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-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=<* A10: Temple of Daeus *>=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

The temple of the Sun Lord glitters golden beneath the same. Rather than walls, the majority of the temple is composed of what appears at first blush to be a raised round platform made of one of the largest slabs of marble likely in existence. Columns rise into the air as if to hold some massive ceiling, though instead of a normal ceiling, one finds the deep blue sky, studded by a disconcertingly close canopy of bright stars. One should not worry, however, as the rain never falls, and the wind never blows on this particular temple, but for a gentle breeze, whatever the weather outside may be.

Despite the austerity of the columns, warmth suffuses the grounds. A grand, marble statue of the Shining Knight stands a the center, a hand outstretched in benediction. Beside Him, the statue of Althea, their hands clasped in love. The central position of the temple to the others gives view to all of their children, and the two look upon one another with the solemnity of love that has been the center of so many tales and legends.

Masterfully designed mana lamps provide further soft, golden lightning where needed, their pedestals carved in the form of the Dragons of Light, over which Daeus is said to have dominion in His form of Draco Solis. Majesty, justice, and welcome suffuse the temple grounds. Around the central temple are a series of smaller buildings, each with a simple function and form. One houses the sacred book depicting some of the earliest known translations of the Laws of Light, which pilgrims from near and far come to visit. Another houses the well-appointed quarters of the Sunguards, and among all the ground bristle the Sunblades. 

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-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- Contents --=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

Aldean          Well-built human male, short blonde hair, dark eyes.  10s  23m

Rakim           Elegant verging on foppish Tsuran.                    6m   1h

Benthus         Contemplative half-sil in breast plate armour         5m   2h

Azog            A huge male orc with long black hair in a topknot.    3m   2h

Kira            A young blonde woman wearing simple robes.            5m   5m

Miruan          A dark haired woman with pale skin, strong build.     4m   4h

Zalara          Red Haired Human Female with Goggles                  1m   35m

Vasya           Red haired sylvanori with intense eyes                7m   27m

Stirling        Powerfully built Arvek with enormous chrome gauntlets 3m   2h

Svarshan        Demons: BBQ with Spice                                0s   20h

Mikilos         Tall male dawn elf, rosey blonde and handsome.        2m   29m

Whirlpool       I am stinky!                                          1m   9h

Serene          Useless but pretty-looking.                           36s  2h

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Underground. Deep underground. The room is well-lit and shadows removed; not a place to hide in basement that's transformed into a meeting-space. No one's really fooling Asumit at this point; it's more about the protections you have, and the plans in place. The temple thrums with wards, and thanks to the efforts of heroes such as Yngvild, Karelin, and others, patrols cover the temple grounds, walls are reinforced, doors have been checked twice and three times, and watchers have been placed in strategic vantage points at both here and Eluna's great structure. Mikilos, Cesran, and other mages have lent their expertise to clerical warding. There are rumors that Myrrish reinforcements are on their way.

And that's just the start of what Alexandria's finest have done.

The artificers have definitely been up to something. The last anyone knew, Asumit had infected souls with demonic beings. Once the demons were banished, he set the bodies on fire, and killed the host--sacrificing the soul, and drawing its power to him. He has hundreds, if not a thousand souls at risk in this way. If he succeeds, the loss will be black, his power immense. Families will lose fathers, mothers, and children.

Alexandria is preparing for a siege by a man who would be a god.

Near the front of the room, the Book of Light rests on a small altar. Near it, the High Father, and priests and paladins of nearby Temples of Light. Beside them and trying not to be seen, a representative of the Guild of the Sly. He occasionally scowls at the light, as though cursing the lack of shadows. In another corner, an aged woman sits in a chair. She's been to every meeting.

There are benches, barrels, and other things transported into the room to sit on, as well as a great table with a map of Alexandria.

Of to the side is a sylvanori that is standing next to a Glaive. She has her arms crossed and is ready to listen to anything people have to say. Vasya wasn't an undead expert, but she was a good of the best. So she was listening, at least. Whether she'd be effective is another story.

Rakim is with some of his compatriots of the Temple of Eluna. He lingers up the back of the group, languidly lounging against the wall as he puffs at his rather fancy pipe. Despite this seeming langour his eyes are faintly chill and very watchful as they glance around the room from beneath the brim of his fancy hat.

Azog remains standing, over by the entrance. He's not formally on guard or anything, but like many of the irregulars, he's here and alert. And woe unto anyone who forces their way into the meeting, because they're going to meet Azog first. And last, if he has anything to do with it.

Stirling stands in the corner of the room, arms and titanfists folded over one another. He is dressed for battle, the rack of his deathray is fitted with shells and small rockets, ready for any trouble, the red light of his artificial eye playing over the crowd.

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Miruan feels way out of her paygrade. But the Elunite monk is going to do her best. She is near Rakim and those from the Temple of Eluna. She smiles faintly at Rakim, although she is quiet, dark blue eyes wide. And the man's deeds have her horrified. Such blasphemy and abuse of magic cannot be tolerant. She looks to those she recognizes, but is generally quiet and serious today.

