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The temple of the Sun Lord glitters golden beneath the same. Rather than walls, the majority of the temple is composed of what appears at first blush to be a raised round platform made of one of the largest slabs of marble likely in existence. Columns rise into the air as if to hold some massive ceiling, though instead of a normal ceiling, one finds the deep blue sky, studded by a disconcertingly close canopy of bright stars. One should not worry, however, as the rain never falls, and the wind never blows on this particular temple, but for a gentle breeze, whatever the weather outside may be.

Despite the austerity of the columns, warmth suffuses the grounds. A grand, marble statue of the Shining Knight stands a the center, a hand outstretched in benediction. Beside Him, the statue of Althea, their hands clasped in love. The central position of the temple to the others gives view to all of their children, and the two look upon one another with the solemnity of love that has been the center of so many tales and legends.

Masterfully designed mana lamps provide further soft, golden lightning where needed, their pedestals carved in the form of the Dragons of Light, over which Daeus is said to have dominion in His form of Draco Solis. Majesty, justice, and welcome suffuse the temple grounds. Around the central temple are a series of smaller buildings, each with a simple function and form. One houses the sacred book depicting some of the earliest known translations of the Laws of Light, which pilgrims from near and far come to visit. Another houses the well-appointed quarters of the Sunguards, and among all the ground bristle the Sunblades.

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Rakim Elegant verging on foppish Tsuran. 39s 1h

Silmeria A sweet-looking blond human in a long black dress and 8s 8s

Taidan A smart-looking, lithe, Rune soldier. 38s 29m

Halena Black-haired human woman in the robes of Daeus. 7s 32m

Svarshan Demons: BBQ with Spice 3s 3d

Whirlpool I am stinky! 0s 3d

Latenat Grey and brown accoutred townsman 1s 2h

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Vasya has arrived.

Fayde has arrived.

Announcement: Whirlpool shouts, "This is an open scene. All wo want to attend may do so. :)"

With things settling back in from the horrors of Dun Mordren, the time has come to turn one's attention to other, urgent matters.

Representatives from the Temple of Daeus and the Guild of Explorers have convened a meeting to discuss, quietly, the threat of one particular 'Asumit'. All of you have received the invitation, even if you don't know who Asumit is, and many members of the Guild have pakced into the Temple to hear what is said. Representaives from the City Council, aides working for Caldor Methis and Lady Rawyn Telenil, have also taken a place mongst the gathered.

Seating has been arranged in a comfortable looking circle, all presenting this as something of semi-forml prayer gathering at the Temple.

"We shall open with a prayer," begins a golden-robed priest of Daeus.

And so he begins to speak in the tongue of the Heavens, the beautiful supposd Celestial tongue for a time before ending with, "May the Sun protect us all."

Rakim saunters in a little early, inside the temple he respectfull doffs his hat lett his mass of dark curls free, held back by an intricate golden headbands with several small blue gemstones to match his choice in attire. He bows his head at the prayer, adding something softly to the end in an ancient Elvish language.

It really is a shame that Charlotte doesn't speak celestial. Never really got the knack for it. but, she still follows the prayer, as best as she can, until the end. She doesn't really say anything......what CAN she say. Her hands however, do a ton of talking.....

Tatyannah finds a place to lounge in back, like the bad seed she is. Now that the business with Dun Mordren is over, she can begin to terrorize Alexandria again.

Among the Sunguards here and joining in the prayer stands Halena, hands clasped in front of her and raven hair pulled back in a severe coiled braid at the back of her head. She joins the prayer with the others present, her voice barely heard, and only when she raises her head at the end does she look around her in surprise, awe, and a little bit of trepidation.

Kevan is both a member of the guild, and donates when he can to the temple of Daeus, mostly because some of his family members have close ties to the church. He is respectful during the prayer and waits to hear what all this hubub is about.

Taidan stands in attention as the prayer is conducted by the priest, but does not close his eyes. During the prayer, the soldier from Rune keeps his eyes moving around the temple looking at people at things. He does remain silent and allows the prayer to conclude without adding anything that would be considered offensive. He did not come to the temple to listen to sermons. He came here because he heard rumors that people are talking about the presence of demons inside the city.

Svarshan stands near Halena and Rakim, his expression reserved, focused. Hot at its core, with a snarl to the eyes that is a sith's own determination to defend his home territory. He remains quiet throughout the prayer, thn draws in a slow breath.

