Vault Near Vandalheim pt 2

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Melora and Krom head back out of the room the Otyughs led them to that contained the creatures treasure. It, unfortunately, was not much int he way of treasure for the adventurers. They also smells a bit worse for it, then again it's always better to leave no stone unturned. Right? /Sniff/. Maybe not.

The ladder back into the outskirts of Vandalheim is to the left - with the passageway continuing on in that direction and other passageway across from the ladder. To your right is another passageway that seems to end in a T-intersection - that was also the way the Otyugh came from when you entered into these (rather pristine) sewers.

Not long after walking out of the side room, does Grush work her way down the ladder and spots you almost instantly with those two tentacle-laden creatures walking off to the south and bickering over who gets to eat the vat the curry came in.

Grush has partially disconnected.

Krom sighs, waving greetings to Grush, and double checking the map to determine which direction they're supposed to head now. Not that things might be complex, with years of construction and such since the map was made. "Krom was expecting trouble. Krom is not finding the trouble Krom was expecting. Which is not to say Krom is not finding trouble."

Grush looks exhausted and grumpy "Hey! Sorry, that took a really long time" she stomps through the sewer to join the others

Grush stares at the otyughs for a few seconds before shrugging and tipping her helm slightly to them. Shes starting to get used to all these weird creatures

Melora says, "of course it did. But anything worth doing right, takes time. Friendship with Otyguhs are one of them. They may stink, but they're worthwhile friends......and they don't stop being friends unless you do something that revokes that friendship....""

Krom nods in agreement. "Worhtwhile, just unexpected."

Krom peers at the map for several moments, before turning it upside down, and peering again. "Krom think this is right direction... but is very open to second opinion."

Grush looks into the room filled with trash "so... is this the treasure?"

The room that Grush looks into appears to have once been sealed off, but now expands into a natural cave. Garbage litters the floor, knee-deep piles of it with what looks like fresher pieces on the top and beetles crawling through it.

Melora says, "they couldn't get in, so they just put trash at the base of it."

Grush sniffs and makes a face "So we have to dig through it or something?"

Krom tries turn the map over again. It's not that helpful. He looks to the others, quite open to let someone else pick a direction.

GAME: Krom rolls perception: (9)+6: 15

Krom says, "....right is right, right? Krom typically naviagte by mountains... this palce not have enough large landmarks. But think right is right."

Melora says, "We really have no idea, do we?" She says looking to Krom. "There's gotta be something....""

Grush wishes that she took a closer look at that map rather than just stuffing cookies in her face

Krom looks, just isn't sure how to read, said map.

GAME: Melora rolls perception: (6)+9: 15

GAME: Grush rolls perception: (2)+3: 5

Melora chuckles a bit. "All righty. Right it is.

Grush stares at the map for a little while before taking a step back and looking around confidently before walking straight into a wall

With two to one, and Grush's map reading called into question, the direction was chosen off to the right. A little ways down you find the T-intersection, another choice - left or right. But, if your first one was correct, then this one should be to the right. Hopefully. WHY DIDN'T SHE MAKE A BETTER MAP?!

Krom shrugs. "Right until have some reason to go not-right?" He means left.

Melora chuckles at Grush. "Hey Grush. There's a wall." She starts to use the bill she carries as a walking stick. "Let's get moving. And Grush....avoid the walls."

Grush coughs awkwardly, knocking on the wall "ah yeah, just, structural integrity, yes, everythings in order here" she hurries after the others, taking extra care not to trip or slip on anything

Melora says, "Yeah...structural integrity of your face. Come on. this way."

With the next right chosen as well, you continue on. The map shows a strange little scribble that makes Grush scratch her head and Krom thinks it might resemble a sweetroll or something. Melora's the one who points out that it's probably a rat, and as she mentions it, her hand raises to point toward - oh my God the adventurers went the right way!!

There in front of them - at the terminus to this passage - is a shrine of a rat. It looks old, with handfuls of baubles and trinkets left about it as though someone were making offerings to it. As you get closer, you all notice scratch marks as well - cut into the stone and grime with the appearance almost of writing though they don't actually form any coherent letters.

Just before you all begin to wonder if maybe this really /was/ the wrong way, you notice a pipe (again to your right) in the wall that looks large enough to crawl through if you go single-file.

