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Org global.png Org npc.png Monastic Order of the NightfellOrg blank.png N/a
Common: Monks, fighters Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order.
The monks of the Nightfell worship the Void and some of its higher-ups claim to have been touched in some manner by it's insanity. While they do not fall into the Chaos of Destruction of the Void, they find order in it in almost ruthless fashion. For to know Chaos, one must know Order. And to them, the absolute silence and nothingness of the Void and complete destruction is the ultimate of Order. It is this world that Elhim and the Gods created that is the epitome of Chaos. And thus, is must be destroyed. Often not just monks, this group has kept itself hidden and has only one lone monestary, deep and hidden in the Desolation. This group is willing to hire themselves out as assassins and spies, adding a little of the bliss of nothingness along their way.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A