Fayde the astronomer and adolescent cosmic sorcerer enters the temple bearing his staff against his shouder with an easy smile across his lips in spite of the occasion. He rubs the back of his head, then glances at his robes quickly to make sure the Elunan colored outfit is in good order before finding a seat.

Not being especially pious Latenat tends to give their gods their due... which means he tends to stay out of their business as much as possible. The half-sil tends to be a leaner, which means he is standing up against one of the Columns most Austere. Wether this choice is due to shielding him from at least the illumination of at least one of the mana-lamps or out of a slovenly habit whom can say? Noneleless the scoundrel is as still and silent as a pool of deep water as the prayer is spake.

A Priest of Daeus, Sunguard Opsmil, says, "Do we have a volunteer to open up with a summary of the current crisis?"

There's been so many.

"I am not there are enough hours in the day Master Sunguard" comes Rakim sardonic draw, the faintest of smiles crossing his face. That said he glances around to see if anyone else will rise to the challenge.

Halena looks up at the sith near her, then around at the others. Her eyes are still a little wide, but whoever is speaking clearly has her full attention, and she's begun to take on a little of Svarshan's fiery determination. Not literally, mind -- mostly it's only visible in her eyes.

Fayde chuckles modestly as he concurs with Rakim,"Indeed, where do we begin?"

"I am not great. With wordss...but I can begin the sstory," the sith says slowly. He steps forward, his shoulders tense.

Charlotte turns her attention towards Svarshan when he speaks up. She doesn't know quite as much about what's going on, but her attention has been towards DUn Mordren lately. So, her attention is on Svarshan.....and listneing quite intently.

You say, "...Assumit iss a demon binder. Many years," the sith pauses, then starts again. "Many yearss, he vissited the town of Verssis. In thiss town, he ssacrificed the people--young, old, and. Inbetween. He ussed their ssouls to open a permanent doorway to the Hells." Longer pause. "I cannot begin to desscribe how much power that. Took. There are familiess sstill trapped on the. Other side."

Longer pause. "Assumit vanished for many years. He ressurfassed in Sskald. Sskald wass the birth place of the Daemon Warss. A foul contract wass signed there, that hundredss of yearss ago, plunged our world into. War."

"Assumit ssought Sskald, and conquered it. He claimed from itss depthss, the Book of Darkness, an artifact of the evil godss."

"And then, Assumit. Sset hiss sights on ssomething larger. Assumit iss one of many powerss in thiss world. Today, who ssee themsesleves as would-be god. Assumit the demon binder, would make himsself a god. He--" here the sith falls quiet. He looks to Rakim. "Hunter," he says, voice hoarse."

Fayde purses his lips as he listens intently to Svarshan's history lesson, himself not knowing much about Assumit's background. Certainly not about how he claimed the Book of Darkness, that raised his brows.

"I do rather fancy the sound of my own voice," Rakim acknowledges with a faintly sardonic smile and a nod of his head to Svarshan. That done he saunters languidly to the fore and casts his gaze around the room. In contrast to his languid poise his dark eyes are cold and watchful as they rest on each person in turn. He lets the silent draw out then at last smiles faintly "It is something of an old tale, an arcane caster whose ambitions are greater than his morality..." says the Inquisitor of Eluna "...but his ambitions are rather grand. As the good Sunblade says he seeks to arise to godhood, by means of the souls of Alexandria...." his voice is grim as he says this, then a faint smile touches his face "...and I don't know about you all but I, for one, am rather attached to my soul. Of course his plan is rather baroquely complex"

"Firstly he has formed something of a cult, or perhaps cults. Either way it winds up with people being possessed by demons. And on their death the demon gathers the soul..." Rakim pauses here a moment to gaze at the audience and let that sink in "...and just to add to the fun of the whole thing it is tied to a contingency spell that if we attempt an exorcism the possessed person burns from the inside out. Excruciatingly painful and fatal, so the soul ends up in his hands anyway. I do believe the Artificers were working on that?" he says with a glance to Svarshan for confirmation.

Kevan sits back, listening quietly as the others explain the situation. He looks between those who are speaking, watching each one until the next person speaks.

Halena's been listening in silence up to this point, steely-eyed determination gradually taking over awe and trepidation at the company in which she finds herself, but at the description of the spell, her face goes positively ashen, both hands lifting to cover her mouth.

