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About My Character

Zoob is a Gobber rifleman, a veteran of airship travel. He can be recognized by the bright green skin, wide ears, and lovingly cradled thunderbelcher. He also claims some skill with machinery but that may be all hot air.

Much of Zoob's life revolves around getting into and then out of various problems involving animals. Usually angry ones. Okay, always angry ones, angry at him for whatever he's been up to. He now has an almost pathological fear and hatred of all animals, and has actually mentioned possibly becoming a Ranger just so he can kill them more effectively.

Generally he can be counted to talk at great length and speed about things that he doesn't know much about, skipping between topics randomly.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Gobbers are the best race!
  • Do you know of an animal that Zoob can legally shoot? This will interest him.
  • As a member of an airship crew and then the Skyguard, Zoob has travelled almost everywhere, yet has experienced very little of it.
  • Rune Tactics
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Quotes: Any long rambling stream of consciousness, usually involving animals in some way.