The Challenge of Fort Lancing Part 3

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The last of the clockwork constructs lies sprawled in multiple pieces across the floor. The shimmering face has faded away, her deranged musings still ringing in your ears. 'God: the title suits me well.' Clearly, whoever this is doesn't suffer from a lack of confidence or ego.

Piles of random junk are scattered across the room, evidently being sorted by the mechanical servitors. There's some pattern to it -- metallic objects have been sorted into piles, while other items like papers, bits of food, clothing, and so on dumped in another.

"Who iss thiss one?" the elder bluescale inquires, claws waving where the faded face once was. "What done to thiss place?" Which might be just as worrisome a question. The now-broken mechanical servants are of interest, but not right here, right now. Instead, he looks about the room, the organized piles, and to his peers. "Where go now?"

Warrick looks up as figure's runic face fades back into the ceiling, a huff escaping through the visor. A click echoes from the crossbow as its locked once more. "Serriel is not a fan a dictators," he spits.

He looks back to Tlan, shrugging as he stoops down to scoop up the longsword he dropped. "Not sure, maybe a mage went mad," he murmurs, sheathing the weapon.

"They are certainly cross sounding.", Simony replies to Warrick. She looks to Tlanexhuani. "We don't know. Perhaps someone in charge who's lost their mind, as Warrick suggests. Maybe a group of people have taken over the fort? But uuuuhhhhmmmm... if this place is a place where they are experimenting with things... this could end up being a lot of trouble."

The Gobbo fusses with her robes a little. "Anyone hurt? Feeling ill? Don't be afraid to speak up, okay?"

Schara stops and looks around, adjusting their arm and prodding at one of clockwork soldiers to make sure nothing was trying to repair itself. "Are you alright Warrick, everyone?" The artificer wonders aloud. "I think it may have something to do with the magic they were testing here. If that's the case, I'm unsure if the person casting it had their mind melded with the building, or if they still have a physical body somewhere, all of which are concerning. We should be careful moving forward, whoever or whatever this is likely has more defenses prepared, or in the process of being prepared."

"Or a mage has created artificial life again, which is awesome, if quite dangerous for us." Fidget enthuses, kicking a scorched metal part on the floor while peering at the remains.

"Oh yeah." Fidget says as a slight aside, and with very little warning pounces on Simony and gives her a full body hug, "Thanks for the help back there!" she tells the cleric goblin. She does appreciate the heals.

GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14

"This one is well," Tlanexhuani assures Simony. "Will share words when not. Also squeal like hatchling." The last words are followed by a light hiss of amusement before it dissipates back to the grim of the present.

He thumps his tail on the floor. "Ssa. We hunt careful." With no other exists from the room he (re?)starts the hunt by moving bac to the hall he followed the others in from.

Warrick shifts his attention to Schara, him giving a gauntleted thumbs up. "I'm well, Simony's healing has been helpful keeping us up." The helmet head shifts towards Fidget. "... let's... hope there isn't a repeat of Kulthos's mistakes here."

A bolt is slotted in, him watching the gobbers hug it out. "We're doing well. Remember, our objective is find out what happened, then exfil." A small chuckle at Tlan. "Please, no squealing."

GAME: Simony rolls perception: (12)+10: 22
GAME: Simony rolls stealth: (5)+3: 8

Simony squeaks at the sudden hug, and she laughs, hugging the Goblin wizard back. "Ack, hah, it's quite alright, Fidget. It's generally what I do in these sorts of missions." She giggles lightly, and pats Fidget's shoulder before stepping away. "Okay, so lets get back to exploring, shall we? Anyone see anything off or weird or neat or whatever, please speak up before people touch stuff."

The albino peeks out into the hallway, glancing at the two remaining mystery doors. "I guess... north?" She begins moving that way, slowly and as quietly as she can manage. At the door, she does as before, putting her ear up close and concentrating, attempting to ascertain what might be in the spaces beyond."