Mikilos distractedly peers over the great map, fully familiar with the details, but needing to at least appear busy. A small part of the Magus' mind checks and rechecks the magical flux in the room, asureing himself the wards are still in place. And a less small part tries very hard to ignore the altar at the front of the room. The altar with a book. A book he hasn't fully read yet. An unread book. Few things distract a scholar in such a way.

It should be noted -- must be noted -- that there are even more Daeusites packed into the area than typically are seen about this location. It would appaer the call for help from the church of the Myrrish Kingdoms has not gone unheeded.

By contrast, there's one person here who at least appears to be easy and relaxed. Although he, too, is dressed for war, morningstar and bow at the ready, Aldean's perched on a barrel, one foot up on the barrel and fingers laced together over the knee, some unnamed tune soundlessly on his lips as he studies the gathering.

Zalara comes down with her arms full of stuff. She looks around and moves over to Stirling, "Hey! I finished my demon traps just in time." She says handing a small rectangle box to him that has wheels on it. "I only have a couple of these, but they should be able to trap the demons. "Who else should I give them to?"

Kira enters the temple and is immediately awed, and comforted, by the sheer number of people here. She isn't dressed for war, or any different than she is any other day, but that doesn't reflect her wish to help.

Stirling nods to Zalara "Very good, set them aside for now and prepare your deathray. If trouble starts I am counting on you to watch my back as I will watch yours." he says winking with his one good eye. "Keep your ears and eyes sharp."

Once everyone has gathered, Svarshan steps forward. He's quiet for a moment before he gathers the words. "Thank you for coming. We are gathered here tonight. Becausse two men would be godss, and think they can. Take on Alessandria'ss finest. They think they can take on Myrddion'ss finesst." He pauses, and cocks his head to the side. "They are fools, and we will talk about the ssecond of thesse fools, tonight. The firsst would-be fool iss Heth. Heth influensses even Arendt, and hiss cult of void dragonss and wights work through nationss. They take over advissors, and turn one nation againsst the other. If you have not heard of hiss planss, pleasse sspeak with ssomeone after thiss meeting." The sith pauses, then continues.

"Tonight, however, we plan for Assumit, a man who would be a god of demons. I have few sskill with words. Tonight, I turn you to a masster of them, to essplain who Assumit is, and what hass been done. Then, Sstirling will sspeak for the. Artificerss." The sith steps back, and nods to Aldean. Then looks to Zalara, and nods to Sstirling. "The artifissers will sspeak after the. Orientation."

Yrqemm has arrived.

"If they can get through the layers of security, both magical and physical set around this temple we have rather a lot to worry about" opines Rakim in a sardonic drawl. He casts a reassuring smile to Miruan then falls silent as Svarshan speaks, gaze turning to Aldean and offering the man a tip of his hat.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=<* A10: Temple of Daeus *>=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

The temple of the Sun Lord glitters golden beneath the same. Rather than walls, the majority of the temple is composed of what appears at first blush to be a raised round platform made of one of the largest slabs of marble likely in existence. Columns rise into the air as if to hold some massive ceiling, though instead of a normal ceiling, one finds the deep blue sky, studded by a disconcertingly close canopy of bright stars. One should not worry, however, as the rain never falls, and the wind never blows on this particular temple, but for a gentle breeze, whatever the weather outside may be.

Despite the austerity of the columns, warmth suffuses the grounds. A grand, marble statue of the Shining Knight stands a the center, a hand outstretched in benediction. Beside Him, the statue of Althea, their hands clasped in love. The central position of the temple to the others gives view to all of their children, and the two look upon one another with the solemnity of love that has been the center of so many tales and legends.

Masterfully designed mana lamps provide further soft, golden lightning where needed, their pedestals carved in the form of the Dragons of Light, over which Daeus is said to have dominion in His form of Draco Solis. Majesty, justice, and welcome suffuse the temple grounds. Around the central temple are a series of smaller buildings, each with a simple function and form. One houses the sacred book depicting some of the earliest known translations of the Laws of Light, which pilgrims from near and far come to visit. Another houses the well-appointed quarters of the Sunguards, and among all the ground bristle the Sunblades. 

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-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- Contents --=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

Yrqemm          A fae elf, fair and sinewy, shaved head.              10s  1m

Aldean          Well-built human male, short blonde hair, dark eyes.  30s  27m

Rakim           Elegant verging on foppish Tsuran.                    8s   1h

Benthus         Contemplative half-sil in breast plate armour         8m   2h

Azog            A huge male orc with long black hair in a topknot.    7m   2h

Kira            A young blonde woman wearing simple robes.            3m   9m

Miruan          A dark haired woman with pale skin, strong build.     8m   4h

Zalara          Red Haired Human Female with Goggles                  2m   38m

Vasya           Red haired sylvanori with intense eyes                11m  31m

Stirling        Powerfully built Arvek with enormous chrome gauntlets 3m   2h

Svarshan        Demons: BBQ with Spice                                0s   20h

Mikilos         Tall male dawn elf, rosey blonde and handsome.        23s  33m

Whirlpool       I am stinky!                                          1s   10h

Serene          Useless but pretty-looking.                           27s  2h

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Azog listens to Svarshan give the opening comments, looking around to spot the others. He's at least familiar with the names, though he's not sure he's met all the speakers. Not to worry, he'll be here if he's needed, but otherwise he's just here to listen and learn.

