Tendrils of the Felwood, Part 1

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Log Info

  • Title: Tendrils of the Felwood, Part 1
  • GM: Whirlpool
  • Place: The Felwood
  • Summary:

Good news!

Explorations of the Felwood are proceeding apace, and trying to identify more of these Spires that surround the 'Spire of Linneia', understood to be some sort of magic collecting artifact of the ancient times after the Sundering, are doing just fine as well. So far, one additional spire has been located of the five that surround it.

And that's why you're heading into the misty woods. It is raining. Ugly raining. And cold.

It is, so far, not fun.

Fun being a relative term, Ous has made his way out woth the others in search of spires. How hard could it be afterall? and he needed something to do that didn't include trap lines.

Wrapped in a Wool cloak of mottled colors, the big ranger keeps his eyes moving in the forest. Moving behind him, nose to the ground is a massive dog. Keeping close to the ranger, the animal pauses once in awhile to check out the others in the group.

Nobody can keep a good corvid down. Holding his beak open, Crik hops about and visibly restraints his urge to poke his beak at anything abnormal looking. The rain just seems to make the egalrin even more ecstatic. Then again, it didn't matter to him as much, as he was wearing more cloaks than average wardrobe.

"How did the tree get lost?" There isn't a punchline to his umpteenth joke. "Just like we did, in a dark forest." And so did the corvid just hold his beak held open.

You could hear a pine needle drop in response to Crik's joike.

The Felwood disapproves.

Reithak is not looking the most pleased by conditions. While the large hat keeps the worst away from their head, It didn't stop the rest of them from looking like a half drowned chicken. At least it didn't do too much to dampen their spirits at the end of the day.

"I really hope trees aren't getting lost here, this place is bad enough without the trees uprooting themselves to wander around. Still, it does feel like they're a bit hostile, doesn't it?" The largeegalrin chuckles. "It'll be fine though, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of things."

When Fidget saw the huge dog, she immediately knew she needed to ride it to their destination, or at least, she really really wanted to. In hindsight, it wasn't the most comfortable ride, the dog wasn't saddled for riding, and she did not have the ass to make up for the lack of padding. But with sufficient rearranging of her skirts, it worked. It was even mutually beneficial, the dog was covered from the worst of the rain by Fidget's voluminous attire, and Fidget got a warm seat. She had tried to talk to the dog, but comprehend languages had failed her, and she'd had to ask Ous for her new friend's name instead. She'll have to invest in a new spell to fix that. It's much harder to make friends if you can't understand them.

"We're almost there, Dog! You've been such a good boy." Fidget praises him and leans forward to rub behind the ears. "Do you want a more original name than Dog? I can come up with one. Just bark twice if you want a new name."

GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (8)+5: 13

GAME: Ous rolls perception: (16)+7: 23

GAME: Reithak rolls perception: (8)+11: 19

GAME: Crik rolls perception: (19)+11: 30

Looking back oer his shoulder at Crik, Ous chuckles softly before replying. "Aye likes tha' one Crik. Wha' is Green an' 'as wheels?"

Attention turning to Reithak, then Fidget, the big ranger shakes his head. "Dog's already go' a name. Aye jes dinnae what it is. Aye Don' speak dog. Aye wanted tae call 'im Chauncey. 'e bit me."

In response to Reithak's statement, he adds. "They do move sometimes Aye think."

Crik turns his head around. "How do you know if you are being followed?" The corvid continues to ask from Reithak, "Tree stalks." Another beak opens. He snaps it shut and then looks at Ous curiously. "No, what is green and has wheels?"

Suddenly though, the corvid comes to a sudden halt. By instinct, he pulls his - somehow appropriately themed - hood over his head and bops his tail feathers. Reithak could easily tell that he saw something. "Bush." He lets out, nearly as a click.

The rest of you heard nothijng, but clearly, Crik did. Up ahead of you is indeed thick vegetation, a pretty good masking point if an animal of some kind was observing you or fleeing from you.

Or, you know, anything else for tha matter.

GAME: Fidget casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14

GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (16)+13: 29

"Certainly feels like the woods don't want us finding what's in them, you're right. Question is, why?" The inquisitor wonders as she peers at some of the plants. "Not sure, a frog that got in a bad brawl?" They chuckle aloud, at least a moment longer before going quiet. "Something's moving, right?" Reithak notes, taking the large mechanical crossbow off their back and winding back the string. "On your guards just in case."

GAME: Ous rolls stealth: (3)+7: 10

GAME: Crik rolls stealth: (13)+11: 24

GAME: Reithak rolls stealth: (5)+8: 13

Still moving quietly, Ous chuckles. "Grass. Aye lied about th' wheels." It's at this point that Crik mentions the bushes. Moving to the edge of the trail, the ranger speaks in a low, almost growling whisper towards Dog. "Dog, Drie." Before stomping off into the woods.

Dog for his part had been padding along happily. the large, drooly nature of Mastiffs being what they are, this was just another walk in the woods as far as the animal in concerned. Fidget can feel the change in the animal as the command is given though. Muscles tightening under his skin, his hackles rise as he lowers his stance slightly, readying for attack.