Krom has no particular cares to order, but does take a moment to fish a shiney trinket from his pocket to leave upon the shrine. It's nothing of real value, but better safe than sorry.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Kisaiya has dropped a TIMESTOP!

Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Kisaiya to instruct you further.

For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


Grush bows her head lightly to the shirne and pulls a couple of coppers from her pocket, placing them on the shrie and muttering a few words under her breath. Then she pulls out her shield and approaches the pipe "Shall I lead the way?"

Melora says, "Go ahead, Grush. I'll be right behind you.""

GAME: Melora rolls perception: (9)+9: 18

GAME: Grush rolls perception: (15)+3: 18

GAME: Krom rolls perception: (5)+6: 11

GAME: Sarcis rolls 16: (15)+16: 31 to Kisaiya

Krom keeps watch back the way they came. Not that this trip has been all that dangerous thus far, but, adventure, sewers... a battle is really just a matter of time.

Just before Grush gets there, there's a pause as you realize the way is actually blocked. A pause, and then a rustling with a whisper, "Is... Is it gone? The Otyugh." It sounds humanoid.

Krom blinks. Blinks again. "...for now? Otyugh is fed. Went other direction. At least, two did. Might be third of which Krom is ignorant."

Grush sheathes her sword and holds up her hands, speaking calmly "It's okay, the creatures will not trouble you" she looks back and speaks quickly "Humans, two of them". She turns back to them "Are you alright? what are you doing down here?"

"You have a huge ass." Melora says to Grush before she manages to see beyond her. "Is that another person?"

Two humans slide out from the pipe on their side and breath a heavy sigh of relief as they look around. "Damn thing. Kept demanding for food, but we didn't have any. I'm Malrite and this here fine fellow-" a gesture behind him, "-is Rando. We are - uh - purveyors of goods exotic and the like for the guild in Vandalheim." If he has suspenders, those thumbs would be hooked under them right about now.

Krom nods. "Krom, warrior of Mestnoor, recently of Alexandria."

Grush looks back at Melora and scowls, the tips of her ears going red. "Grush" she growls at the two men, eyeing them suspiciously "Let me guess, you're down here looking for treasure?"

Melora says, "I'd actually bet on it, Grush. Melora, Pardoner of Althea.....""

"Oh hoh!" Malrite says as he gives an imaginary tug to those suspenders, "There's treasure down there is there? Well, that does make this whole situation a lot more interesting doesn't it Rando?" Random gives a smile, moving over toward the statue - looking interested in it.

If they didn't know about it before, they do now!

Krom considers. "Treasures, monster hunting, and hiding... why else come to sewers? Krom not think you monster hunters, and hide after come to sewer. Leave treasure, yes? Otyugh have small room of treasure. Krom saw, but not intrested."

"These artifacts belong in a museeum!" Grush growls threateningly, waching Rando closely

"Oh, you misunderstand. An upstanding gentleman like myself?" He says, another pull of his suspenders, "Why, I'm not in the collections business, ya see. We're in the transportation business." He reaches back into the tunnel behind him, picking up his rather tall walking stick. He leans on it, away from the shrine. "So much easier to get back to the guild if you don't have to worry about pay-offs you see? Better for the bottom line."

Rando is moving around, and as Grush watches him, he seems to be looking at the scratches and moving around behind everyone.

Krom nods in understanding. "Free flow of commerice is an important aspect of any civilized society." He's not -that- barbaric. "That said, Krom take you are familiar with local terrain? Have you seen large insect creature, eats flesh of living?" Krom the monster hunter. Yep. that's why he'd down here. Totally.

Grush continues to keep a close eye on Rando, one hand on the throwing axe on her belt

GAME: Krom rolls bluff+2: (12)+1+2: 15

Krom is totally not holding a Treasure Map. This is... um.... Monster Map.... totally. Yep.

GAME: Kisaiya rolls +1: (20)++1: 21

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 1: (3)+1: 4

Malrite grins at Krom, extending a finger out, "/You're lying!/" He says with a wide grin and a shake of his head, "Gotta wake up earlier than that to get the drop on me. Rando, on the other hand, doesn't seem too sure about this, he's looking between Krom and Malrite, "You sure though?" He says, the other human finally speaking up. "I mean, what if he's telling the truth?"