"Sstirling hass led those efforts. He suggessts they are on the verge of a breakthrough," the sith confirms. Then adds, "Thiss should not sstop anyone with ideass from bringing them. Forward. We have uncovered that removing the demon iss a three ssstep process. The firsst, is to ssuppress any potential fire," Asumit burns them alive, "then, to perform the exorcissm. Myrddion hass provided uss additional firepower in thiss regard," he says, and then flicks his heavy tail in the direction of the Myrrish Sunguards. "Third, the contingenssy must be disspelled. The Book Assumit possesses allowss him this feat. The massive number of contingenciess, and their disspersall..." he pauses, chewing on the word a moment, "...iss made possible through itss power. Knowledge that he hass the book, musst not reach Charn or the Dark Temples. They will attempt to usse the book themsselves," he says flatly. "Assumit iss one man. If the Dark Faithss claimed it, they would bring Assumit and more--the power of Temple sstructure." He glances over Helena then, and then the paladin's auras push OUT, almost forcefully so.

"At thiss time, Assumit'ss selfisshness and hiss ego works to our. Advantage," the sith says, drawing to a close.

Rakim nods his thanks and agreement to the Sith before continuing "Also to make it even more enjoyable they are in telepathic contact with each other. So speaking for myself at least, I would advise that if you come across one, note it down but..." he pauses here and leans forward a little " not try anything yourself as I cannot foresee anyway it could turn out well for all concerned." Again a pause as he shifts a little "And speaking of books, we believe he rather fancies acquiring the book of Light. Considering he has already managed to penetrate some of the most secure vaults in the city we are taking this rather seriously"

Fayde upraises his brows in alarm at that revelation, having not known he'd made headway with his efforts at legerdemaine.

"The Temple of Daeuss is one of the mosst fortified buildingss in the Ssity," the sith speaks up, low-voiced. "Sshaman Yngvild, and Warrior Karelin are working to add to itss defensses. If you would aid thiss effort, pleasse sspeak with them."

Pause, then, "Ass well as the Temple of Eluna. There wass a ressent break-in, there. For an artifact of power."

Taidan raises a hand from the back of the group, obviously wanting to ask a question. "If this Asumit person is so obsessed about becoming a god, and the book of light is one of the means to make that possible... I assume the book has been sequestered to another place far away from here?"

Rakim winces slightly at Svarshan's revelation, then turns a look down to the Sunblade "My thanks for that reminder Master Svarshan. I will hasten to add it was prior to my formal investiture as an Inquisitor" he drawls then glances back to the crowd "The Head of the Son of Nimok was stolen and replaced with a fake. Security has been improved." With that he looks to Taidan and arches an eyebrow "And where would that be?"

As the paladin's auras push out, Halena steadies, the ashen shock replaced nearly entirely with snapping eyes and steely determination. She's about to speak up when Taidan beats her to it, so she waits for the moment, hands lowering to return to their position clasped in front of her.

Taidan turns to look at Rakim and answers dryly, "Anywhere but here."

Fayde raises a hand,"It seems to me that the magitechnology we recovered in Dun Morden is not entirely different from the cult efforts brought to bear by Assumit. Apparently, it was a form of advanced Dark Artifice that actually channels evil energies into its wearer to achieve some sort of metamorphosis. Archmage Cesran and my senior fellows in the Shining Chalice may know more, but what was explained to me from the research findings sounds very similar. Perhaps a goal connection somewhere? The methods would suggest." He looks questioningly to Rakim at that.

"The Book iss our own weapon againsst the Dark, if Assumit usses it in the city, in that way." The sith's words are reluctant, and he looks towards the High Father Samuel. He looks towards Taidan, then. "Name a plasse," he says. "Outsside of Myrddion, no temple iss as well fortified ass this one. Your quesstion iss a good one, and has been assked many. Times. I will continue to ansswer it ass many times as we need to."

Intent, but not surprised Latenat crosses his forearms as he listens, idily tugging the hem of his cloak from time to time. His grey eyes begin to selectively study those present in turn, a long moment spent before the next subject is studied, the dawn child's face impassive until Svarshan and Rakim have their turn. He coughs, the interjection almost lost within the large interior before a pleasant high baritone makes itself known... a voice well crafted and subtle in its inflections,"From what I know Abductions for posession started in The Warehouse District. We have... worked to counter this." slender shoulders shrug as the scoundrel drifts away from the column to where he might be seen by all,"Wether or efforts have slowed or reversed this effort is yet to be seen, but so to have members in the noble families started to be co-opted. Why this should be is anyones guess, but to hinder actions against them, or to forment internal conflicts to distract from their intrusions wouldnt be too far a stretch." he bespeaks this to the Methis and Telenil representatives pointedly, projecting his words so they might carry.