Zalara nods as she sets her traps aside in easy reach and she takes out her deathray, a short barrelled two handed gun looking weapon. She starts to flip switches and hmms, "Does sunlike work on demons...I don't think so. I wish I had worked on a sonic ray...ah well maybe next time the demons invade."

There's a polite nod to Azog and a beam at Aldean. She remembers the bars. "Yeah," She agrees with Rakim, smiling back. Fancy hat is fancy. She settles quiet to listen, looking to Svarshan curiously. It seems Miruan loves listening. She learns so much.

Benthus observes the people who have entered the room, his face etched in a perpetual polite smile. Standing alongside his brother and sister sunblades, he awaits for the proceedings to commence. He is presently garbed in his rider's uniform, breastplate gleaming from the soft light illuminated within the underground hall, magical runes flaring from time to time to indicate the power hidden within it. His left arm has a heavy shield strapped to it, but his right hand is empty, using the empty hand to either usher newcomers along or offer handshakes to those who he knows. He is armed. Greatsword, falchion, glaive, lance, flails, daggers, composite bows are all strategically placed around his body. For any ordinary man, it would be a cumbersome load. But he appears to be walking along with ease, as if his weapons and armours are made of paper props.

From his perch on the barrel, Aldean lets his leg drop and slides off with a baritone chuckle. "Right." His voice is a well-produced baritone with a burr to it that lends it power, and he can be easily heard throughout the room. "Been nigh on a year since few of us first heard o' this. Demon cult workin' out of the docks, preyin' on them as was down on their luck or jes' slackers as wanted an easy way out. They be seekin' folk all over the city, from beggars to them in the highest o' places, an' possessin' 'em. "

He hooks his thumbs in his belt as he talks, looking around the room with dark eyes notably not wreathed in their usual smiles. In fact, a black anger smolders there. "Demons doin' this look to Asumit. He be a wizard as did this very same thing with a city in the Desolation called Skald. It ain't there no more ... least not as a city o' folk. Nah, it be a city o' demons. Ain't none live there save demons now. Now he looks to Alexandria, an' he an' his mean to feast on the city. He rules demons -- ain't rightly know if it be by will, by fear, or sommat else. He holds the Book o' Darkness, the counter ta that," and here, he jerks his head at the Book of Light. "Be thinkin' he wants the Book o' Light as well, an' there be visions as say he be seekin' a place o' the Gods o' Twilight to boot."

Mikilos listens quietly, knowing most of the details already, but alert for anything he may have overlooked before.

Stirling grumbles to himself as he mounts a crate to speak, his enormous and deadly deathray resting in his arms as his gaze sweeps the crowd, meeting the looks of others with his single red unflinching artifical eye. "I'm not much good at these things so I will keep it short. We believe we can save people from the effects of the contingency when we try and excorsize the devils. In addition Zalara has led the effort to create traps for them as well." he says gesturing the artificer beside him. "Assumit will not find the artificers of Alexandria wanting." simple and short, very obvious practiced beforehand.

"He certainly does not lack in ambition" drawls Rakim, but their is a chill hardness in his gaze that belies his languid words. His attention flicks towards Stirling as the senior artificer speaks. He idly strokes his pointede goatee in a habitual gesture as he thinks "Hmm, would we be permitted to study them?" he asks Stirling with a faintly raised eyebrow.

Kira tries to limit her sour face at the reminder of what Assumit's already done, but mostly fails. That there are so many gathered here, all determined to help, though, is enough to bring her smile back. She hasn't invented demon traps and she doesn't have a full history or a knack for public speaking, so she just listens as everything is brought out.

Having arrived late, after waiting at the wrong temple, Yrqeem stands quietly near the back, listening."

Svarshan thumps his tail a few times, in support of the speech. He looks from Rakim to Stirling and Zalara, but otherwise looks to be gathering Words.

Azog doesn't say anything at this point, but he really doesn't need to - his presence here is an indication of his intent to help, and it sounds like they need all the help they can get. He stands there near the back, stoic, and alert for danger.

As others begin to speak, Aldean returns to his perch on the barrel, and resumes his earlier pose, leaning against the wall behind him. He seems to have said his piece.

Stirling shrugs at Rakim "Do what you like."

Miruan looks quietly concerned, a aint frown on her face. She nods at Rakim. For her part, a lot of this is new and (horrifyingly) education. Horrifucational, if you will.

Zalara decides on her settings and the glass looking globe on her gun frosts over as vapor starts to rise up from it. She hmms, "Well this will have to do I suppose." She shakes out her bangles that have many of her contraptions on them and she smiles, "Yep I'll just put them around the area in easy reach." She says as she starts to move around placing the traps, "Just push them out...see they have wheels on them and step on this button." She says holding it up the button, "The trap opens up and sucks the demon in." She says as she shows them off as she finishes placing them and she goes back to stand with the other and puts her own down. "I was working on a neurton pack, but the prototype blew up this morning and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet."

