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Common: Caracorothans, druids, rangers, inquisitors, barbarians Locations: The wild underbelly
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This potent clergy of Caracoroth call him by the ancient name Garm which means in their own language, Feeder. They believe in the supremacy of were-kind and seek to spread the disease of lycanthropy and to propagate the continued growth of skin changers as a species. They attempt to bring all such beings under their control and they hunt those who attempt to turn away from what they see as the destiny of their kind, and to follow Eluna. They often hunt individuals such as Werebears as abominations against the will of Caracoroth. It is their attempt to always improve on the power presented by lycanthropy and to this end some members of the clergy and other agents are exposed to a powerful ritual. One that combines the best of beasts such as weretigers and werewolves with more immunity to the things that can harm them. These Greater Werewolves, are slowly growing in number. The Children of Garm are one of the few urban focused cults of Caracoroth.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A