Dome of Heaven

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The Holy Mountain of Amman sits here, guarding the way past white shores into a good green country where the primal light of the sun is never

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diluted by fear, darkness and terror. The Dome of Heaven is quite literally paradise. It is the seat of good and the location of the throne of the supreme power of good and law; Daeus. With him dwell several other deities of light and life and they are attended by a host of celestial beings and creatures created by and allied with them. Numerous celestial villages, cities and fortresses dot the landscape of this country which is seemingly a mirror of the Material Plane in its perfected, unmarred form. Some say that it is Gaea as it would have been had not creation been marred by the The Void. The promise of betterment and ultimate union with the forces of law and good exist here. Justice, kindness, celestial grace, and mercy rule here while eyes remain watchful against any attempted incursion by evil into this sacred realm. The souls of mortals who have empathy and kindness for their fellow creatures will ultimately find their way here.

Planar Traits

• Normal Gravity

• Timeless: Age, hunger, thirst, poison and other such mortal concerns do not function when within the Dome of Heaven. However, it is not retroactive, meaning that one who journeys here and then leaves will be at the same age they were when they first arrived.

• Infinite Size

• Divinely morphic. The Dome of Heaven is morphic for entities of at least lesser deity status but Daeus has the ability to reshape any altered in any way he sees fit.

• Mildly good-aligned and mildly law-aligned however within the respective domain of some of the other deities this may differ.

• Enhanced Magic: Spells utilizing positive energy or good aligned are maximized in The Dome of Heaven. Spells utilizing negative energy or with the evil descriptor are automatically countered.

Important Sites

Several important sites exist within the Dome of Heaven that are worth mentioning. Although there are many more than this, these few stand out.

The Mount of Amman: Also known as The Holy Mountain and synomous with the Throne of Daeus, the light of the sun rests here and overlooks all of the Dome of Heaven while remaining vigilant against infernal forces that may threaten these lands. While Daeus dwells here, the peak of the incomprehensible heights of the celestial mountain is ever crowned with light that illuminates the realms, warms, and heals. Angelic attendants carry the word of the True Law forth for all who would hear it and the mightiest of Solars, the Seven Elohim, guard the way to the Throne of Daeus and command the celestial armies.

Elysium: Celestial villages, cities, temples and housing places of petitioners, travelers and the dwelling place of souls dot this colorful landscape. The Fields of Elysium are awash in bright colors. Brilliant green meadows dotted with starbursts, clouds of purest silver and white plume through the air and rolling woodlands of sweet smelling leaves and flowering trees are characteristics of Elysium. Those who desire war no longer can find peace here and the infernal forces would love nothing more but to wash the fields of Elysium with chaos and blood. Of particular note here is the great City of Bells: Ithildin. The roofs here are of gold, the floors silver, the doors bronze and uplifted with spells of binding and protection. Within the depths of this city is the great blue and silver house of Althea.