Several people in the crowd perk up. They have no idea what it means, but Zalara mentioned 'explosions', so they're kind of excited. They may be artificers.

"How terribly gracious of you good sir" Rakim drawls in reply to Stirling, his lips flickering in a brief sardonic smile. He glances to Zalara and blinks once as both his finely arched eyebrows arise "How unusual, Artificers work exploding..."

Mikilos frowns to himself, and eyes the 'demon traps'... on the one hand, he's very curious exactly how they work. On the other hand, he really doesn't want to get too close.

Kira looks over and smiles, offering reassurances (maybe some of the perking is worry?), "I'm sure everything is perfectly safe, or they wouldn't have brought tehm out here with everyone."

Stirling shrugs and grins at Kira "Probably, its unlikely to kill anyone."

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It takes Aldean a minute to catch on, but he looks over at Stirling and snaps his fingers. "Aye, forgot to mention that bit. This rat has got a contingency spell laid on every last one o' these poor bastards. Exorcise the demon an' the man burns alive. Demon scarpers with the soul. That be what he be after stoppin'." A jerk of the head to Stirling before he settles back against the wall.

The recently arrived Daueistes seem thankful for the briefing, not to mention incredibly grave. This is not good news to any of the,. Not good news at all.

Several of htem are already making prayers and looking somewhat sick to their stomachs.

Svarshan takes a look at some of the faces, and takes a breath. Then a deeper, more thoughtful one before straightening. "Although Assumit sseems powerful, he will lose. He will lose because he forgetss one thing, and that iss he iss a selfissh basstard." The reptile's coal-eyes spark, and simmer darkly with humor, "Light winss because we NEVER sstand alone. While Darkness nips at their own heel and its generals backsstab eachother, we of Light raisse our shield and sword together, and lay wasste to even towering armies.

"Assumit hass control of hiss demons, he hass hiss contingenssy, but he iss a heel-nipper. He iss greedy, and sseeks power at any cosst. It meanss he trussts no one, and any alliansses he would possess exisst sso long as they benefit him only. Already, we have not one persson, but many, oppossing even thiss part. Of hiss plan and sso long ass we work together, he cannot. Ssucceed!

"Alessandria hass sstrode forward thesse lasst few months. We have worked /hard/, and it sshows. Assumit hass the Head of Nikmok, but he doess not have the ssouls, he doess not have the Book of Light." Svarshan gestures towards the Book, and back. "And thankss to heroess here, thankss to our alliess in the Temple of Daeuss in Myrddion, he will get neither! However. We cannot forget hiss ruthlessness, and opposse it with our sshields, and sslay it with our sswords."

The sith rubs at his jaw for a moment, and looks to each of you. "You sshould know. We have resseived word that. Assumit'ss demons are on the move from Sskald. Now, we are in a sstate of watchfulness. Attackss may happen at any time. Many of you have made preparationss. The artifissers have been working on the issue of Assumit'ss contingency, ass Stirling said. Priesstess Yngvild could not be here tonight, but if you would work to fortify and ward sstrategic areass, please sspeak with her among the Angorites. If you would work on patrolss in the sshadow, pleasse approach the Guild of the Ssly, or our esstemed hunter, Rakim," The sith pauses here, and, "Are there otherss who would sspeak, about what hass been done, and preparationss they have. Made? Or what you have. Uncovered?"

"Not to mention that the demons are in telepathic contact with each other. Or so I was informed" Rakim adds as he moves to the fore of the Elunite delegation, his gaze shifting to Svasrshan and Aldean for confirmation. He remains silent on the head issue however

Miruan wishes she could add more, but for her part, she practices the wisdom of not offering speculation.

"Our eyes are open," Kira speaks up, "and we will be watching. I believe I speak for all of my Brothers and Sisters. The demons think those in most need are those easiest to target or hide among, but we are always with the masses some don't always notice. If more arrive, or the ones we know of do anything, we'll know."

Benthus asks a question, "Do we know where Asumit is now?"

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"Kira sspeakss well. That iss esactly how. They are choosing their targetss. The needy, the homeless. They offer falsse promisses, then lower their target'ss will with. Enchantments." The sith thumps his tail, then looks to Benthus, "Yess and. No. Hiss demonss are on the move. From Sskald. However, Assumit iss a man who knowss how badly we. Want to kill him. We esspect him to usse himself ass bait, while the real trap. Iss elssewhere."

This news troubles Miruan immensely. "That makes sense," She offers quietly. She is making a note to stock up on holy water and work out plenty. There's a quiet distress on the part of the monk.

"What about Rune and Dran? Are we letting Rine fend for itself? or does the Dran Warlord know how he's been manipulated now?" Vasya says from her space on the wall where she's been listening quietly.

