Suitors, Gods, and Mothers

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SUMMARY: Yelrona is inspecting the port to ensure that the Charneth ship from the other day hasn't left any nasty surprises. She is joined by Aya, and they discuss other potential ramifications of the incident. Fazahd joins them and they discuss the theological implications. Ga'Elian and his mom join them and discuss Alexandria's novelty.

Yelrona is currently hanging by a rope harness off the edge of the pier where the Charneth warship briefly docked the other day. She seems to be inspecting the underside of the pier.

Aya isn't terribly fond of the port, but it is far better now that it is minus one warship. Her notice of Yelrona hanging by a rope off the pier initially brings a mix of concern and satsifaction. Both make way to curiosity when she realizes that Yelrona is dangling intentionally and purposely. She makes her way to the end of the pier to glance over the edge and inquire. "Is something wrong?"

"I hope not!" Rona calls back. "I'll be up in a minute." Shortly thereafter she climbs back up to the pier. "Nope, nothing wrong," she says reassuringly. "It occurred to me the other day that it wasn't impossible that the whole macho posturing Charneth nonsense from the other day was just misdirection, intended to attract our attention while his crew did.. something else. So I figured inspection could be the better part of valor." She shrugs. "I haven't found anything so far."

Aya arches a brow. "That thought had occured, and brought up by others at one point, I believe... though I never imagined he might somehow sabotage the port. Still, better to know for certain than to presume."

Yelrona nods. "That was my thinking too. If I restricted my investigations to things I thought were true, I'd hardly ever get off the ground."

"Of course, and most of what you thought true would likely prove false," Aya returns the nod in agreement. "I do hope that all give the Duke far too much credit, though I can't discount that he may try again in a different manner. Still, I believe there are other concerns far more likely."

Yelrona raises an eyebrow over her shoulder as she starts to untie her rope harness. "What concerns do you have in mind?"

Aya glances back up the pier, and across and neighboring piers before looking to Yelrona again. "For one, while you and Fazahd were aware of my past, my public statement could well infuriate other Maugrimites in addition to the Duke. They could hold more power or be more crafty than he."

Yelrona nods. "Fair point. I'll admit, though, I rather assume that pretty much everyone I know infuriates the Maugrimites on a roughly daily basis just by exiting."

"True," Aya admits, "though I may have made myself a much more specific target. Perhaps they will care, perhaps not, though they might not be any less direct than the Duke and could be dealt with." Her lips purse in consideration and thought for a long moment. "The most concerning threat, if possibly less likely, would be the third group."

"The third group?" Rona echoes, curiously.

Aya dips her chin. "The Tyrant was not the only deity whose faithful may have felt spurned by events here. I am considering a change of lodging, as a precaution."

Yelrona nods. "Sensible enough. Do you have someplace to go? I can help you find something, if not... maybe not up to the standards of the Fernwood on short notice, but the rats are at least clean."

"Possibly. I'm still considering my options," Aya admits, "I will keep your offer in mind. I'm not terribly fond of rats, but I can tolerate them more than daggers in my back."

"Rats make poor weapons," Rona agrees. She thinks about it a bit. "So," she asks curiously, "do you have any proactive steps in mind? Or are you waiting for your enemies to make the next move?"

Fazahd has arrived.

Aya stands with Yelrona on the very same pier that the warship was moored to but two days past. She rolls one shoulder, though it is not as nonchalant as her norm. "I don't know that they will become my enemies, though they may give no warning if they do. I simply wish to have options should the need arise."

Yelrona nods. "Sensible. So... relocating to somewhere less easily targeted... makes sense. Would you rather you friends know where you are so we can check on you, or rather we not know so we can't reveal it?"

Down the stairs from the seawall comes Fazahd, dressed again in his church uniform - which still makes him look as though he were an officer in some divine army, and of course, perhaps he is. He pauses at the bottom of the stair, watching the two women speak...quiet, expression unreadable, as he gives them enough room for privacy.

Aya considers this a moment. "If you could arrange a location for future use, discretely, I believe that would be enough for now. As I said, it is only a possibility to consider. It is my hope that I might receive some warning of collapsing relations, should they do so." Her eyes flit past Yelrona as she notices movement, though they linger as she recognizes Fazahd before returning to Yelrona. "It seems we have company."

Yelrona nods. "Sure, easy enough. You can use one of my safehouses for now... I'll start looking for a replacement. Company?" She turns and spots Fazahd, and waves cheerfully. "Should I leave you two alone?"

Fazahd waves pleasantly to you both, but he does not yet greet or approach - waiting, perhaps, to see if Aya will welcome him or bid him come again later.

Aya shakes her head, likely to Yelrona as she lifts a hand to return Fazahd's wave with a beckoning one of her own as she responds to Yelrona. "Not at all."