"Of course, lets bring it out from the most secure place we have, and move it under far less secure guard to somewhere...." Rakim drawls then shakes his head and turns his attention to Fayde. A gloved hand reaches up to stroke his pointed goatee "I did wonder what all that circuitry was about, but magitech is not truly my area of expertise. Quite frankly studying Kulthian gives me a headache. But it would make a distressingly horrible amount of sense"

Tatyannah mutters under her breath to no one, "Well, considering they're psychic, and can infiltrate anywhere, the fewer people who know where the book is probably best. Also, they should get Tarienites to help protect it."

Kevan arches a brow, "Can the book be sensed? If its such a powerful holy relic....could there be ways they can always know where it is? Which makes hiding it...pointless."

Hushed whispers fall across the crowd as the words are spoken.

"The Book of the Light is secure," says Sunguard Opsmil. "We have seen to that. It can not be touched."

Another Sunguard speaks, "IS it possible his efforts towards it are a feint? To come for the Book of the Light would be foolhardy at best."

"I thank the Light for sso many keen mindss here. Today. Tatyannah bringss up the ssubject of. Allies. Working on thiss project are the Guild of the Sly," Svarshan says, and pauses to let that sink in a moment. "The Dragonfather and the thieves. Perhapss if ssome of you might liasson with them, insstead of myself," wry, "They would feel more comfortable. Our other alliess are the Temple of Angoron, the Temple of Kor, though they are aiding defensses, only," A god of War doesn't need to hear about the Book of Darkness, not directly, "The Temple of Althea--and Myrddion. Any of thesse may be approached with your ideass. We would welcome more alliess," to Tatyannah. Then hoarsely, "We will need them. We will win thiss, but it will be becausse Light marchess together. Assumit--iss arrogant enough to act on. Hiss own. He will make misstakes," he says, then looks to the Sunguard. "It iss possible," he says, and then falls silent. "It iss a good quesstion. For now, we act ass though he /will/. In either casse. Hiss possession of both would be. Disassterous."

"What can we do to help?" Halena asks simply, steadily.

"Indeed, I may be rather sardonic, sarcastic and other terrible amusing things, but we do not only welcome, but -need- as much aid as we can get" Rakim says as he offers a more warm smile than his usual expressions "The main advantage of light over dark is we generally work together better"

Taidan is clearly uncomfortable about something but seems to be reining it in within himself.

Fayde wipes his nose thoughtfully as he glances evenly from one speaker to the other after acknowledging Rakim's response to his addition about the dark magitech in Dun Morden. He smiles broadly at his further commentary on working together, deciding at that point not to speak further, just yet at least.

Charlotte is too busy listening to speak. Yeah. She doesn't mind listening, especially when it comes to a power mad psychopath.

"At the moment...we are working Assumit'ss plan in reversse. We are crafting eventss and sseeking to gather hiss victimss at a common plasse and a common time through sseparate. Eventss. Different eventss planned, to be attended by the downtrodden. Dessperate. Disspossessed. These are the people Assumit most hunted. These events will be timed clossely to one. Another."

"When these victims are gathered. We will begin the three sstep process I desscribed earlier."

Pause. "We alsso have the names of many of the confirmed victimss. They may approached. Individually or ass a group to attend thesse events. We need you to plan eventss, and find ways to gather thesse victims. Or at leasst, encourage them to gather in a common area at a time sset by the. Artifissers."

"Sstirling alsso needs assistance. Onsse the ssouls are reclaimed, Assumit," wry, "Will be very. Very pissed. Off."

"I will alsso sshare what we know off hiss structure. Perhapss some of you may ssuggest planss from. There." Svarshan pauses, and then begins again. Words are hard, but he has, apparently been practicing some of this.

"Assuit iss a demon binder. He usses the Book to forsse their cooperation. However, he iss powerful enough that ssome may sserve out of their own. Ambition."

Svarshan pauses, then: "I have a lisst of ssome who may be hiss lieutenantss. I do not know where they are, or if they are. Involved. It iss possible ssome of these may be hunted. Thiss would weaken him."

"A ssecond lead involvess the Cult of the Flesssh," he says, and thumps his tail Rakim's direction. Latenat's. "Our hunterss are invesstigating thiss connection. If you are sskilled in thiss way, pleasse approach them."