Svarshan looks to Vasya, then takes a deep breath. Lets it go. "You assk a good. Quesstion. The anssswer iss that Arendt doess not want to believe he hass been made a. Fool. ...We are working on. That. ...if you would like to. Help him realisse thiss, pleasse attend the gathering that. Warrior Yngvild iss hossting in a few days, and offer your taless to Angoron." The sith pauses, "I am not being cryptic on purposse. It iss more it iss hard to essplain what Yngvild iss working to accomplissh."

Kira knew of at least one plan to confront Arendt with evidence and reveal the charlatan in his midst, but its always good to learn of other plans. She takes note when Svarshan mentions Yngvild and Angoron, so she can make a point to attend.

Azog offers to Svarshan, "Tradespeak does not have a word for it. But in Oruch, there is a word for raising everyone's fighting spirit. This is often done through a speech about the fight to be undertaken. But if that is dangerous, or too little is known of what to expect, then tales of past victories can be used to rouse the fighting passions." Leave it to Azog to overanalyze the process of getting 'psyched up' for a fight.

Vasya says, "Good to know someone's looking into that. Wouldn't want to deal with Asumit and Heth, only to be overrun by Dran Barbarians because we focused too much on Asumit and Heth.""

Miruan listens. This is incredibly educational, taking notes of names and places and who is who. Actually, she even pulls a pen and journal out. The monk's eyes are wide. And then she pauses at Azog. "May I ask how you pronounce that word, please?" She seems genuinely curious about Azog's word. "It reminds me of Nako, my oruch monk friend." Smile. But for her part, she pauses. "I would be honored to listen and work hard."

"We are fighting a war on. Many frontss. I believe Heth hass arranged thingss in thiss way to ssome degree." Svarshan pauses, then nods to Aldean, "If you have ideass on lessening Heth'sss hold, sspeak with otherss here after the. Gathering. Heth plassess his agentss, shapechanging void dragonss, in plasses of influensse. Assumit looks to be a god. And the Ssecure Panassea attemptss to influensse nationss ass well. We ssuspect the Panassea will make a move. Againsst Dun Morden'ss royal family. Ssoon." Longer pause.

More quietly, "We fasse a war on many frontss, it iss true. However, what holdss true for Assumit holdss true for the resst. We fasse /greed/ and arrogansse. Any alliansse any of our enemiess holdss iss only ass long ass it benefitss them. They will backstab one another. They will doubt their alliess. We can make usse of thiss."

"The peace summit is well underway," Kira gives Vasya an optimistic smile. "I'm sure they will achieve peace, and Arendt will end the terrible conflict once he learns that he was deceived." Just because some may think the Draeni are not reasonable or logical doesn't mean that it's true.

Zalara looks over at Vasya, "Heth is the real problem, toppling him would be a big win, maybe enough to convince others to help take up the fight against the Dran."

"I can confirm, to a resonable degree of certainty, that the guardians of the vault at the temple have not been compromised" Rakim says quietly, harkening back to the early conversation "I have a few theories as to how the Head was taken, but no certainty. Either way we also need to consider just -why- he wants it." At Svarshan's words he smiles faintly, offering a nod to Aldean and Miruan "we have had some experience at how you can turn the paranoia of evil against itself"

Azog ehs to Miruan, but repeats the oruch word again slowly. "If you have a monk friend, she probably knows the word in any event. Some, and not just oruch and jotun, are able to call forth tremendous strength from these things."

Svarshan thumps his tail at Zalara's words. "Ssa. The artifisser and Rakim have the right. Of it. Esscept we cannot. Fight him alone. After thiss gathering, arm yoursselves againsst the Dark. Ass you patrol, and ready your blade, pleasse think on how we may turn our enemiess againsst eachother. They are after power. They are paranoid. We can /usse/ this." He takes a breath, and quiets again. "Iss there anything elsse to bring to the. Fore? If not, the High Father hass some clossing wordss. For uss." He nods to Rakim, and--for the first time that evening, his shoulders relax. Thank the gods at the news. Thank the gods.

"Aye, got a few." Aldean's been sitting quietly and listening to the planning, but sits up at the mention of turning evil on itself.

Benthus ponders over the information carefully. He shifts his gaze to where the lux Luminos, 'the book of light', is located and stares at it for a while, his brows knitted together. He transfers his gaze to those who had fought the Azure queen not long ago. He returns to his silent musing.

Svarshan looks to Aldean, and gestures for the bard to take the floor. "Pleasse sshare words."

Stirling has filled his quota for talking here and listens for any new information or plans, although part of him wishes Dran would attack. That would be a straight forward problem.

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This time, Aldean doesn't get up, but at least he's wearing a smile. To be sure, it's hardly a kindly expression. "Be thinkin' we start by learnin' what we can o' each's movements in the city. Would ye spread a rumor, it best be based in truth, mate, else it'll die quick enough. "

Miruan listens attentively to Azog, nodding. "I see. And thank you." For her part, she furrows her brows and nods. "That makes sense." She is making a quiet note to get holy water, and perhaps see what she can do to get stronger. Yes indeedy. She can punch things that bother Rakim.

Stjepan is late, and slips in the back as unobtrusively as it's possible for him to be. Pay no attention to the giantborn holding up the wall!