"Good." She pauses a moment and adds "Should I look for a safehouse big enough for two?"

As he is bidden, so does he approach; Fazahd smiles as he approaches the two much smaller women, offering the two of you a bow - his hand is offered in a courtly manner to Aya, too. "Ladies," he says warmly. "It's good to see you again. Aya - I inquired after you at the Fernwood, and was told that you were off about about." He flicks a glance between the two of you. "I am not interrupting, I hope."

Yelrona smirks for a moment, then waves a hand idly. "Nothing to interrupt. I was just checking out the pier, to make sure Duke Grumpy Grumpalot didn't leave any little surprises while we were distracted by his performance."

Aya offers Fazahd an earnest smile, though one side droops after to something more familiar. "You're far too formal, Fazahd, especially for those present. Not that it isn't endearing. In moderation." She nods as she segues to "Yelrona confirmed that there is no lingering threat to the pier." In the end, she does accept the offered hand so that it isn't waving in the breeze from the sea.

"So I'm told," Fazahd says, smirking sidelong at Aya. He bends to kiss the back of her hand. "It gives me something to do to keep me out of trouble." Clearly this isn't actually successful. "Have you heard from His Grace? I expect he rather didn't get the message."

Yelrona shrugs. "That's OK. Between the three of us we average out to ordinary levels of formality, I think." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a brightly colored noisemaker, which she puts to her mouth. When she blows into it it makes a festive toot and extends out a foot or so.

"You are still too adept at getting into trouble," Aya points out the lack of success. She blinks at Yelrona's sudden ...whatever that was? Though it isn't so surprising after the fact, and perhaps was making her point.

Long past are the days when Fazahd is surprised by anything Yelrona does. He merely chuckles, which is odd enough from him. "I go where the Father leads," says Fazahd, though certainly it's an old conceit to lay this at the feet of the gods. "So. May I ask, what's next? I imagine he's going to come back and try and take you, Aya. Clearly the Temple won't stand for that, or at the very least I certinly won't, and between the two of us we could cleave through a battalion."

"Yelrona and I were just discussing that topic," Aya admits. "It's certainly possible, and I intend to be prepared for that possibilty. A direct armed assault here seems too foolhardy, even for him. I'm more concerned, at the moment, of other repurcussions. Namely the attention of other Maugrimites, and possible action by local Taarans. "

"Possible action by local Taarans will be met by definite action by a local Reosian." His voice is that of the mountains, hard and heavy. "You are my novitiate, Aya, if nothing else. I will stand with you to the death."

"Of course, it not like Chaarn hasn't already been sending assassins and spies here. The last batch we routed were Thulians, to judge from their altar. So... the Divine situation is not uncomplicated," Rona observes with a chuckle.

Aya reaches over and up to pat Fazahd's forearm. "Yes, you've made that abundantly clear," she gives Fazahd a brief, even smile. "I hope there will be no action, as a reaction could be very dificult. She then nods to Yelrona. "I'm certain that Charn has sent several over the years, and some have lived in the city for a long time, regardless of where they originated. Others could well be native to Alexandria.

GAME: Ga'Elian accepts a meet and will arrive momentarily.

Ga'Elian has arrived.

"It bears repeating," Fazahd says with a grunt. "If not for you, for any spies that might be near. Which they're likely to be." The young Enginebreaker shrugs. "Anyway, what's the point of caring for someone if you can't threaten people loudly over them, hmm?"

Yelrona tilts her head to one side. "Khazadi family reunions must be... boisterous," she observes neutrally.

Ga'Elian strolls into the area, a wild elf woman walking beside him. In fact, she bears a distinct resemblance to the ranger. Seeing a gathering of friends he says, "Mother, these are friends of mine."

"Fazahd," Aya notes, far more quietly than his ...mountain voice, "You do realize that announcing your position will only make you a target, if one to be avoided. You cannot instill fear in everyone, at all times.."

Yelrona nods agreement with Aya. "She's right, of course." Of course Fazahd already knew that, though. She's about to say further when they are interrupted by a familiar face and a semi-familiar face. <We are honored by your presence,> (sildanyari) she greets the sylvan elf.

Aya arches a brow at Ga'elian's unexpected arrival, to say nothing of his guest. "A pleasure to meet you," she offers to woman.

The Sylvanori woman says, "Thank you, and well met. The city is so full of surprising sights." She closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. She goes on, "It has been so very very long since I smelled the sea."

Ga'Elian shakes his head and smiles.

Yelrona smiles. "Well, Alexandria can boast much that is unique, but the sea... there is quite a lot of that in the wild, as well."

"I would suggest that you not breathe so deeply once back in the lower city proper," Aya offers, helpfully. "Some of its aromas may well be unique, but that doesn't make them pleasant."