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Tog Flegnizt

About My Character

Tog grew up in Alexandria's Goblintown, the fourth of his mother's six children. His early childhood was largely spent sneaking in the shadows, lurking in sewer tunnels, or looking for leftovers from Ma Rosie's kitchen while running amok with the other gobber children and pulling pranks on the khazadi kids. As he got a little older, his interest in firearms began to really develop, and soon he had caught attracted the attention of a locally renowned arvek nar marksman, who would spend a lot of time at the gaming tables at Ma Rosie's. Tog began to look to him as a sort of father figure, and began to call him "Uncle" Dietmar.

This Dietmar is an (NPC) operative of The Sunset, and spends a goodly bit of his energies in protecting goblinoid mercantile interests from competing groups, especially khazadi enterprises. With Tog's affinity for lurking in shadows and other dark places, Uncle Dietmar has from time to time employed him in The Sunset's operations. As Tog sets out to make his own way in life, the medium-sized masterwork Dragonspitter he starts with was a gift to him from this Uncle Dietmar.

Where religion is concerned, Tog's convictions have never been particularly strong. He prefers contact with and cover from the earth, and would probably have selected Reos as his patron, except that he sees Reos as more the god of artifice and smithing than of the earth itself and the subterranean realm, and so, regards him, but chooses to claim nominal preference for Dana instead, with a sort of secondary worship of Rada for his concern with commerce.


Tog has greyish-green skin with inky-black dreadlocks and deeply purple eyes. The warts on his face are fascinatingly disgusting to the fairer races... certainly enough so to frighten children. His nose is hooked and pointy with a glaringly large and somewhat hairy wart on the side. His ears are freakishly large for the rest of his face, and perforated by matching series of gaudy earrings in copper, bronze, and brass.

His clothing is well-fitted to his gangly body, and although it is actually fashioned from leather, the overall appearance calls to mind more the idea of hide or skin, and is spotted with grime, dirt, and grease-stains.

Holstered at his waist, though, is a magnificent dragonspitter, which looks out of place on him not only because of its masterful quality, but also because it looks too big for his gobber-sized hands.

Role-play Hooks

  • Tog is closely tied to goblinoid commercial interests in Alexandria, whether completely legal or not, and particularly works against competition from khazadi rivals.
  • Tog is a creature of the City, and despite being a ranger, prefers an urban landscape, especially in the seedier areas, like casinos, brothels, and bars, the dirtier areas like sewers, tunnels, back alleys, and industrial zones, and areas where local authorities are either corrupt or willing to ignore matters.


Gobber PC Badge
Escape: Born and raised in Alexandria's GoblinTown
Role: a loyal supporter of goblinoid commercial interests, especially in competition with those of khazadi rivals
Faith: nominally Dana
Warts: See description above


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: The Sunset (casual)
Role: Surveillance
Other Landmarks:

Other Active Alts