Torgrim Stonehelm

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Torgrim Stonehelm

About My Character

Torgrim never quite fit into dwarven society. He has no skills in craftsmanship to speak of, and any sense of honor or duty seem to have left him long before he ever made his way south to Alexandria. No, what Torgrim is good for is consuming ale and starting fights, and he does both well in equal measure. His thirst for drink seems only outweighed by his lust for gold, and getting the vulgar slob to get off his arse and do anything doesn't take more than the clatter of coin upon a table.

As terrible a man as he sounds, those that know him count themselves as having a fast and fierce friend, who can be relied upon to see them through the day, no matter the cost. That is, of course, if fate drags him out from underneath the tavern table after another eve of hard drinking.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Unscrupulous acts including crime
  • Anything involving a tavern or a bet!
  • Dwarven history or lore, recovering artifacts
  • Contests of strength


Khazad-aul PC Badge
Clan: Clan Stonehelm, renowned Stonemasons from Bolgirn in the Ice Gate Mountains.
Role: Outsider, loser, drunk. He's never really fit in to the responsibilities of dwarven society.
Faith: Prays to Reos, though not often. A bit of an everyman when it comes to the gods.
The Mountain: Couldn't care less about some whelp of a dwarf who likes caves being wed to another who likes mountain snow.