After several long moments, she looks to the others and shakes her head. "Shall I open it or does someone else want the honours?"

"I don't think that I saw anything else in this room for the time being." The artificer notes. "Unless any doors are hidden, I think we should check some of the rooms outside. I will make sure to let you know if I require any healing and I am capable of doing so, but I hope that it will be unnecessary."

The artificer joins the others in the hall, and watches the other door in the meantime. "While I do not wish to put Warrick into danger, I feel he may be the best equipped of us in case anything is waiting on the other side."

The door opens to reveal a small room, with stairs spiraling upward. Lying in a crumpled heap at the foot of the stairs is a humanoid form. Judging from the crossbow bolts sticking out of the fellow, though, he's beyond your help at this point. He is dressed in what appears to be the duty uniform for an Alexandros guardsman, at a glance.

Warrick assesses the situation as he makes his way out to the hall. He makes a motion towards Miril to watch their rear guard as he takes the bolt out of his crossbow, shoves it aside, and reaches over his back to pull forward a wooden heater shield and draws his longsword. "I appreciate your concern, Schara," his says, voice echoing in his helmet. "But that is wise."

He presses against the door, waits for everyone to get ready before he bounces once, twice, thrice, then shoves the door open!

He rushes in to fill the space, eyeing the body briefly before filling in the space up a few steps in the stairs. "Body," he states. "No contacts..." He kneels next to the body to inspect them. A small pang of sorrow at the sight of a dead guard.

"I am a 100 healthy goblin at this time. Ready for more misadventures!" Fidget pauses, considering the name "Kulthos...Kulthos... I've heard it somewhere, I think. But I think they made some really important stuff? So whatever mistakes can't have been that bad."

She shuffles in behind Simony after the door is checked and waits for someone, not her, to bravely take the first step. When they do, she's tense and ready for another fight, but... it's just a dead guy. And this one isn't moving or trying to kill them. She shrugs and heads into the room, following after the tough human and looking around the room, since Warrick seems to have called dibs on looting the corpse.

Simony steps in behind Warrick, and gasps, moving towards the deceased Guardsman. She comes to the same conclusion as Warrick. "There's nothing I can do for him. We should remember to come back and remove his body from here. I am sure his family would want that."

Grunting, the Gobbo pulls at the body, moving it to lay next to a wall. "If we find him moved or missing, we'll know something's up. Can't have someone slipping on him trying to get up or down the stairs."

"Did anyone think to ask that guy for a map of the place? I can't remember but it would have been a good idea to have a rough layout of this place."

Tlanexhuani follows the others through, mindful of his bulk and crowding especially when the room beyon proved to be small. He is first saddened at the sight of the fallen. Then he is worried it might not stay that way. After a moment, he returns to sadness as Simony moves the body. "Ssa, can tend that one, and others, after. For now..."

He then looks looks up the stairs before moving to climb them. "This one walk first this time." It's only fair to take turns.

Telamon says, "It's been a week and Lancet continues to toy with us like rats in a trap. Why is she doing it? I'm writing this down, on the off chance I don't make it. My oaths to Alexandros are clear -- I have to do -something- to help stop her. I don't know what went wrong with the spirit-bonding but--" The sentence ends here, evidently the writer being interrupted."

Schara peers in around Warrick's shoulder, and the elf sighs as it seems to be clear, but also not. "I am sorry Warrick, you should not be the first to see things such as this." The artificer notes. "Tlanexhuani can see one of the next rooms, or I can do so."

She glances back the other way before turning to the others. I was reading a few books, and I believe it is standard strategy to clear one floor of possible threats before ascending to a new one. Should we check the door to the south first, before going upstairs? It would not be good to be ambushed from behind as we go."