"Ssa. Would you be willing to coordinate ssuch works? Or know ssomeone who would. Be willing to?" to the bard. Svarshan thumps his tail quietly in query. He looks to the others also.

"Aye, I'll be after puttin' that lot together, if there be them as'd learn what they can." This time, Aldean's grin is genuine, his usual cheerful self. He crosses his arms across his chest.

"Thank you. Aldean." Deeper breath. "If you are sskilled in rumormongering, or sseeking truthss, pleasse work with Aldean, then," Svarshan says, then pauses. "Anyone elsse? Anything elsse to contribute? Ideass, beyond what we have. Done? Wayss to improve what we have. Accomplisshed sso far?"

"I will help," Kira volunteers, looking to Svarshan, then Aldean. "I could share with those in need. Word can travel fast though them." Her enthusiasm dims some as it diffuses into her cheeks. "Though I'm not very good with rumors, or lies."

"It may be possible..." Rakim drawls as a smile briefly softens his face "...that I may have some small skills in deception. And I would rather my new home was not taken over by either demons or Dranei" he offers to Aldean.

"Naw, lass. Ain't none said passin' word had to be lies." Aldean flashes Kira a grin that is intended to be reassuring. "I'd not ask one such as yerself to lie. I ain't that much of a bastard." He still doesn't move from his perch. "I be lookin' fer words o' movement or plans o' either Heth's agents, or Asumit's. An' knowing who belongs ta them two."

Stjepan rumbles from the back. "And the Secure Panacea? Are you including them as agents of either?" He looks towards Aldean, eyebrows arched in question.

"I would be willing to help where I can. But I'm only sneaky until I open my mouth," She admits. Miruan pauses. "But I can look after those who are sneaky. And I listen well."

"I can offer the name of one of Heth'ss coordinatorss. Ellessa," the sith says slowly, as he draws the word out. "Not Elessa, but. Longer. Sshe iss a wight and possesses Black Counssil training. I believe sshe wass sighted in. Alessandria." Then he looks to Stjepan. "They would be. Worth including. They are believed to be /influenssed/ by Heth'ss agentss, but not. Of them."

"Aye, if ye've leads on them as well," Aldean looks up, raising a hand to acknowledge the Giantborn.

Zalara frowns a little bit, "Ellessa? Didn't she come back from the dead? Or was that not her?"

"A different. One," to Zalara, from Svarshan.

"Thiss iss not the thief you. Know but ssomeone with the ssame name," he adds.

Pause, "Alsso, sshe worsships Heth ass a god, and opposses the Black Counssil and. Charn."

Benthus breathes deeply and exhales, "Top of my head? Coordinate an operation to find out where the demons are operating in the city. Locate their hide-away and exterminate the extraplanar beings. I am all for the extermination part. The location acquisition has to be done by another. Most of those monsters can sense me and my sunblade brothers and sisters before we can even get near them. I think someone has showed intentions on getting this particular operation off the ground. But I still have to hear news about it."

Rakim looks at Benthus for several moments in an uncharacteristic silence "Excellent idea. It will save Asmuit and his demons hours of work" he drawls to the human Sunblade.

Stjepan grumbles. "Of course the names are the same. Of course." He exhales. "What kind of leads do we want -- base truths of their nature would be a start for them, since much hangs for them on the appearance of beneficience.

Kira frowns and looks to Benthus. "We know where many of them are, but they move all across the city, and they're in the bodies of innocents. We can't just attack them, or they will kill the hostage and take their soul."

"We have the names of. Many of the victimss though more work could alwayss be. Done. Interviewss among the homeless or the downtrodden. Refugees. The dessperate. Thosse are hiss victims," more quietly, from Svarshan. "If you gather namess, pass them on to the. High Father. Sstirling, Zalara, the namess will alsso be given to. You and the. Artifissers for your work."

"The victimss housse his demons," the sith adds.

"Find out where they be and what they be up to, mate." Aldean raises his voice above the discussion with the Sunblade, to address Stjepan. "Would ye know more, find me later."

Benthus turns towards Kira and says, "How did they manage to get into possession of a body? Whether it be by force or by free will, the host has to be in contact with the demon in order for it to be possessed. Finding the whereabouts will provide us with clues as well. Think of it like a contagious disease, if we do not know where the source of the infection started, we are not likely going to break the epidemic until most if not all of the populace has been infected or killed."

Azog offers, "If it would help, I will go out among the homeless, and pretend to be one of them, in order to ambush the demons preying on them?" Well, even if the idea were good, a seven-foor oruch is not going to convincingly portray a weak refugee.

Svarshan quiets for a while, then looks to Benthus, "He hass a number of Perssonalities. They usse perssuasion and. Enchantment. Perhapss...Benthuss, if you would greater. Detail, one of the Sunguardss can essplain it better than. My broken words. The areass of the ssity where you would find the. Dessperate and downtrodden. Are where you would. Sstart."

"I am no healer, nor cleric...." Rakim begins in his customary sardonic drawl "...however I do flatter myself to having some small knowledge of an abundance of things. I would say that using the analogy of a diesease to make sense of Asumit's mass demons possession is at best flawed, adn at worst dangerous"

"I could follow Azog into such a thing, too," Miruan offers. On the other hand, if she skips bathing, ruffles her hair and wears rough clothes, she juuuust might.