"Finally. We have newss that Assumit's army iss approaching. Thiss rumor comess from Rune. A sscout iss being ssent to invesstigate."

Fayde perks abruptly at the mention of his home Rune. He furrows his brows deeply at that, then adjusts the propping of his staff to the other shoulder as he considers these.

"You know 'hunter' brings up images of someone rather more rugged than oneself" Rakim demurs at Svarshan's description. He turns serious a moment late and simply nods, falling into silence again.

Taidan appears surprised and at the same time concerned when he finally got to know that the mastermind behind the events in Dun Morden was facilitated by Asumit, or at least one of his allies. He did not stay in the dwarven city long enough to find out the finer details of what is going on. He had to take care of business and returned to Alexandria when the shipping lanes were made open once again. The brows on his forehead knit and crease as he makes use of his god-given brain to analyze certain things. "Bare with me. So, Asumit is the mastermind of what had happened in Dun Morden. Were those events tied in some ways with what is happening here? If so, how does it affect us?" He pauses for a moment before adding, "From what I understand, we are here to pool our knowledge about the what is happening in the city in relation to the demon possession. I just like to know if the events in Dun Morden was a benefit for Alexandria, or a detriment? Did we lose ground? Or gained an advantage?"

"Assumit iss not the masstermind of Dun Morden," the sith says, then looks over to Rakim with a wry grin at the hunter's own comments.

Latenat performs a sardonic little bow when Svarshan indicates both him and Rakim, flicking out the corner of his cloak in a flourish before the half-sil begins making his way back to the Column he was lounging up against earlier.

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Kevan is quietly listening to the discussions, he has little to add, no information at all honestly.

"Sssaa. There are many planss in the workss. Thesse are in thankss to everyone here. Everyone who hass brought forward ideass and perssued them. There were many wordss...sso. I will ssummarize," the sith says, and then pauses. His expression is wry. "One of the tale-keeperss helped. Prepare thiss," he says.

Then, he takes in a breath, holds it. And says: "We are arranging gatheringss. To be accomplisshed at a ssertin time, sso that the artificerss and our priessts may. Reclaim the ssouls. This will piss Assumit. Off."

Second breath. "That iss one way in which. You can help by arranging thesse eventss or assisting with otherss."

"We may alsso hunt hiss lieutenantss, though thiss. Iss a dangerouss tassk. Finding thesse creaturess is a job for hunter and. Ssword both. /Cooperation/," he says, emphasizing the words. "If ssome can be found. We point Guard Sserene at them. If we do," he says wryly. "If you engage thiss hunt, keep the High Father and mysself aware, pleasse. We can provide you ressources againsst. Possession and ssimilar rissks. Ass well ass thosse who may ssense when a demon iss. Near."

"The Cult of the Flessh iss an unknown, but potent possibility," he adds, and nods again to Latenat and Rakim.

"Assumit has been taking over memberss of Alessandria's nobility. Memberss of our bank. Sspeak with Latnat, Aldean, of thiss. Alsso, be wary of any dealingss there. Apparently Assumit hass planned thesse possessions in sstrategic," not necessiarily highly titled, "plasses for ssome time. Perhapss years."

"We sshould alsso know more onsse the sscout. Returnss."

"That iss where thingss stand, and the effortss. Underway. Every area needss your help, and your. Ideass," he concludes, the words somewhat well, awkward.

Charlotte says, "I'd ask who the scout is, but that would compromise his or her integrity." She says after Svarshan explains. "Interesting, I think....""

The young sorcerer is keeping his quiet calm, having contributed what news he had a while back. He smiles a touch then as he spreads his hands in a small rainbow arch, mouthing 'Cooperation'. He smiles wider then for a mumble as he stifles a chuckle, the mental image distracting him for a moment longer before his attention resumes.

Rakim inclines his head in agreement with Svarshan then turns back to the audience "So if, like myself, you don't quite think you are up for assasinating a demonic lieutenant there are many things you can assist with" he says with another smile "Just I would urge some caution. Anathema to many of us I know but it is a somewhat fragile web we are weaving, if I may venture in dubious metaphor"

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Taidan's eye twitches spasmodically when he hears about an idea of hunting down demons.

Tatyannah chirps, "If you need someone in asset recovery..." she trails off, "as long as I can keep whatever else I might recover."

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"I don't think this is about asset recovery. If we don't take care of this carefully, there won't be anyone with assets to recover." Charlotte says directly to Tatyannah. "people need help."