Warrick holds the stairs as the body is moved. Despite how nonchalant some may take it. Once it was out of the way, kneels down to inspect the body, grunting as he pulls out a bolt. "... heavy crossbow bolts. Standard issue. Poor corporal was in a place way above their paygrade." Rifling around in other pockets, he looks up to Schara, visor masking his emotions. "You get used to it," he says grimly. "We're already exposed, but its not a bad idea, Schara."

He pulls out a book, flipping through the pages fast. He clears his throat and reads aloud, "It's been a week and Lancet continues to toy with us like rats in a trap. Why is she doing it? I'm writing this down, on the off chance I don't make it. My oaths to Alexandros are clear -- I have to do -something- to help stop her. I don't know what went wrong with the spirit-bonding but--" he sighs. "... journal suggests the fort can be possessed like a suit of armor."

Tlanexhuani pauses at Schara's reminder of the other door and listens to Warrick's reading of words. It's not just softskin customs he is unaccustomed to, but also, well, buildings. "Ssa, will do whatever is best." A pause of thought before he adds, "The experiment. Maybe go wrong... or person go wrong." He then waits at the stairs to move in whichever direction is deemed best, first.

"Ah, so that's the name of the thing taking over the fort. Lancet. That is probably a fair bit of what they want us to discover, but I'm all for keeping going to find out more.", Fidget's pace around the room showing nothing of note, she peeks around Warrick to see if she could see anything up the stairs without leaving the line of sight of the group.

"Even if we had a map, who knows if the fort isn't changing things, moving doors around...that would be so much fun. We should have brought a map so we could see if it was doing that. Or is it a she? I'm not entirely clear on the pronouns of buildings." Fidget muses while waiting for them to move on.

While Warrick goes through the pockets of the corporal, Simony offers a prayer to Navos, for the deity to watch over the man's soul and body.

As the Gobbo stands, she pats at Warrick's arm comfortingly, looking up and nodding to him

"If we're going to go up the stairs, I see a potential problem. Let's bar the door from this side, so that things can't sneak up here behind us? If that's a good idea?"

Up the stairs, leading up into another anteroom, though this one is blessedly devoid of corpses. A pair of double doors stand shut at one side of the room.

GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (16)+5: 21
GAME: Warrick rolls perception: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Simony rolls perception: (10)+10: 20
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls perception: (3)+9: 12
GAME: Schara rolls perception: (1)+11: 12 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Fidget rolls knowledge/arcana: (11)+11: 22

Fidget is peering at the walls with a puzzled look on her face, "Weird, the walls are like...blocking my magical sense even more than normal stone." She's so intrigued by that, that it's a couple more seconds before she remembers to share the other important bit of info she noticed "Oh! Uhh... traps!" She warns the others. "Probably!" she wavers. "Looks like crossbow dents in the walls here. Maybe after we open the doors?" she ponders out loud. "Let's figure out where is safe to stand when we open the doors, lest we become porcu-goblins."

Warrick shakes his head, pushing his arm back against the pat to return it. "No, we need a quick escape. Fidget has a right idea. If the fort gets a bar, it's their bar, not ours." But up the stairs he goes with the others, putting himself to the front with his shield pressed tight against his form.

He looks down at Fidget with wide eyes, him ducking down and pulling his shield in. "Crossbow traps. I don't think any of us are good at disabling those? I agree with Fidget, find where they go. Perhaps lay prone. Or go down the stairs some." A beat. "I can open the door."

Schara joins the others upstairs, glancing back down the stairs and back to the door. Mostly preoccupied by considering what the note stated, and the unexplored door downstairs. "Trapped?" The Artificer wonders. "Did the guards put these here or, did the building, the person or thing melded with it do that? Just what was the purpose of this place? Regardless, if they have any control we should, keep out of the way."

GAME: Warrick rolls knowledge/military theory: (11)+7: 18

GAME: Simony casts Stone Shape. Caster Level: 5 DC: 16

Warrick looks at the holes in the wall, back down the stairs, back the holes. "... kill holes," he suddenly says, looking more defensive. "Defenses to repel invasion. The... corporal ran and go ta back full of bolts."