Zalara smiles at Azog, "I'd be happy to give you one of my contraptions Azog it'd make you look like a dirty homeless person."

"Are there more wordss. To be sshared?" Svarshan asks. He looks to each of you, and back. More words, ideas, plans. Concerns?

Azog peers at Zalara, the nods slowly. "Yes. A disguise may be appropriate ... for this." Not generally, of course. "I will do this thing, then," he declares, and nods to Miruan. "Your help brings you honor. We will take down one of these villians and capture him."

Benthus turns to look at Azog and nods his head, "That is a start, Azog. We will try to learn where most of the possessed people have been living in the past few days and see if you can be inserted without giving away your purpose." Shifting his gaze to Svarshan, he asks, "Do we have information pertaining to this matter?"

Zalara smiles, "If you want more demon traps I'd be happy to make them for you, just come to me in the Artificer's Hall I have my own lab and I'll give you some."

Miruan does smile, seeing Stjepan there. She beams at the giantborn and nods at Azog. She bows to the Oruch fellow. "I am honored by your words and will be glad to help." She really is. As a martial artist, Mir could probably pass for thuggish and/or rumpled.

Stjepan pauses. "If we're going to look like people on the street, I can do a pretty good rough thug."

"Start ye in the docks an' warehouses. Wager Guild'll have some ideas." Aldean, from his perch atop the barrel, leans forward a little. "If ye'd have me, might give ye a hand."

Kira looks around at the other volunteers for the needy. "Anyone who would help me feed the hungry would be able to watch for suspicious ones who could be possessed, too." While also feeding those who don't have any food. Her lips purse at talk of capture. "I don't think we can risk trying to capture any just yet? Unless you mean with one of the traps? We don't want to tip our hand."

Benthus smiles at Aldean and nods, "Glad to have your assistance on this, Aldean. If you can narrow your location to where most of the victims have been, it would hasten the process." He shifts his attention to Azog. "It is a dangerous mission, Azog, I can't stress it enough. Considering that some of the demons can read minds, you will likely be spotted before you even get a whiff of what is going on. Reinforcement will not arrive quickly enough as being too near will likely get them spooked into hiding or going dormant. Still up for it?"

"I rather suspect I would stand out amongst the homeless and needy...even when disguised" Rakim demurs as people look around for further aid "...not to mention there are other things I should look into, and only so many hours in a day"

"Tole ye, mate." Some of Aldean's grin fades. "Ye tip the demons off, might could trigger the spell. Ye do that, victim dies an' demon gets the soul. Ware ye, mate. Be there spells as'll block it?"

The sith quiets, then speaks up, "The victimss are all over. Alessandria. What we musst arrange iss an essorcissm, and then to ssuppress the firess ass Assumit triggers. Them." He pauses, then, "A sseriess of free consserts in needy areas. A fair--artifisse devisses advertissed to fulfill a wish. Thesse would make them. Gather."

"What we can do iss find wayss to play to their needs--the ssame needs Assumit drew on. If it helped him it. Will help uss gather them. When they gather. We have priessts. And we have the miracle the. Artifissers producedd for uss."

Azog snorts to Benthus, and says, "If there is no reinforcement, then the honor will be mine alone. I do not fear that. If the demons know I'm coming, then it will be an even fight, for I will certainly be ready for them." He nods his head. "Of course I am up for it." Telling Azog a thing is dangerous is not a way to dissuade him from a task.

Miruan is quiet, and nods. "Sometimes I volunteer to feed the homeless with the Altheans. I can keep an eye out then, too," She promises.

Stjepan scratches his chin. "Food. Shelter. Clothes. Maybe a free tournament at the arena, with those artifice devices given out as a gift to the audience?"

Kira blinks when Svarshan mentions this and her whole face lights up in a smile. "Yes! And food, of course. Those would bring them, and we could help everyone, possessed or not." She nods, looking to others for confirmation. "I know my Brothers and Sisters at the temple would be ecstatic to help with this, and we already help them every day. A bigger event would bring more, but it wouldn't be out of the ordinary or suspicious." Altheans helping the homeless is anything but suspicious

Rakim idly strokes his goatee as he considers the idea. He puffs a few times on his pipe before plucking it from his lips to speak "And those who have infiltrated the upper classes?" he enquires briefly "Because as mentioned they are in comunication with one another. However it does sound like something of a plan"

"Sso we will gather the namess, and improve our lisst. No vessel will eescape notice." The sith pauses. "However, onsse we capture one demon, the otherss will know. And the trap will trigger, sso we musst act /together/."

Let uss make usse of the ressourcess Myrddion hass lent uss. Look in front of you. We have priessts and. Hunterss from the largesst Temple in Ea. We have priessts from the Templess of Alessandria, from Angoron, Eluna, and Daeuss. We have a meanss to drive out the demonss sso long ass we can bring the victimss to uss, and the artifissers have given uss a meanss to thwart Assumit'ss contingency.

