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Captain Soaring Zephyr

About Zephyr

Born and raised in the Jade Isles is about as much as you can squeeze out of her, even when she's drop-dead drunk. Well, she'll also tell you of the past six years she's spent clawing her way up through the ranks from cabinboy straight to captain under the wing of Captain Slade, former Captain of the Last Rites. Occasionally, you may get a tale of drunken high-winds adventures but that one time she set free a hundred slaves and may or may not have gotten herself the largest bounty heard of in a hundred years put on her head is definitely exaggeration, right? Right.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Captain of The Last Rites, Airship - Calling all daring heroes! Have you got a stomach for heights and a flair for getting jobs done? Well you've come to the right place. The Airship, Last Rights, is always hiring. Bards, cooks, cabinboys, boatswains, powder monkeys, quartermasters...
  • Gunnery Stuff - Not only is she a gunsmith, she wields one too!
  • Here's a pic

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The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.

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Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: Pfft. She learned a little bit about her heritage from her mother, but considering she was an odd duck herself, she had much more rapport and affinity with humans growing up. She even swears like one. Quite fluent, actually.
Role: None.
Faith: Tarienite.
Homeland: The sky. More specifically, the airship Last Rites. That's where she is most comfortable and most at home. on the ground, however, she would be far more keen to call the Jade Islands home.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Coddling
Development: Growing up and knowing the value of the phrase "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" and knows what loyalty and family means to her - and that is currently, her crew. This means, in a nut shell she is all up into their business and always asking questions and is always accidentally treating them like children. It's something she tries to keep in check but her reputation has been sealed among her crew and they have learned not to let her sniff out the things they don't want her to know.

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Organization PC Badge
Organization: The Skyguild
Role: Your role
Landmarks: Absolutely a n00b to the Skyguild, unfortunately. She does have a Cabinboy, of course, who bears the full brunt of her squirey-type needs.