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Physical Description

Character Details
Race: Eldanar
Class/Level: Fighter (4)
Gender: Male
Deity: Serriel
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 37
Standing at roughly five ten, this middle aged, fair skinned Eldanar man is built fit and muscular, erring more on the lean side. Sunken slate gray eyes are kept free of hair by a tied up knot of reddish gold hair, his face and the sides of his head shaved clean. When not covered, his left arm sports four long gouges of a scar, which cuts through a tattoo of Serriel’s holy symbol.

When armored and ready, he’s in a modified scale mail of blackened steel, the left arm is plated while the right has only the sleeve of a gambeson. Alexandria’s hues of red and gold are present in the trim. An armet helmet typically sits on his head, the visor pulled down. A large, well worn crossbow is slung over his back, and a couple of bandoliers across his chest hold various tools and weapons of the trade dangle freely and ready for use. A number of weapons dangle from his belt: a longsword, a sap, a mace.

Without his armor, he’s typically in a grey overcoat with a sword strapped to his back.


Born and raised Alexandrian, Warrick's upbringing is almost textbook. Family owns a general store, joins the guard, finds a wife and has a daughter. But things only go down from there. Now a widower, he joined the arbalest division of the Alexandrian guard. Which felt the brunt of the Wight Invasion. Quietly discharged from service, he still serves in his own way: by keeping the Exploerer's Guild in check.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Ex-Watch: Old habits from his time on the Watch is still present, but his time served is quite helpful in navigating Alexandrian Bureaucracy.
  • News Savvy: Warrick tends to know what the current hubub is, as well as more prominent adventurers. Though, he regards such with suspicion.
  • Arbalest: Trained for volley measures, Warrick treats missions with a rigid professionalism.
  • Family: He's a soft spot for family, and can occasionally be seen enjoying the city with his daughter Cynthia.



Fighter PC Badge
Master of Arms: Warrick's experience with the Watch and Alexandrian Military has given him proper, professional training with just about any weapon.
Fighting Style: Being specially trained in mixed squad tactics, Warrick tends to wade into the fray with a heavy crossbow in the midline. But he can easily switch to shield and any weapon needed and get into the front line.
Weapon Training: The heavy crossbow is Warrick's weapon of choice, and has learned to use it better than a sword, even when foes are right in front of him.
Role: Warrick is best described as a tactician, barking orders in the middle of a fight as he keeps an eye on the battlefield.

Humans08 eldanar.jpg

Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Alexandros born, though parents moved from Myrddion.
Associated With: Alexandrian Watch, Alexandrian Military
Faith: Serriel

Scroll med.png

Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Alexandros
Tier: Tier 2
Family History: Warrick's family has been in Alexandria for a couple of generations at this point. And for him, there's no other place he'd rather be or protect.
Politics: "Current rulers do their job decently well, but these Adventurer will either be our salvation or the death of us."


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: War-Touched
Tier: Tier 2
Development: Despite how much he tries to steer clear of getting into a fight, there's no denying Warrick has the mind for it. Always barking suggestions and orders in the middle of the fray that comes so naturally to him. So easily...

"Please be civil."