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By all tales born from the very elements of fire and stone, the dwarves of Gaea are unsurpassed crafters, runesmiths, kingdom builders and wielders of the elemental forces of the world. They are the descendants of mighty elemental lords who Reos called to being during the age of creation during the era of the gods.


As the ages waxed onward, dwarves became bound to the world and interested in the amassing of material goods and riches. In doing so they lost some of their former power and ancient heritag. Yet, in the process became renowned for the creation of epic artifacts and devices, some of which were used by the gods themselves during the days when they walked the earth.

From the chains that bound the great wolf Caracoroth to the crowns of the Five-Fold Serpent and even the Arms and Armor of the gods themselves, the legendary works of the first age were unsurpassed by other races. Even the sildanyari said to have learned from the dwarves and their art earned them accolades as well as curses of greed, covetousness and jealousy by those who wanted to see their ancient works undone. Whereas others wrapped themselves in wards against such curses, arrogant to a fault and unknowing of their own potentials for corruption, the dwarves continued on and in time the glories of their ancient days fell prey to all manner of undoing from dragons' fire to infernal corruption.

The khazad suffered a recent blow when ancient races--an alliance of the Khazad-Ur and the mul'niessa, toppled their ancient kingdom and slew their one true king. In Khazad Duin, there once stood a magnificent dwarven kingdom known as The Axis of Gaea.

Yet a bare 500 years ago, when some khazad were still alive, fathers, mothers and grandmothers still tell the tale of the alliance of Iron and Shadow. Then, they say--the mul'niessa nation allied with the khazad-ur and brought down the Great Mountain.

Great was the khazads' loss, great was the blood spilled and the True King slain and his line broken. It was this act that divided the khazad peoples and sundered their mighty kingdom.

Despite or perhaps because of this, they remain implacable foes against the Shadow. They stand as though rock or stone, possessing terrific strength, endurance and determination fueled by their respective affinity to the elements. Many khazad find themselves drawn into the world either as staunch merchants, mercenaries or dignitaries to the western lands. Yet, many are still very isolationist in nature while also fiercely willing to defend themselves against incursions from nations such as Charn.

Mendorn Steamhammer is the current khazad High King, ruling from the seat of dwarven power in Kingsforge, while the Council of Thanes themselves convene most often in Ironforge. Dun Mordren is the name of this kingdom and it sets the tone for much of the Khazad Duin region. Although many khazad ally themselves under the High King in Dun Mordren, there are also many independent and outlying khazadi delves and cities and the people have not been truly united for quite some time, though that may look to change in times ahead, especially with the recent marriage of heirs.

Dwarven Clans

There are many dwarven clans but some examples of them are:


Clan Truehammer: Clan Truehammer is one of their most noble clans. It traditionally produces the kingly line of the dwarven people and their ruling thanes. Consisting of a number of dwarven nobility and households, this clan is the smallest in number but among the most prestigious with a long history and strong lineage. The True Hammers tend to hail from cities such as Kingsforge, Ironhold and Durin's Delve. Their nobility shines in the strength of their Battlehalls and and genius of their military Academies. Their Academies are world-renowned, built in preparation for a time when the members of True Hammer must spearhead the Holy War to retake The Axis of Gaea.

Clan Masterbuilder: The Masterbuilds are by and large smiths and craftsman of world reknown. Nobility of other lands vie for commissions of the most prestigious crafters of Reos' children. True to their birthright, their attention centers on the creation of masterful works of smithing and stone craft. The Masterbuilder folk tend to live almost exclusively in Ironhold though outlying holds of them exist in cities such as Gateway, the mountains around Alexandria and other lands where they are hired to construct keeps, repair and upkeep forms of great technology and more.

Clan Stonesmasher: Storm and Mountain Dwarves make up the majority of this clan of powerful warriors. The Stonesmashers do not have many clan holdings of their own but tend to be stationed within the holds of other clans where they act as bodyguards and security. Among them, they represent the some of the greatest warriors of dwarven kind and are rivaled only by their kin of Truehammer. Deeply religious, they follow the dwarven deities and deities of battle and warfare. They have little interest in crafting and delving but are quick to be on the front line of the many dwarven wars that take place against monsters and other threats against their homelands.

