offering while the other gestures; first to the others, then also to Auranar. Verna attempts to facilitate introductions with, "This is Auranar, the superior half of our residential search."

Aryia blinks behind her silver shades, her smiling some at the arrival of the wild elf. She waves to her and shakes her head, motioning them on in towards the conversation.

The bird sated with the stale candy, the mute grins a bit at seeing the Mourner's visible face lift. "It's offical, then?" she motions to Verna, referencing an earlier situation. "Oh, and this is Venom, Aura," she introduces, looking to Verna to others to translate. She didn't have a name for them yet, so just substituted a word. <Handspeech>

Auranar manages, in spite of her burdens a half-curtsy to Verna's companions, sweeping them all with a warm smile. "Cor'lana, that's a lovely name! As is Apotheosis." She smiles at the bird. "The culmination or climax of a thing, he must be some raven!"

She puts her box on top of her stack of books so that she can gently take Verna's hand, balancing everything quite neatly and offering the other woman a smile. She focuses quite hard on Ayria's hand-signs but it's clear that they mean nothing to her. Still, she said she would try to learn the language and she is determined to understand at least some of it. She waits patiently for the words to be translated however. "I don't know about being the superior house hunter, but I did just find some wonderful books to line our shelves once we find a place!" She beams at the books that she's holding and seems amused with herself. "I rather think that we shall soon have the difficulty of too many books and not enough location for them."

"As far as I can tell, he's the culmination of eating everything in sight that I allow him to eat," Ravenstongue says with a snicker to Auranar's point. "Thank you for the compliment. My Grandfather named me--I love the name, too."

Pothy spots the meat offered to him by Venom. He flaps over and gingerly takes it, not wanting to upset her nor Aryia next to her. He downs it again in one smooth motion... Then he flies back to Ravenstongue's shoulder, nuzzling into her black hair. Ravenstongue just smiles widely as he does. "He also can be very, very sweet."

Verna's lips purse slightly as she underestimated Auranar's burden of box and bundle of books. She attempts to carefully with her free hand to pick the box from the top. A splitting of the burden to be less encumbering to Auranar. "I will consider adding an extradimensional library. That or we seek a larger space." Is there such an issue as too many books? She does not appear to believe so.

"This is Venom," Verna indicates with a nod of her head as she offers the translation, "and Aryia wished to know if our status was now official, I believe." A brief glance to Aryia if just to confirm, given that she misinterpereted the mute once not so long past.

Venom watches the bird gingerly take her offering and consume it without any more movement than the slackening of her fingers as he does.

As he seems to have properly consumed the rabbit, she signs a slow, "Good boy."

She turns her attention to the sound of her name and straightens to afford a neat bow. She gives an over look between the two, based on the pivot of her veils, then signs a, "Congratulations, I wish you luck going forward."

She glances to Verna as she explains her literary ambitions and suggests, "Stack haversacks." <handspeech>

Aryia snickers at Pothy's quiet monching. "I think you'll certainly need all the space, I bet the personal library will be quite large between the two of you."

She nods at Verna, the translation correct, solidified with a thumbs up. "I got one recently, and I agree. That may be a good idea."

The mute looks up to the sky and squints at it behind her shades. She nudges Venom's arm with a knuckle, and nods towards the western road. "Going to go train, you're welcome to come with."

She turns to the group, "Nice to see you all again." She bows slightly, smiles, and starts to amble off lazily with her hands in her pockets. Whistling along the way. <Handspeech>