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The Sunset

Org localized.png Alexandria's Order of the SunsetOrg blank.png Associated Characters
Common: Rogues, Inquisitors, Rangers, Fighters Locations: Alexandria (A05)
An underworld mafia with a trace of Alexandrian heroism. Begun by the overlooked arvek nar and now joined by Dragoneri refugees who were tired of the glass ceiling and the Syndicate's control, they seek to bring order to the mercantile, and other, underworlds in Alexandria.
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Arvek after the Sendor War faced something of a glass ceiling in Alexandria. They found trade blocked from them, both from outright racism and influence from the Syndicate. True to their nature, the arvek and began to make their own way.

Since then, they've been joined by some Dragoneri refugees, among a few others who have also felt overlooked. Others join because they are tired of the Syndicate's hold on mercantile groups, which the Sunset challenges.

The Sunset is a small, yet successful order of black market merchants, enforcers, and smugglers. The Sunset takes an additional meaning to the racial moniker, and have built a network of business just beneath Alexandria's surface. They are closely tied to merchant and shipping industries and now challenge the Syndicate, who once dominated these areas. Though they're new, they're also more organized, which offers them both a strong and competitive advantage against other groups in the Underworld. However, they're also small, and some see them as racially motivated.

To local merchants and the populace, they're a mixed blessing. While the orderliness of the Sunset has calmed random street and gang violence, it comes at a price and has encouraged these competitive groups to pick up their game before they lose territory, forever.

Members of the Sunset often see themselves as business entrepreneurs or even peacekeepers between criminals. This does not mean they are clean, however. Only that they see themselves that way.

Like all Underworld groups, the Sunset competes with the Guild of the Sly as well as the Ebon Syndicate, and any others, over resources, territory, information, and so on.

RPP-Related Skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate, Stealth, Craft/locksmithing, Profession/bookkeeper, Profession/merchant, Spellcraft

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