Clan Skyhammer: The Skyhammer Dwarves of Anvil Peak and other outlying settlements tend to be detached from other dwarven endeavors, in contrast to many of the other clans. Setting them apart further, these barbarian dwarves have clan holdings that are located either near or on the surface itself. Consisting primarily of Mountain and Storm Dwarves, they are fierce and powerful warriors but have little interest in the politics or travails of Dwarven kind as a whole. They get along well enough with the Stonesmashers but are considered outcasts, dangerous and volatile by other clans.

Clan Bludstein: The Bludstein dwarves were so named for the discovery of BloodStones, which were rich in magic and value in the now lost kingdom of Morduzum. Their greed over these stones created a schism amongst several families and nearly led to civil war. In penance, they are considered the lowest clan among the dwarven kind and tend to be gem cutters, miners and stoneworkers in the bowels of the mountains. Dwarven memory is long and though it has been many generations since the Bludstein Wars, this clan often finds itself having to work twice as hard to earn power and acceptance among their brethren. They are typically Iron and Mountain Dwarves and can be found scattered in all dwarven settlements.

Dwarven Races

Although many people are not aware of it, there are several basic dwarven types that exist upon Gaea. The most common and known variation of are simply known as the Mountain Dwarves or Khazad-Aul. These Dwarves form the political bodies, the bulk of their military forces, and their great leaders and craftsmen and religious leaders.
Second and far less common types are the more barbaric Khazad-Mornir. These are also known as the Storm Dwarves and they are physically the strongest among the dwarven kind. A race of consummates warriors, griffon riders and they are even more militant then the Mountain Dwarves can be. Cultural clashes between the two have placed most Storm Dwarven strongholds actually above ground or in the mountain peaks as opposed to below ground.
Khazad-Ur (NPCs)
The Iron Dwarves or Khazad-Ur are sometimes referred to as The Black Iron or Dark Iron Clans. These dwarves are outcasts to the others of dwarven kind. Known as mad inventors and insane and cruel architects, creators of destructive devices and formers of pacts with fiendish forces. The Iron Dwarves initiated a war known as The War of the Three Anvils, in which they and their sorcerer leaders allied with the mul'niessa, and sought to overcome the rest of dwarven kind. They were defeated and exiled and now they live in scattered enclaves deep within the earth.

Dwarven Lifestyle


Dwarves traditionally revere Reos as the highest of the gods. Reos is known as The Wonder Maker and the World Smith. The dwarves revere him as their creator who cast them as iron from the forge. Though dwarves typically respect all gods, Reos is considered their patron. War deities such as Kor and Angoron are popular as well as reverence of dwarven heroes who they believe are given a measure of divinity after they prove themselves in life.

Dwarves are considered traditional, though what is and is not traditional varies from clan to clan. In general, dwarves are said to be as enduring and as solid as the mountains. They respect the traditions of their clans, of hard labor, skill in battle, determination, loyalty, and decisive action. They trace their homes and fortressess back ages, and their long lives bring with it great memory. Their craftsmanship is unmatched, it is said, and the strength of their axe respected.

There are two main branches of dwarves on Ea. The main branch are those native to the mountainous region known as Khazad Duin, which sunders central Arcania in half via the massive Sky Curtain Mountains. In Khazad Duin, there once stood a magnificent dwarven kingdom known as The Axis of Gaea. Five hundred years ago, barely a generation or two to the dwarves, this land was destroyed and their One King slain, his family line broken. Shadow Elves allied with outcast cursed dwarves were responsible.

Today, the Holds that survive are closer to the surface and ring their hammers and mix traditional craft with artifice in the hopes of one day returning to destroy their enemies. Dwarves today exist in scattered realms, holds and kingdoms with most concentrating in Khazad Duin and adhering to the authority of The High King and his council.

Recent Events

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