"Well..." Rakim drawls, something of a mischevious smile crossing his tanned face as his eyes turn to Tatyannah "...we could use the Book of Evil retrived?" he suggests, keeping his voice deadpan "I am uncertain if you would wish to keep it however..."

Tatyannah points out, "He's gathering artifacts, not just the Book of Light, unless I misunderstand. You don't think that getting them back will help? Or you know, making previously powerful people less powerful, by acquisition of their resources," She shrugs a little.

The priests and city officials murmur amongst themelves. Tehy're listening intently to those present. Finally, Suguard Opsmil says, "We must do everything we can. Everything." His tone is firm. "Acquistioner..."

Fayde nods his vigorous agreement,"It always helps, in my humble opinion, to thrive on the resources of ones enemy. Or to recover your resources when said enemy opts to do this to you."

"Reclaiming them and turning them to the Temple of Eluna, iss a good idea. Whoever hass them will be the target of the entirety of the Temple of Thul, Maugrim...ass well ass every demonic forsse," the sith says bluntly. He lifts his muzzle, and looks to folks there.

"They need uss. /Alessandria/. Needs uss and all of our. Talentss," the sith says. He clears his throat and then, he looks to Halena.

He's very quiet, for a time. Thinking hard.

"What we are doing here. Doing the right thing. Iss /hard/. It iss perhapss the mosst difficult decission we make. To fasse ssomeone ssuch as Assumit head-on...," he says. Then, steps back. "Halena. Would you pleasse sshare your. Wordss. And remind uss of why. We fight."

Rakim hmms softly and turns his gaze to Sunguard Opsmil, a finely arched brow arising in silent question.

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Taidan quips, "I hope whatever your plans are, that their effectiveness will last for eons. Because if Asumit is an immortal, he can wait that long."

"If I had a coppr coin for every so-called immortal that dies at the hands of heroes, I'd be the richest man in Alexandria," says Sunguard Opslis, grunting. He turns towards Rakim and says, "We believe he's coming for additional artifacts due to his actions in the bank and the Vault... do we have any inkling of what he might be after in addition to the Head of Nikmok's Son and the Book of the Light?"

Halena's been listening mostly in silence except for her one question, absorbing information, the steely determination solidifying with nearly every word said and everything done. When Svarshan calls on her, though, she hesitates -- for maybe one breath. "This demon-binder holds my husband and the father of my children in his thrall," she tells the group, raising her voice and looking around at each face in turn. "And from what has been said in this place, I am not alone. This man must be stopped, and the souls reclaimed. I will save my husband. Whatever it takes."

Taidan looks at Halena, a suspicious look on his face...

"Didn't really need a reason to help, Sunguard. But that'd motivate me a bit more." Charlotte then sighs a bit. "simple sword swinger though. Can't really help too much with the magic."

Sunguard Opslis is distracted by Halena's tale. He winces at her before saying, "The Sun's blessing on you." Then to Tatyannah, he adds, "Well, if we can find anything in his possession, I'm all for taking it away."

Then to Rakim, he says, "How much do you know about Skald?"

Svarshan steps forward towards Halena. Silently, he pushes the auras outward again. Peace, peace and strength. His voice is rough: "For hussband and. Child. Assumit hass taken many, broken many familiess in Alessandria. He wass known in Verssis to usse children."

Finding himself away from the center for attention once again (as is his wont, and preference) Latenat begins tapping the fingers of his hand togeather, the expression apon his nondescript features rather thoughtful as he considers the problem before them.

Taidan turns to look at Svarshan with an expression that isn't fazed by the mention of child-soldiers. "War is an ugly thing."

Taidan adds, "And having demons thrown into the pot only makes it uglier."

Charlotte says, "Demons are ugly to begin they make anything uglier by design."

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Taidan nods in agreement with Charlotte. "Really, really ugly."

Kevan is still just listening, he isn't sure how he can help. Not really equipped to deal with demons at the moment.

"Would you like the full list Sunblade or the edited highlights?" Rakim says with a trace of weariness under his languid poise. "Between the bank and the temple the list of rather unpleasant items is terribly lengthy..." he trails off to stroke his sharp goatee in thought "There are some specific items however that may be of specific interest to a demon binder. As to Skald? A little more than the generally known history, although much of my training is more about artifacts"

Fayde sits back as offers nonconstructively,"At least we can blow up demons and daemons with minimal consequence. Unlike the dwarves, we can always use fewer demons and daemons."