There's a quiet steadying of his breath. "Whatever we decide, we must figure soon. I am ready."

Tlanexhuani did not notice marks on the walls, or not that there were marks that had any meaning. As soon as traps are mentioned, he goes still and lets the experts look things over. Experts being most anyone not him. Then Warrick gives his assessment.

"If must gett arrow, this one would get from go in, not from run away. This one can guard self, others, if know where shoot from."

"Ooh, good eye, Figgy!", Simony says with a toothy grin. "Though uh, if you recall the poor guy downstairs... it might be aimed a bit too high to catch us." She looks to the others, "Do we risk it, trying to open the doors and duck to the side... or do we go see what the south door has, maybe the same, maybe not?"

She looks to Warrick. "Hang on a moment. Let me try something."

Her holy symbol glows as she works a spell, her right hand glowing brightly. Stepping forward, she places her glowing hand upon a stone. Concentrating, she pushes hard, the stone beginning to give way, becoming like clay as the Goblin pushes hard. Molding it patiently, she peers into the hole she's made. "Oh... a long hall way... looks like downstairs... door left and right, double doors at the end. Uh... maybe there's not a trap. Maybe the poor guardsman opened the door without warning, and his companions were on the other side and got spooked? Oooor... the woman's servants were waiting for him? Take a look if you want?"

The hall beyond is just as Simony described. Stone, whitewashed and unadorned, a long corridor leading towards another set of double doors. A door on either side of the hall. Thankfully, no bodies here, either.

Warrick looks back, forward, back, then to the door. "Yes, you're right. He was shot down. Perhaps defying orders? Mutiny?" He watches Simony. Head tilting behind the helmet. "... huh. Neat spell. Understood."

Seeing as the minor paranoia spell was over, Warrick makes a motion, one that he's used before before entering a room. "Stack up." <Merctalk>

He presses through, poised with shield in place with sword resting on his shoulder. Another motion, same thing as before, directed towards the leftmost door as he readies to enter.

GAME: Warrick rolls perception: (20)+5: 25

Warrick tenses. "Gurgling," he murmurs after listening quietly. Again. One bounce. Two. Three. Breach!

The door swings open easily as Warrick knocks it open, and the smell boils out. Like body odor fermented with a nice side of offal. And its source is clear: three horrible, misshapen lumps of flesh with vestigial, club-like arms on torsos melded into something like a cross between a slug and a man. Their faces like melted wax, as all three turn to -stare- at you. Beyond them, intriguingly, are a pair of glowing blue patterns inscribed on the floor.

Unfortunately you have no time to examine them at the moment...

GAME: Simony rolls weapon2+1: (2)+5+1: 8

When the door is thrust open, Simony is off like a shot. She's halfway to the first creature when the smell finally catches in her nose. "Huuuurrrrk!", she gags, her blow not mustering enough energy to do any significant damage. "Oh gods the smell... aaaaaaaaaaaaa."

GAME: Fidget casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
GAME: Fidget rolls ranged+1: (9)+6+1: 16
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d6: (15): 15

Darting through the door, Fidget yells out some arcane words and whips her finger through the air, drawing a swirling line of flame before snapping the fingertip towards one of the slugs and sending a trail of fire and smoke to and through one of the slugs, the smouldering hole billowing putrid steam out into the room. The goblin gags a little, she's smelled worse - but not often and not recently. She rummages around in her petticoats for something to stuff up her nostrils, or a vial of perfume or something.

GAME: Schara rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (12)+6: 18
GAME: Schara activates her Titan Armor, gaining: +4 Dex
GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+3+6-2: (13)+3+6+-2: 20
GAME: Schara rolls 3d6+4: (13)+4: 17

Schara looks into the room, and thankfully they already had their arm set up and ready to go. The artificer readies the weapon, and sends a steam of fire off to one side, charring the central monstrosity badly. "I'm not sure what they are, but they were people, and something magical turned them into this." The artificer muses.