The woods *don't* want you here at all, let alone finding out what's in them.

Still, your approach grows more cautious now that you've been noticed by something, and the quiet is now loud enough that you can hear your heartbeatrs in your own ears. Everything is quiet here, always.

dAs you move forward, the mist thickens around you, further reducing visibility.

"Hmmm, looks like the magic here is denser and more chaotic, even than usual for the Felwood. There's a chance any spells could go awry, so, uh, good luck to our casters and to anyone near them." Fidget warns the group as they move forward. "I'll try not to set us on fire", she tells Dog, "But no promises."

With that in mind, perhaps it's time to begin precautions. Fidget wreathes herself in magical protection, a faint blue glow outlining her form, then fading from sight.

GAME: Fidget casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 4 DC: 15

By now, Crik has fallen completely silent as he stalks forward. Occasionally, the shapes and shades of his cloak blends in with the miserable rain and the surroundings, as he bops and weaves with his stylishly corvid-like step.

On another occasionas, he resists the urge to caw, as they near the bush.

Still moving forward on the edge of the trail, Ous wasn't hiding very well at all. Dog continues moving forward at the alert. for now though, the pair are wary, not alarmed. The thickening fog being noted as they advance.

"No magic? Well, isn't that a fine kettle of fish." The large egalrin sighs. "That's okay, I've got the muscles just in case. Still, no one get smacked around too badly, since I'd rather not make things worse trying to help."

You begin struggling through the underbrush, vines and roots and shrubs up ahead. There are no trails. The forest is just overgrown here, like the body of itself is fighting your passage and exploration.

...and then you stumble into a clearing.

In the center, sits an ancient, moss covered stone table, with stools at regular intervals all around it.

It's like the forest has pulled *back* from this after trying to stop you from reaching it.

About to start building his own path when they finally stumble on the clearing, Ous pauses as he looks around. Looking to fidget for a moment, he nods. "If things gets too bogled out here, Ye stick wit' Dog. If Aye gives 'im th' command, e'll find 'is way home. Ye stay wit' 'im an 'e will see ye there too."

Looking towards the table and chairs, the Ranger frowns and begins to move forward slowly.

There's a sudden sound of pages falling open. And crawling low, with wings spread out, Crik approaches the table at a low stalk. Beak twisting this way and that, he examines the table for anything beyond unusual or common.

"Watch the bush." And a stick of graphite is pulled out as he gets to work.

GAME: Crik rolls perception: (20)+11: 31

GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (3)+13: 16

"Well then, wasn't expecting the hostile forest to suddenly just let us through with no issue." Reithak huffs. "I don't like it. If they think we're going to sit down here for some reason, if there even is a thing behind this, then they're mistaken. I'll keep an eye on the bush from before while you take a look at the markings. Let me know if you find any odd symbols or the like in the process."

Fidget's temporary ride became even less comfortable as the mount got all tense and started following Ous's instructions, but she stuck with it for now, she's less concerned about Dog getting her out of trouble and more concerned that he's probably trained to attack. And attacking means getting in close, something she's a lot less fond of.

Eyeing the unusual clearing, she feels like she remembers Rune saying something about finding a weird table in a forest once... though she hadn't elaborated more than saying it was unpleasant, she'd looked vaguely embarassed about the whole thing. Fidget proclaims, "The table is probably evil! I think... it's at least very fishy!"

GAME: Fidget casts Acid Splash. Caster Level: 4 DC: 14

GAME: Fidget rolls ranged: (6)+6: 12

GAME: Fidget rolls perception: (14)+5: 19

Fidget frowns, "I feel like something reacted to that, but I'm not sure what. But it's not secretly a mimic, so that's great news. I wonder if anything, like, sentient - noticed.", and then she shrugs.

There's a soft breeze.

That's about it. The mist seems ominously thicker than it did a moment ago.

Watching Fidget throw acid at the table, Ous moves forward quietly, eyes on the table, the ranger does take a few moments to take in the surroundings. There was something important here, but he wasn't willing to rule out that it would be a trap.

Dog stays with Fidget at the moment. hackles still raised, the animal seems to have taken a defensive role for the caster for now.

Crik looks towards Fidget just... going ham on the table, beak opening up in warning - but then he stands tall-erer than he usually does. Yes, it was just a table.

Taking his cue, the corvid then does the next best thing - that is to say, he climbs on top of the table. He stands. Then turns around and sits down onto its surface.

A moment later, he lets out a long set of dark, grim sounding caws.

GAME: Ous rolls perception: (19)+7: 26

GAME: Fidget rolls spellcraft: (16)+13: 29

"Doesn't seem to be doing any particularly un bushlike behaviours at the moment, it seems. How're things going back on your end?" Reithak calls back while keeping watch. The large egalrin blinks. "The table is evil? Is the acid not enough, or, what in the world are you up to, Crik?" She asks incredulously.

Watching with some measure of confusion at what Crick is doing, Fidget is impressed, it's not often someone leaves her speechless. She does have another, closer look at the magic surrounding the table though, leaning forward to get a slightly closer look without having to get off her new friend, and then she gets it.