"We will bring him. Down." Then, wow-voiced, Svarshan adds: "I sshould alsso share thesse words, of how he iss known to work. Assumit. Iss known for hiss willingness to forsse heroes into hard possitions, ass he did in. Versis. Where one choisse iss bad, but the other iss worsse. He also makess usse of our own weaknesses."

"Every victim iss a potential hossstage ass well ass source of power. He doess not care. Either way. He will alsso make usse of the greed, the lussts in our own heartss. Every way he. Can. He will alsso try to forsse uss to cover ass much. Ground ass possible."

Taidan listens and nods his head at the advise given, considering the words wise and useful.

Tatyannah asks with musing, "Then by all rights, he should have snatched me up months ago. I wonder if it's because I acknowledge that I'm well aware of my flaws." She seems to consider this, before saying, "Of course, another crack at the Gold City and well, who knows what would happen."

"Would you mind sharing the tale of Skald, then, for the audience?" Opslis gestures. "It seems relevant, especially sine we're discussing groups of demons." He frowns, then looks about once more before eyeballing Tatyannah. She's an admitted thief, after all!

Rakim tilts his head to one side as he considers the sunblade "I supposed it should come as little surprise that Asumit found his beginings in Rune" he says after a few silent moments, his voice projecting around the gathering "For those who haven't had some of the darker history taught to them, Skald was where the demon wars started" he explains, shifting a little as his eyes turn upwards "Which sundered the Millenium Kingdom, killed the last High king and lead to the fun and games between Myrddion and Charn which we still have today. It was Skald's duke who let them in, and for his sins his name has been erased for history. Sadly it also means we don't have a grave site on which we could" he adds with a flash of humor

Svarshan thumps his tail, and, opens his muzzle. Then closes it with a warm chuff. Yes, 'spit on,' that expression says.

Fayde continues listening intently, his arms crossing easily as he cracks a grin at the inquisitor and Svarshan.

"Well summarized," says Opslis.

"We know Asumit is coming here, in some form, be it by army or otherwise. I have also heard dark whispers of an Eidolon Court..."

"The Court...whether thiss is rumorss or. More we are unssure. This Court isss rumored to be dedicated to the godss of Twilight, and iss now underwater. It was crafted ass a replica of the originalss, by the Kulthianss." The sith shifts, "It sstill hass power. Aldean wass working on locating it." He pauses again, and looks out towards the room. Whatever or whomever he was looking for, he doesn't see. He quiets again.

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Svarshan steps back, quiet. He looks like a man wrung dry of words.

"It was a rather unclear vision that several of us shared." Rakim says as he gently squeezes Svarshan's shoulder "Demons underwater seeking to uncover columns" he adds a little more uncertainly

Stjepan is late, of course. He slide in the back, trying to be unobtrusive -- because, you know someone as big as him is /totally/ unobtrusive.

Cesran has been here listening the whole item in the back in the shadows keeping his opinions to himself for the moment.

The sith looks over, grateful. "Ssa," he says. And, "Am glad you are here," he adds, more quietly, before looking to the Sunguards.

Taidan shakes his head and says, "It is so amazing that the demons are so proactive while the celestial hosts are only reactive. It is like they want this drama to unfold." He sighs and then adds, "This is probably entertainment for them.

Fayde is mildly confused by the talk of Twilight Courts and gods and such, not familiar with this concept. He doesn't ask though, hoping someone else will for an elaboration.

"They are /not/ reactive," says the Sunguard to Taidan, "but we must remember that the mortal world is but one level of this fight. The Celestial Host wages constant war against the demons. They have helped us, and you, far more than you may realize."

He clears his throat, then says, "The Eidolon Courts... there is but one true Court and it lays near us. But the Kulthians, in their maddened rush to Godhood, created three more false Courts. The Court of Darkness once housed the book Asumit now holds, ad we believe it is in Skald, its location known to him. The COurt of the Twilight lays across the sea in Veyshan, guarded by its people in secret, and then Court of the Light, we believe, is the one ASumit and his demons are seeking out beneath the waves. THese three courts were created in miniature to duplicate the True Court. Artifice built into them created a... feedback loop of power, sipohning off energy from the True Court and then feeding it back in. It was through this mechanism that the Kulthians sought Godhood, their attempt aborted not unlike Augustus' Alexandros' was many years later when he walked in their footsteps. Cast out from this world. If Asumit seeks the COurt of Light, then it was with the most dire of intentions, but all these things can not be true, or can they? We have so many different possibilities from him, I can only assume he seeks to confuse us as to his true intentions. His armies move, his demons hunt the Court, he has posseed walking amongst us with eyes on various targets, all of which we're not sure is his TRUE target."