GAME: Warrick rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (3)+7: 10
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon16+2+1: (4)+6+2+1: 13
GAME: Warrick rolls weapon16+2+1: (18)+6+2+1: 27
GAME: Warrick rolls damage 16: aliased to +2: (3)++2: 5
GAME: Warrick rolls damage16: aliased to 1d8+2: (3)+2: 5

Warrick is hit with a wave of stench, him gritting his teeth. The smaller folk get past him, pouring in. The abominations get him to shake his head, him ducking to the side to give Schara a clear shot in. "Let us end their suffering then," he says to her.

Shield and sword poised! "For Alexandros...!" he hisses, charging forward with his shield raised and slashing down with his sword, carving into it.

GAME: Tlanexhuani activates his Titan Armor, gaining: +4 Str
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3+1: (1)+9+1: 11 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3+1: (5)+9+1: 15
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls damage3: aliased to 1d8+6: (8)+6: 14

Tlanexhuani does not rush in quite as rapidly as War Rick, but he is not far behind. A spark from his claws enlivens his bronze splint and helps him to shuffle briskly and draw his hammer on the way. Then the smell slaps him suddenly about the snout and shoulders. "Ahh! What is-" He nearly drops his hammer in shock, but manages to keep it in claw as he swings and ... *SPLUTS* the metal head into the... thing.

GAME: Warrick rolls will: (2)+3: 5
GAME: Schara rolls will: (20)+2: 22 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
GAME: Fidget rolls will: (7)+5: 12
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls will: (16)+3: 19
GAME: Simony rolls will: (15)+9: 24
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (9)+6: 15
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (3)+6: 9
GAME: Simony rolls reflex: (5)+6: 11
GAME: Simony rolls reflex: (15)+6: 21
GAME: Telamon rolls 3d6: (11): 11
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d2: (1): 1
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (13)+6: 19
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (18)+6: 24
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d6+3+1d6+3: (1)+3+(2)+3: 9

The three horrific, sluglike creatures seem taken aback at the sudden assault. But then they start to moan, a terrible, pitiful sound that evokes feels of sadness and horror at these creatures' fates. One swings its arms at Tlan, but his armor deflects the blows, while Simony narrowly avoids the worst of another's acidic spew. The third rears back, and begins pummelling Warrick savagely, making gurgling sounds and wet hisses as it pounds on him.

GAME: Simony rolls weapon2+1: (15)+5+1: 21
GAME: Simony rolls damage2: aliased to 1d6+1: (4)+1: 5 
GAME: Telamon advances the initiative order.

The Goblin whimpers in pain as the acid eats through the sleeve of her robes, and into her skin. Gritting her teeth, she swings her warhammer, thudding solidly into the creature. She begins to move around it, getting a little closer to Warrick. "Anyone know what these things are? Is there something that affects them really well... fire?"

GAME: Fidget casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 4 DC: 16
GAME: Fidget rolls ranged-1: (8)+6+-1: 13
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d6: (11): 11
GAME: Fidget rolls knowledge/dungeoneering: (19)+8: 27

Her attempt to find something to block her nose is disrupted when she is hit with another wave of nausea as the creatures start wailing in that awful tone. She shakes her head and grits her teeth, and sends another blast of flame at the nearest one, and the most injured, trying to kill it so it stops that horrible noise. But something is gnawing at her, a vague memory about that odd whistling noise one of them is making, and then it comes to her in a flash "Oh. Oh no. I think these things explode when they die. Don't get close to them when you're finishing one off!", she takes her own advice and takes a dash over into the other corner, far away from the monsters.

GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+9+1+1: (3)+9+1+1: 14 GAME: Schara rolls 3d6+4: (9)+4: 13

Schara takes aim at one again, but Fidget warns them just in time, and the artificer readjusts their aim upon ducking into the room, electing to instead aim at another once they shake off the noise. "They explode? Be careful! If we need, fall back to the door, and we can ensure only one is in range at a time."

GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3+1-1: (11)+9+1+-1: 20
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls damage3+1+2: aliased to 1d8+6+1+2: (4)+6+1+2: 13

"Explode?!" Tlanexhuani squeaks incredulously. And he thought they smelled bad on the outside! He doesn't want to smell the insides. On the other claw, they can't just let them continue to spew... whatever that was at Simony all over people. Or worse.

So he swings again, impacting the burnt and smooshed one yet again with more squishing.

GAME: Warrick rolls cmb-2: (6)+5+-2: 9

Warrick reels at the horrific sounds coming out the creature he just slashed, him suddenly ducking and covering his head with his shield. Those sounds, it made his stomach churn! "Reos's shitty scrap pile..!" he groans, his stance weak from the charge. But it was no use! The thing was smaller than he, and it slams into his torso!<Khazdul>

He refocuses, looking over at Fidget sharply. "They explo--" Another curse leave him as he shifts over. "Tlan! Get it!" he calls out. "Schara is right! Fall back!" His heater shield flies forward, trying to slam it back and away. But that sound. That horrible sound..!

The savaged creature bulges alarmingly as Tlan's hammer smacks into it, and then the whistling magnifies. It bulges, and then -explodes- in a messy spray of offal, fluids, and other unpleasant things.

GAME: Schara rolls fortitude: (15)+6: 21
GAME: Warrick rolls fortitude-2: (9)+5+-2: 12
GAME: Simony rolls fortitude: (1)+7: 8 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Fidget rolls fortitude-2: (15)+4+-2: 17
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls fort: (17)+7: 24
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d4: (1): 1
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (20)+6: 26
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (7)+6: 13
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (19)+6: 25
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d6+3+1d6+3: (4)+3+(4)+3: 14
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (13)+6: 19
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (7)+6: 13

The two surviving horrors rally as their comrade explodes in a shower of rotting gore. One slams its arms into Simony repeatedly as the little goblin is half-incapacitated from the stench, while the other shuffles around to swing at Warrick -- fortunately, the fighter is able to get his sword up to block between his heaving.

The albino Goblin makes multiple sounds of pain as the creature batters her about, a half-stomach of ick left as a puddle on the floor. Holding her side with one hand, she crawls away from her attacker on her other hand and knees.

GAME: Fidget casts Burning Hands. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15
GAME: Fidget rolls 4d4: (14): 14
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20-1: (5)+-1: 4
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20-1: (11)+-1: 10

Seeing her fellow goblin taking a beating makes Fidget wince, she hesistates for a long moment while trying to figure out what she can do to help - she's pretty sure they're not about to explode, but they're also not about to die. And both options are bad! In a likely futile attempt to taunt the near-mindless creatures, she yells at them "You don't like fire much do you?!" and sends an extended wave of flame at them, yelling over the crackling of the flames, "Well, eat fire, shitbags! Try and stop me!". And then, she turns and dashes out the door so they can get funneled through the narrow doorway if that, or anyone else's plan, works.

GAME: Schara rolls 1d20+9+1+1: (5)+9+1+1: 16
GAME: Schara rolls 3d6+4: (14)+4: 18

Schara just barely manages to not lose her lunch, and the artificer looks to the others doing much less well. "I'm really sorry, I think the best course of action is to get rid of one of them so Simony can move freely and it would be bad if she got hit again." The artificer rambles. "If I stay out of range of the bursting, then I will be able to heal someone up after the fact so just be careful please." The artificer rambles, all the while lining up another shot that causes the monster to fizzle and pop with an unpleasant explosion of heated gases

GAME: Simony rolls fortitude: (12)+7: 19
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls fort: (4)+7: 11
GAME: Warrick rolls fortitude-2: (12)+5+-2: 15
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d4: (1): 1

"Fuck me--"

Warrick is showered in a spray of terrible viscera. Some gets in his helmet. There's hacking sounds, spittle coming from his helmet as his visor comes up, his pale face green as he gets rid of some of lunch. Almost losing his guard, he barely is able to deflect with his sword and shove back with his shield. He hears that familiar coil fire up.

