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Civilized... Mostly

While not born in Alexandria, the very obviously Fire aspected Giantborn was raised by a merchant and his family after his parents' death in his employ. Having received an education and grown up in a civilized setting, Taran is more human than Giantborn to some of the more traditionally tribal Giantborn which does cause some friction. It also tends to make people doubt his capabilities since he prefers to use his brains and stealth rather than smash away from the front lines. Still growing and learning he has yet to make a name for himself but he very definitely has some out of the box ideas.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Rogue - It's an unusual thing but he is a sneaker and thinker, though still new to it and he does make some mistakes you'll never find him 'raging' on the battlefield unless he's cursed.
  • Former Werewolf - Taran was cursed with Lycanthropy. Fortunately it didn't last long but he still fears it's something that will come up again.
  • Anti-racist - He's taken pains to learn his ancestral enemies language, and approaches everyone as an individual for all things which leads to some interesting life choices.


There are a few things people tend to notice most, he's big, but not overly tall for one of his people. He's broad of shoulder and back, well muscled, and graceful in a way some might find surprising. The hair that graces his head is the color of the flame in the hearth, red, orange, and yellow highlights spread throughout. His hair is tamed by being pulled back into a tight ponytail that reaches nearly to his waist, the tail wild and luxurious with loose curls, the mane controlled.

His features are chiseled and proud, large in the way of his people. Exaggerated to an extent but not overly so. High cheekbones, strong squared jaw, proud some would almost say aristocratic beak of a nose, and thick full lips. A neatly trimmed curly pair of flame colored mutton-chops extend down his jawline to help frame his wide expressive mouth. All wrought upon a canvas of dark dying ember-red colored skin. His eyes are a brighter red but not matching his hair.

He dresses well, no hide or scales to be found upon him, but sharp lined cloth to accent his overall shape. He dresses in red trimmed with black and gold. While not noble of style, certainly some care has been put into his appearance. The only leather he wears is well-tailored, black pants, and comfortable boots. A voluminous charcoal grey hooded cloak is clasped over one shoulder to finish the look and only hides the left side of his body in normal interactions.


Giantborn PC Badge
Heritage: Fire
Clan: Unknown at this time.
Lodge: City (His own idea)
Faith: Angoron