Deeper breath. Quieter, "Sso we let'ss the victimss together. If Assumit ussed their weakness, /sso can we/. Each victim, each vessel needs in ssome way. They /dessire/ be greater than. They are. They are in a bad possition. Perhapss they are sstarving or homeless. Or a weaker possition and want ssomething more. Food. Power. ...How can we draw the victimss to. Uss?" Svarshan pauses, then nods to Aldean. "A free conssert in a poor area." He nods to Kira, "Food for the homeless. How elsse can we do thiss? Our victimss will not alwayss be the poor. However, all want to be ssomething greater than they are. Today."

Benthus draws a thumb and forefinger to his chin and rubs it absentmindedly as he analyzes other aspects of the operation. To Azog, he says, "You can have all of it and more if it means getting rid of this possession scourge." He draws his hands together as if to make concrete a thought, "Alright, I need to get some facts straight. The poor and susceptible victims are stalked by... something that is of the likeness of Asumit? That person or thing then drops a compulsion spell on them and drags them off to where a demon can possess the host, most likely leaving the host completely unaware of what is going on. If we are to get Azog as a bait, we need to have a spell that would protect him from being possessed but allows him to be aware of the commands that the possessor is making. Do we have a spell that can do that? Or a variant for the purpose of this operation?"

Miruan offered her ideas, listening. She is quiet, for her part. She looks between them.

Svarshan looks to Benthus, "I will essplain thiss to you. Later," he says to him. "But that iss part of it. To protect everyone. Would require too many barrier sspells."

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Benthus nods to Svarshan, accepting this as an end to his inquiries.

Azog smirks to what Benthus says. All honor for him? Sure he'll step up. "Whatever spells you feel I should have, I will accept. This is too much magic for a warrior to go in with no protection."

Kira nods, then purses her lips in thought at the others. "I know that many nobles seek many things; power, lands, wealth... but I am not one of them." She also can't be in two places at once and already has one large task.

"Yes," says an elderly man, who'd been observing quietly, "Let's move on. There's a great many balls in the air."

The Highfather of the Dauesite church had been speaking quietly with some of the Myrrish priests.

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Zalara smiles, "We give out prizes." She suggests as she listens to what's going on. She looks over towards the others.

Stjepan turns, mild surprise on his face. "Highfather." He looks at Svarshan. "A tournament would get people in one place, too -- a reason to congregate, to aspire, either themselves or through others."

"Perhapps the winner would receive an offer of exclussive training?" to Stjepan. Svarshan builds on the idea. "Never before sseen techniques?" He nods to Zalara and Kira, too, before looking to the High Father.

"The lower classes do tend to rather enjoy watching those above them beat on each other" Rakim offers as he starts to drift back to find something solid to lean up against "If we combine it with free food and drink I imagine we will get most of the possessed to attend"

"An excellent idea," agrees te Highfather, nodding towards what Rakim says as well.

Miruan listens, smiling at Stjepan and his idea. She nods. She seems willing to help. "I am willing to help fight or dole out refreshments." After all, a monk can punch any offending demons who try to get too much to drink. Efficient!

Stjepan nods. "There are some very skilled people here who could offer instruction in such rare and secret forms. Tell me demons don't like secrets."

"Then we have our plan," Svarshan says. He grins at Stjepan, fiercely. "We will fight /together/. Together, we will work in teamss to gather eventss. Consserts. Food. Contessts, and draw thesse victimss into groups. Through the High Father, we will coordinate thesse eventss closse to one another." Pause.

"We have the meanss for exorcissm, onsse the victimss are gathered," a nod to the priests from all temples, to the volunteers from Myrddion, "And a meanss to beat Assumit's contingency," a nod to the artificers. "The Book of Light iss fortified, and our armss are ready. Iss there more to cover?"

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"Some method of containment for the crowds perhaps? Or a way to keep the non possesssed from panicking" Rakim says after a few moments of consideration.

"Jusst keep them there and. Focussed," to Rakim. "Our priessts can perform the. Exorcissms if. Our artificerss can presserve the souls." And then Svarshan grimaces, because you know, he knows just how bad that sounds.

"It is time."

The Highfather closes his eyes a moment and intones a brief hymn to Daeus. It stirs something. Regardlss of your personal affiliations, the High Priest of DAeus, Highfather Samuel, is a wise and aged man who has lived through and seen a great many things, and his voice carries that wisdom with it.

"We can not allow this state of affairs to persist. We must act... we /are/ acting. We require heroes. You will be those heroes." Of that, he has no doubt.

"You know your tasks. You know what you must do to save the lives of the innocents. You will do this. Each and everone one of you."

Stjepan nods once, solemnly. "We do." He rubs his chin, and mutters under his breath something like 'shit, I suck at party planning'. But, he tries not to say it too loudly.

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You have requested PRP: 'Meetup: Asumit' from staff. Please allow for some time to process it. Do not page staff about it - you will hear back soon.

Miruan looks to Stjepan. She looks sympathetic. She nods to the Highfather. She promises! A bow to the elder.