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About My Character

A mostly quiet, unassuming half-sil. Often seen wearing a large, voluminous grey hooded tunic slashed with blue crescents and always seen with one or more notebooks, portable inkwells, and pens, constantly drawing, writing, sketching, and silently moving his lips as if testing out a particular sentence before committing it to paper. Mostly unassuming and quiet until he gets talking, at which point he becomes bright and cheerful, and quick with a joke. Doesn't quite pull off the 'hapless scribe' vibe he's going for-- he's too aware of his surroundings and moves too surely and too quietly.

Has a tendency to unintentionally or intentionally spark inspiration with his words, when he's in Full Storyteller Mode it's almost like he's in a trance. Also real handy with small, fiddly devices, especially clocks and locks.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Tam's huge book that he's always taking notes in is pretty obviously a wizard's spellbook. Why he's using it for other things isn't entirely clear.
  • Tam would love to hear your story, and collects stories in general. If you look like the type with a story, he'll try to draw it out of you.
  • Despite the scribe appearances, Tam has all the trappings of an accomplished second-story man. That distinctive tunic looks like it's reversible, and the inside is dark. He's always pulling pens and things out of hidden interior pockets, too. What else is in there?
  • It's been suggested that Tam should talk to some Bards, as he and they might find some common ground. He's always thought that Bards were musical, but maybe he's got his understanding wrong...

I promised my sister stories when I return home. Time to go find some, or make some.