"Oh...it's an alarm spell. It tells someone that we're here. And whoever they are, they definitely know we're here now. So - should we stay and probably fight whoever put this here, or should we get out of here?" Fidget poses the question, curious what might be out there, but also not having any idea how dangerous said thing might be. "If we stay, maybe we should think more ambush than tea party?"

GAME: Ous rolls knowledge/nature: (12)+8: 20

Looking around quietly, Ous' shoulders suddenly drop as he looks around at the group. "Aye dinnae want tae be alarmin' any of ye lot, but Aye'm jes' gonnae say it now an' apologize for the distress of it later. We are currently byway of bein' surrounded by Pixies. Like, a lot of them. what we seem tae have done here is wander intae th' workings of the Fae." Pausing for a moment to look around once mroe, he nods confirmation before continuing with. "We are proper fucked here friends. Live or die though, Aye feel we are about tae live in interesting times."

As soon as Ous speaks, they do indeed emerge from the trees. Floating behind them are dinner plates, kettles, and cups of molasses that are placed onm the table by them, one after another.

"Oh, it has been so long since we had guests," says one, which has taken to flying around Ous, given his speaking so far.

"We are SO happy to see you! And you even brought us chicken! We will need to prepare it, of course."

...they are referring to Crik. There is a bird on the table, after all.

Crik stops his cawing for a second. "If our fae is to die." He says after a moment - then lets out another set of wide cackling caws.

Then he stops. Looks at himself. Looks at Reithak. Looks at himself. Quietly hops off the table. There's a distinct feeling of 'sorry' about him.

Reithak stops, and the large egalrin shakes her head. "Hey, none of that, we'll be fine, just keep your heads on straight and focused. At least there's a chance of speaking with the fae, maybe we'll just be able to talk and get out of here. Just remember not to give them your names, or accept any gifts from them, alright? I think that was the plan."

"It's alright Crik, just lets keep the morbidity out of the air for now." Reithak notes, before suddenly the pixies finally make their presence known. "Ah, well, nice too meet you! But we didn't come to meet you, I hope we didn't get your hopes up. Why has it been so long for visitors?" The egalrin asks, avoiding prodding the comment about eating Crik for the moment.

watching the Pixies, Ous frowns slightly at the one near him. "Aye thank ye fer yer hospitality, but Aye'm afraid We cannae stop tae be eating. Me friends an Aye were lookin' fer a tower or 4 an we found yer table. The uh...th' stuff what me other friend got on yer table, I'm sure will buff right out there wit' a rain or 2." As Reithak steps up to be the spokesperson, the ranger smiles and motions towards him. "He's better wit the word bandyin an DO NOT PUT THA' IN YER MOUTH!"

The last part of that statement is apparently aimed at Dog who has his mouth open an is tentatively considering pouncing on a nearby Pixie. Dog shoots Ous a guilty look and slinks over to stand next to him, shoulder to hip, insofar as dogs can look embarrassed, Dog does.

GAME: Fidget rolls sense motive: (18)+0: 18

"Yeah, I'd stay off the table if you don't want them to think you're dinner, Crik." Fidget suggests, "But on the other hand, food and drinks do sound nice. Especially after our travel - field rations are terrible."

"No no, we should not intrude as guests." Crik says, swishing his head from side to side. "We have to hurry in this rain." And not to get cooked as a live bird.

GAME: Crik rolls diplomacy: (13)+2: 15

GAME: Ous rolls diplomacy: (12)+0: 12

"So you are not food?" asks one of the tiny flying sprites as it zips around Crik, now, inspecting them from all sides. Reithak gets the same treatment, in truth, because they're both feathered and it's confusing them.

More food is being brought out as one addresses Ous, "TRuly? You can not spare the time to have even a little bit of time with us? It's been so long... We've even brought musical accompaniment."

... Oh NO.

Watching the Pixie, Ous tilts his head slightly and shakes his head. "Aye'm no really much fer th' music. Aye've got a terrible voice an me Dog likes tae put weird things in 'is mouth. Mostly people...An' Aye've go' a job tae be doin'...there's deadlines. It's a whole thing..."

Crik bops his head up and down along with Ous. "A bit of time in good company can stretch forever, and our friends need us now." The crow attempts, whilst looking towards Reithak and Fidget for help. He just wanted to hide now.

"No, we are not food, though I do appreciate the attention, it's not for a reason I'm comfortable with." Reithak chuckles, pausing just a moment to look at Fidget and shake her head. "We are just passing by , and while it may be nice to spend some time, we do not have the time to do so at the moment. Do you happen to know the way to any of the towers in the area?"

"Ooookay." Fidget concedes, "I guess we better go, then." She gives Dog a nudge that she thinks might encourage him to move away.

"Ah, a spire! Yes! We know a little about that. They and the things within -- we know! But you simply MUST stay for at least the molasses if you want to hear about THAT. Our friend isn't going to want to talk on an empty stomach, oh no no no!"

More fluttering around.

SO much more. They're all tittering, now.

There's a very loud thump in the distance. The ground shakes once.

"Ah! He just rousing now!"