Wild Corruption Overview

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Wild Corruption overview

It started with a Shadow_Over_Mictlan -- the Chaos Lich Mandiel assembling undead hordes to destroy the sacred lands of the Sith-Makar. She was defeated, but the foul magic she represented threatened to corrupt the wild nevertheless. Mictlan's ancient guardian awakens, and seals off Mictlan to let it heal in the meantime.

The ranger Ga'Elian and others inspect the resulting taint in the woods and agree to convince the sylvanori to invoke the ritual of Faroth Fea in order to identify the specific sources of these taints, and then the Estellen Calen to heal them. This brings Evinthas_Faravanilas, Chief Elder of the Faravanilas, to Alexandria, and involves other adventurers in planning.

Meanwhile, a group of adventurers discover a pool of brackenwater -- sparkling black water -- in a cave in the Redridge, with a griffon trapped inside. Erakirak leads the griffon out of the cave.

Elsewhere, the Corruption brings old threats, Grimstalkers, back out into the light, and Vadran_Rescue.

Eventually the Estellen_Calen happens, invoking a Second Spring that slows the Corruption. The Second Spring would last a number of weeks.

Among other things, this helps heal the bond between Erakirak and the griffon, and in the subsequent weeks the griffon demonstrates a connection to the Corruption, leading her ranger to a ghast and a multi-tentacled beast associated with it.