"The Court of Light iss near Alessandria, within Alessendros," Svarshan speaks up, words slow. Gears obviously turning.

"The true court," say Opslis to Svarshan, "is here, yes. And perhaps it is his true target as well. I don't know. What you must do, what we all must do, is begin immediately to winnow these possibilities. We have been preparing to deal with the possessed, we have help from our Myrrish brothers as well."

Taidan rubs his chin and says, "I am interested in going to Veyshan. I am obligated to protect the shrine of my god if ever it is being put at risk of destruction or desecration... Just as long as it doesn't have demons in it."

Stjepan rumbles from the back in Taidan's general direction. "Why? You're afraid you'll hurt them?" He steps forwards, looking towards Opslis. "Is the tournament to draw out the possessed still needed? I will put up my spear as a prize, if it will help lure the greedy."

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"It is," the sith returns, and his smile is as wry as it is determined. "We need every sspear, every ssword and every voisse."

Taidan looks at Stjepan and says, "No. I am terrified of them." He speaks dead-pan.

Cesran moves from the back towards the front and he nod politely to Sunguard Opslis, "Greetings I am Archmage Cesran and if you have need of my magic to help with this situation you have but to ask." He nods to Taiden, "As well you should be, demons are terrifying, but they can be beaten and banished and contained."

Rakim glances at Taidan then stage whispers to Svarshan "Of that I have little doubt" that said he turns serious again, idly stroking his goatee "I was speaking to Aldean about it, he was looking for those amongst us who can sail"

Kevan is still watching and listening, intersting stuff, intersting stuff.

Fayde perks when the Archmage speaks up. He rightens once more in his seat and quietly clears his throat.

"I am sure we'll need a great deal of magic, but it's incumbent on all of you to present ideas. We're going to have our hands full just figuring out how to corall the possessed. It's clear Asumit wants us to be as spread as thin as possible." Opslis grimaces.

Svarshan thumps his tail to Rakim, "Ssa," he says, making note of it. And more solemnly, "If hiss book iss destroyed, he loses mosst of his. Reach." He looks to the Sunguard, "Iss it possible to do that?"'.

As the call to arms turns to the metaphysical Latenat sirs, levering himself away from the lee of the column he was affixed to,"Svarshan, Rakim." his voice is low and unobtruisive as he makes a round on his way toward the exit of the well-lit temple to the sun god,"I cannot tarry for much longer, I must tend to my work before it gets overlate." a few deft hand signals are shared as the rogue glances ascance at those attending this meeting before the half sil begins to retreat with a brusque smile

Charlotte says, "Figure out what to do, Sunguard. Or.....find some sort of strategic genius to figure out what he's doing. I know it sounds simple, but it's not." She says as she tries to help out a little bit, since she's not magically inclined."

Fayde says, "Destroying the Book of Darkness?" He widens his already formidable godgiven optics and comments,"Thats nothing small to speak of..."

Taidan offers a reply, "I've an air-ship dry docked in the city's air dock. It's not mine but belongs to house Noctursa, but as the ranking officer amongst the other four surviving crew, I have some leeway in how to make use of it. I heard that Veyshan has some interesting items for trade that Rune and the settlements of Wintergarde may want. It won't be long before the air-ship is ready for travel again. But we can hasten the process if someone can look into funding and procuring the necessary items to get it air-worthy again. The ship is called 'Gracious in defeat'. It is a transport vessel with a big cargo bay."

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Rakim offers a nod to Latenat and a brief smile and an elegant wave "Catch up soon about this cult thing" he says quietly, before drifting into the background to listen

Stjepan just shakes his a little. "Well," he rasps, "this is not a small task to speak of." He lifts a hand in salute towards Latenat, then nods to Svarshan. "It will be done -- but I'm not much of an arena promoter. I'm better served standing in front somewhere."

Latenat goes Out <O>.

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"If he iss sspreading uss thin, then removing hiss vessels, and taking out his lieutenantss will limit his own reach," quiet. Svarshan thumps his tail, and looks to Stjepan, "I have a lisst of potential lieutenantss. None are confirmed, but with work...and proper. Application of. Serene..." he lets it trail, a brightness to the eyes once again.

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