He ducks low, covering his face with his shield as more offal covers his shield and armor. The once-guard tosses his longsword aside, yanking free one of the many daggers as he drives forward to shore up Simony. He gags.

Tlanexhuani was fortunate during the prior... rupturing that Warrick had attempted to push it aside and thus took the brunt of it. That doesn't mean it was pleasant. This, time, though, the makarai gets a snout- and nostril-full of... well, he tries not to think about it.

But it is hard to not think about something you can ...taste.

He is retching to try and get that taste out and clear his nostrils, but he doesn't wholly ignore the situation. He shables towards the remaining melting man to put himself between it and Simony, first, and the others beyond her.

GAME: Telamon rolls 1d2: (2): 2
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d2: (1): 1
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (20)+6: 26
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (12)+6: 18
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d20+6: (1)+6: 7 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d6+3: (3)+3: 6

The last standing monster makes a gurgling whining sound, as its kin are exploded so messily. A melted-looking fist slams into Warrick's chest, but the other swing goes wide, and a blank, bloodshot eye in its awful face blinks in confusion. Like it can't figure out what happened.

GAME: Simony spends ONE use of CHANNEL ENERGY.
GAME: Simony rolls 3d6: (16): 16

Simony has seldom had a worse day, and in the hectic moments before the stomach-churning feeling goes away, she tries to recall a worse day. It's there somewhere... "Guh..." The Gobbo inhales through her nose sharply, and then turns her head away to spit, with a gross amount of ick in it. She slowly stands on wobbly legs, her expression indicating she could still hurk at any moment.

"Nnn not sure if I'd rather them actually explode or more horrible stench.", she mutters. Gritting her teeth, her hand comes up to her neck, grasping at holy symbol. Invoking the will of her god, she implores Navos to sooth her companion's hurts. From her, a glow flows outward, studiously avoiding the remaining gunk monster, while sinking into the others around her. Pain begins to subside, and wounds begin to close up, for many smaller hurts, not even a mark will be left behind.

Fidget peeks inside the room, ugh, that's horrific, but she's got an attack that can attack from a little further away, so she volunteers to help take the last one down. "Weaken it and then try to get out, and I'll finish it from range." she says, holding her scarf over her face with one hand as she steps into the room, leaving the way out clear,

GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls weapon3+1-1: (8)+9+1+-1: 17
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls damage3+2+1: aliased to 1d8+6+2+1: (2)+6+2+1: 11

Tlanexhuani finally manages to dislodge the foul... stuff (along with most of his recent meal). There is still one left. "Be ready!" he warns as he brings his hammer up for an overhead downward strike. Swinging to either side might splatter more on his allies.

It seemed like a good idea at the moment?

...and then it explodes.

GAME: Warrick rolls fortitude-2: (13)+5+-2: 16
GAME: Tlanexhuani rolls fort: (4)+7: 11
GAME: Fidget rolls fortitude+1: (20)+4+1: 25 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
GAME: Simony rolls fortitude: (13)+7: 20
GAME: Telamon rolls 1d4: (4): 4

There's another ungodly sound like a wet sneeze, magnified by a hundred. Another rain of horrid... material landing on most of the party (Schara is wisely standing outside). The stink is atrocious. But... victory. Interestingly, the magical glyphs inscribed in the corners don't have a scrap of... stuff on them, like they were repelled. Curious indeed.

And then the voice rings through the room. "Look at you, adventurers. Pathetic creatures of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?"