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About Xiuhcoatl

This Sith-Makar is a clear alien presence in any urban landscape. He is unusually tall, lanky, thin, with blue tinted skin and stark white tattoos. His eyes burn bright with conviction and passion. He is an intimidating figure, a strong social presence irregardless of his involvement.

He is often covered with savage gear, but goes without armor. He is always covered on the bottom, long kilt or draped loincloth.

Even brief conversation yields he is looking for wizards, in particular, though the descriptions he gives are varied and obscure.

Personality Notes

Because he was dragon-blooded, Xiuhcoatl was raised by a small enclave of self possessed druids, sorcerers, and barbarians who thought that it was their duty to specifically breed the youth as an avatar of their heritage. The result is that he often comes off as arrogant, strong, and tough, though clearly naive. The enclave took him from his parents (trade caravan owners) and had him grow up in the deep wilderness in seclusion.

He may come off confrontational and standoffish, but it's not intentional and just a product of the way he was raised.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Arcane Spellcasters
  • Other Sith-Makar
  • Dragon iconography
  • Trade caravans
  • New and exciting urban wonders

RP/ Story Goals and Ideas

  • Become more integrated into society.
  • Develop out of the arrogance and selfassuredness into something a lot more normal and culturally appropriate
  • Learn more about the Dragons of the world, how he is like them, and how he can reclaim his cultural heritage
  • Find those responsible for his enclave's destruction.
  • Discover about his real family, whom he was taken from

Caste: Warrior, though a Sorcerer, Xiuhcoatl takes little prodding to prove himself in combat.

Faith: The Dragonfather, Daeus

Draconic Ancestry: Blue, and can exhibits a lot of tendancies of blue dragons when there are extreme circumstances (callousness, arrogant, cruel). How much is nurture, and how much is nature is unclear.

Tribe: He is currently tribeless, though was raised by a small cabal of extremists who wanted to train and create "pure" Sith-makar warriors.

Politics: Primarily Supportive of the Silver Empress. In talking with him, he is clearly supportive of his people and the concept of isolationism. His support is purely protective of his home and people. It is also clear that he views himself, and other Sith-makar as superior, but believes that outright warfare is relatively pointless and expanding territory unecessary.