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Common: Caracorothans, druids, rangers, inquisitors, barbarians Locations: The wild underbelly
The world belongs in Caracoth's jaws.
This small clergy of Caracoroth’s faith focuses on his ravenous nature and the spirit of hunger and hunting that seems to drive the deity. They believe that ultimately the whole of the world must fall prey to the Jaws of Thirst and that the ending will come when Caracoroth devours the moon at last. They hate fey creatures and indulge in hunting as often as possible, driving forth dangerous prey before them to make sure that the bloody finale takes place in densely populated areas. Villages fall victim to this as desperate wolves, displaceer beasts and more are driven through the hearts of their dwelling places and acts of vandalism are encouraged. Some depraved Druids are part of this circle of individuals as well.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A