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About My Character

The Khazad-Duin held the aerie that hatched Zwrillixae and her nest mates. Her aerie might have been one of the older ones, but was built mighty with layers upon layers of protections by woven by her elders. Even as her wings developed, the eaglet was daring to the edges, to peer down and survey her domain. This became small forays of exploration as she learned to glide, and then fly as all Eaglets must do.

It was within one of these forays that she met and was chosen to be mentored by the great ranger F’zlar, son of the elder F’zallixe. From his instruction she learned the ways of the mountains, forests, and the glades of the land and its animals within. And the arts that allowed each place to be mapped and catalogued; each of the maps coveted as one might do to mighty gems.

Soon, she gathered her things, and sought permission from the elders of her aerie to travel the lands using what skills she had learned, to map the lands beyond the borders, as well as to be an ambassador for her people.

Many are the trials and tribulations that she met and overcame in her trip southwards towards the Heartland of Alexandros where the stories to come shall spring from.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Cartographer
  • Ranger specializing in Natural weaponry and bow

VERY new player to pathfinder, and to Tenebrae.