"He's not telling the truth!" Malrite says back to Rando, "He's just trying to scare ya away from the treasure. Isn't that right?" A slow sliding smile that's growing wider. "You know, the guild will have my head if they hear about this."

Rando still looks a bit undertain, "Hey, Mal, maybe we should skip it. Still got those other creatures to deal with and that flesh eater."

"Rando, he's /lying/ about that. Probably about their being two as well. Though-" he looks over the group, "-I bet they killed that creature already too."

Grush remains silent, watching the two men closely, waiting to see how the situation pans out

Krom deadpans. "No, Krom has killed no one today. Yet."

GAME: Krom rolls intimidate: (12)+7: 19

GAME: Sarcis rolls 16: (2)+16: 18 to Kisaiya

GAME: Grush rolls perception: (16)+3: 19

GAME: Sarcis rolls 16: (7)+16: 23 to Kisaiya

GAME: Krom rolls perception: (10)+6: 16

GAME: Melora rolls perception: (2)+9: 11

As Krom puts on his - very - serious face even Malrite is backing up, "Alright-alright. I guess we could just say we didn't find anyone. Just don't go blabbing about how you ran into us at the guild - yeah?" A shake of his head and Malrite is starting to work his way around the party toward the statue when... He freezes and looks up at it.

"Hey!" He says, looking back at the adventurers, "Quit it! We already said we were leaving you be, no reason to try and spook us." He's gesturing up at the statue - the eyes of it now glowing red.

Melora says, "You'll want to leave anyways." she says looking at the statue. "What's going on?""

"If either of you took anything you'll want to put it down right now. Then either run, or get behind me" Grush draws her weapon and hefts her shield

Krom eyes the statue and draws his own blades. "...Krom has told no lies, but does admit to having made misleading statements. This is not us."

Melora tilts her head.....and puts the butt of her Polearm on the floor. "That's what activated you? Lies?" She then looks to the retreating pair.

Noises start up from one side of the way, then the other, noises like the squeaking of rats, their claws over stone. And the eyes seem to pulse a little with an inner life. "I told you." Malrite said, bringing his stick up, "QUIT IT!" The two of them are looking between the three of you and seem quite certain you're the ones responsible for it. They both rush at the three of you.

GAME: You roll initiative for Smugglers: Roll: 6 + Bonus: 2 = Total: 8

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 27.

It is now Krom's turn! Melora is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Krom ended.

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 6: (2)+6: 8

GAME: Krom rolls cmb: (14)+8: 22

Krom sighs, and grabs at the attacking humanoid, ducking under a swing from the quarterstaff. Struggeling, the northman grumbles. "Krom would prefer not to hurt you, but you are making it difficult for Krom."

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 18.

It is now Melora's turn! Smugglers is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Melora ended.

GAME: Melora refreshes spells.

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 2: (5)+2: 7

GAME: Melora casts Forbid Action. Caster Level: 3 DC: 14

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 8.

It is now Smugglers' turn! Grush is next!

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 4: (2)+4: 6

Melora lowers her polearm as Krom grabs one of the men. At the other one she yells 'STOP!'....forbidding the other one to attack.

GAME: Krom rolls strength: (11)+3: 14

Malrite quickly finds himself grappled by Krom, yelling at him, "Get the hells off me!" Rando is still running, heading toward you three and it's not until he's on the other side of you that he stops, turning to face you again. "LET HIM GO!" He yells at the three of you, brandishing his own stick as menacing as he can... but unable to swing it.

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 8.

It is now Grush's turn! Krom is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Grush ended.

GAME: Grush rolls CMB: (9)+5: 14


Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 27.

It is now Krom's turn! Melora is next!

GAME: Krom rolls cmb+5: (6)+8+5: 19

Krom struggles, trying to grab Malrites' arms, but is unable to pin the other man.

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 18.

It is now Melora's turn! Smugglers is next!

Grush tries to grab Rando without hurting him but the Smuggler seems particularly slipperly "Just calm down! we don't want to hurt you!

Melora groans a bit. "I am Melora, Pardoner of Althea. Cease your attack, and lets find out why this statue's eyes are glowing red. I don't want to hurt, you, nor do my compatriots...but we will if we must."

GAME: Melora rolls diplomacy: (16)+9: 25

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 8.

It is now Smugglers' turn! Grush is next!

Rando barely manages to avoid the grapple from Grush, backing up further but looking about ready to take a swing - if he could. He's just starting to regain control of his faculties as Malrite yanks free of Krom's grasp and stumbles forward toward Rando. They turn, both holding up their staves now as they begin backing away. "It's not funny!" They yell at the three adventurers. "Just - Just stay between us and that statue!" And they start backing up after hearing Melora's words.

GAME: Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 8.

It is now Grush's turn! Krom is next!

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)


Kisaiya advances the initiative order.

Round Three - Init 27.

It is now Krom's turn! Melora is next!

"Thats what I said at the start" Grush grumbles to herself quietly. She turns towards the statue and moves closer, peering into its red eyes

Krom waits several moments, not attacking, but making sure they aren't either, efore turning his focus to the statue. "...Krom pretty sure that's not good. Krom is not sure why it's doing that."

Melora says, "We're going to need to look at it then." She then checks on the pair. "I'm guessing it did it before?""

GAME: Krom rolls perception: (8)+6: 14

GAME: Sarcis rolls 16: (4)+16: 20 to Kisaiya

Melora has reconnected.

Melora has partially disconnected.

GAME: Melora rolls perception: (10)+9: 19

GAME: Grush rolls perception: (3)+3: 6

Melora stares at the least for a bit of time. She then takes a breath. "Grush is a dwarf..."

There is no change in the statue, it continues staring on with those glowing eyes. A few more sounds starting up around you.

Melora chuckles. "The glowing red eyes are on a timer. They dim, then increase in intensity on a predetermined time...."

"No I'm not" Grush looks at Melora, confused and slightly insulted

Krom blinks slowly, but holds still. "...Krom is confused, and rather concerned."

Melora says, "thetwo over there mentioned that the eyes started to glow when someone told a, I told a lie. no change."

Grush nods slowly, seeming to understand what Melora means "So... it's not a trap?"

Melora says, "it doesn't appear so." she then says something else. "I'm an elf.""

Krom keeps with the keeping quiet. Not sure his dwarven companion has gone mad, or is just really bad at identifying races.

There's no change in the statue, just as Melora predicted it just... stays the same. From out of the shadows you hear what sounds like someone blowing a raspberry at you and with a burst of purplish-black from behind the rat statue... well absolutely nothing happens. The other noises continue, the eyes keep on glowing, all on a timer. Like a haunted house.

Melora says, "Nope. Not a trap to be sprung when you tell a lie." She then looks to Grush. 'and I just told two bold-faced lies.""

"Shall we keep moving then?" Grush breathes a sigh of relief, glancing over to see how the two 'collecters' are doing

Krom shrugs slowly. "Krom is content to move along. Maybe will find flesh eating insects. Krom hopes not."

Melora says, "let's go then." She says tromping in the direction they are walking."

The three of you crawl through the pipe and into the area beyond, which appears to be more of the same. Though, thankfully, it's also straight forward for now as you start to descend, a leveling off, and then another descent into the lower part of the sewers. A flash of light catches your attention up ahead as the stench starts to grow, this is an area where the Otyughs can't seem to get to. Blue and white for a brief moments before the darkness up ahead returns.

Krom slows, eyeing the flash of light, and glances to the others, questioning.

Grush blinks rapidly, the flash dazzling her darkness adjusted eyes

Melora has to blink a couple of times too. Before peering into the darkness again, she sighs a bit. "Really really dark down there....isn't it?"

Krom shrugs again. "Krom does not know what that was. Suppose is only one way to find out." Cautiously, he continues. Maybe it's a lost vendor handing out free ice cream?

Grush brings up her shield and continues on carefully forwards

As you continue forward, you see fallen rubble from an earlier excavation clogging the channel of the sewer, the water flow slowing and accumulating in a mass of runnoff sewage on one side. A thick carpet of moss and fungus - represented in a wide variety of colors - sprawls across the top of the debris and hangs from the ceiling. Several larger mounds of fungus cling to the walls or stem from the hole to the right. Wispy blue tendrils descend from the ceiling and almost touch the water in a curtain of plant matter.