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About Personal Ongrid PrPs

A Personal Ongrid PrP is similar to a regular PrP, except it happens over time, ongrid, and is usually centered around your PC--though this may not always be the case.

A POP cannot be used for things like making your PC the king of town, adding prestige, and so on. It may however, be used to explore things like their pathway as they uncover a new ability.

The "epicness" of a POP is expected to be similar to that of a regular plot.

  • 75% XP and Treasure for 2 encounters, awarded at your level
  • 4 RPP
  • Your writeup about your Story is posted to +bbread 16 (optional)
  • Earnable 3/month per player
Finding a Personal Ongrid PrP Premise

A premise is just an idea of what the story is about. These can evolve naturally, as part of RP or as something you draw from a scene. It can be anything you want to RP about. It can be epic or mundane, silly or serious, formal or informal, significant point of character development or slice of character's life, basically anything you like, but it may NOT be "intro RP."

For example, maybe your character...

...has made some money and now wants to buy some magic items, but there's something in their way. looking for an apartment to rent, but there's an obstacle. joining an ____.
...has just levelled up and is learning new spells, and is having difficulty acquiring the books.
...has discovered a plague of rats in their apartment and wants to eliminate them. getting the broken stove at the orphanage repaired. being harassed by a drunken bard all day, who follows them around and insists on reciting poetry.
...has discovered their ____ and is exploring what it can do.

Many PCs focus their POPs on things like Aspects, Ancestral Weapons, and so on, but this does not need to be the case.

Running a POP
Thoughtful adventurer01.jpg

A POP is more informal than other types of PrPs in that it takes place over time, "at the pace of roleplay."

The first thing to do is decide upon a story premise. This could be one involving your PC, or an idea that helps someone else's. You can be involved in others' POPs as well as your own. Once you have a story goal in mind, just begin roleplay, and drawing others in. For example, if Sandy's stove broke again, you could enter the roleplay with your character going over a parts list.

Along the way, you should speak with others and draw them in. You MUST be clear whether elements you bring into your roleplay relate to your POP, or are part of something else. THis is so that our GMs do not get extra legwork.

As an aside, you are welcome to "mix" POPs with GM'd Scenes, Meetups, and other types of PrPs. However, the POP itself still requires at least three ongrid roleplays.

Running a Group POP

While most POPs focus around a PC, sometimes you want to tell a story as a group. While these POPs aren't run much differently than the normal ones, it means that the focus of your story isn't necessarily an individual PC. Instead, it is a goal or premise that a group would be interested in. However, a Group POP shouldn't be a Clique POP. What's the difference?

Group: A group is something easily definable and reachable in a way that makes it INCLUSIVE. That is, races, classes, and so on. Orgs can be a group if you include that org's allies. The point is, anyone with those interests, class, organization/ally membership could join in.
Clique: Cliques are by their nature EXCLUSIVE, and tend to be defined by vague "friends only" terms that are not achievable by folks outside the clique. While it is human nature to attach to those like us, and exclude others, this sort of thing over time ends up doing more harm than good, and is not something we want to see here on Tenebrae., for POPs, the first is awesome, but the second is probably not intended. This doesn't mean not to RP or make stories with friends--it does mean branching out. Small Story cliques are treated similarly to PrPs in terms of rewards. That is, an increasingly reduced reward, so the same policy applies there as here.

Encounters and Challenges

Unlike standard PrPs, POPs take place over multiple, ongrid roleplays and tend to not involve formal challenges and dice. There is no central GM. Their tone is less going after the beast and slaying it than uncovering a developing Aspect (see RPPs) or fixing Sandy's stove (that always seems to break due to visiting gremlins). Perhaps it's dealing with some epic psychological aftermath of a plot.

Any general challenges you face along the way, however, should be appropriate for your PC's level, and in line with policy.

Since we operate on a system of trust, there's actually a lot of leeway given to develop your Small Story and a number of tools available to you. While older players tend to handwave these things, new players might not be aware of them. Here are just a few:

  • Invent any "inbetween" details: Tenebrae's theme is crafted in broad, sweeping strokes. We deliberately left the small details open so our community could fill them in. If you need a particular farmer's village to exist, invent one. If you need an acolyte or minor priest who works at the Daeusite temple, invent one. While major NPCs and landmarks are set, local details often aren't.
  • Control NPCs: Anyone may enact general and minor NPCs to enrich a storyline.
  • Pose combat: You can include diceless combat, just as you would in everyday roleplay. Pose having a group of drunken gobbers rushing a bar fight. Include dice if you really want to. PCs can react and pose throwing them out, or getting trounced. For general storytelling, there's no need to involve a DM, or even make a full PrP. You don't even need a timestop.
  • Travel to exotic locales: Traverse the plains of the Dranei!
  • Involve others: Roleplay with others, even solicit ideas.

...and so on. So long as no one's rewriting theme, roleplaying being the divine-granted son of the king, whom stars foretold and recently elected the super-secret head of the Thieves' Guild, or posing hordes of NPCs bowing/acting fearful as the cleft-jaw'd hero's cape flutters, and applauding everywhere you go...and generally being fair to others, it's probably alright. When in doubt, just drop us a line.


You can see examples of submitted Small Stories on +bbread 16, ingame. These were the previous versions of POPs, and we've since streamlined submission guidelines due to feedback.

How to Submit a Personal Ongrid PrP

To Submit a POP...
1. Roleplay out your story ongrid
2. Send a +request/prp to staff
Be sure and include:
  • 5-10 sentences describing the POP
  • Include 3 logs
  • May we share your Story on +bbread 16?


How serious/epic/etc. do POPs need to be?

POPs can be as serious or as lighthearted as you like, but should be roughly inline with a normal PrP.

Can a group of people get together and put forward an idea for a POP, then RP it?

Absolutely! They'll just need to submit their own perspectives/requests from their PC.

Can I submit a POP based around random, nonconnected scenes, or "intro RP/my character arrives in the city and meets people RP"?


Can I submit a POP based around a GM'd scene or PrP?

POPs should involve primarily ongrid roleplay, though they may be inspired from or draw from scenes. Scenes have their own rewards, after all. We will have to reject POPs which are scene-only. POPs's should contain at least 3 ongrid roleplays.
Special: Be clear what information and rumors is related to your POP versus an GM's arc, and so on. This prevents GMs from getting legwork queues that they can't answer. If you're riffing off a GM's arc too, please check in with them as a courtesy.

How many ongrid roleplays do I need?

We ask you to have at least 3.

Can I use +events to help get people together who are involved? Or just invite others to participate?

We don't see why not.

Can I still collect RPPs?

You can collect RPPs during ongrid roleplay as normal along the way.

Where do I send them?

Please use +request/prp.

How often can I earn POP rewards?

POPs are rewarded up to 3/month per player, not character.

Can POPs be ongoing, or in parts?

If it's interesting, keep going. We'll reward you every month the story continues.

Do I need logs?

You'll need at least three.

Can the award for a POP be given to a different alt?

Yes. Just mention this in your +req.

Can I submit a POP describing me meeting the love of my life and the shape of their manly chin?

While relationships are a thing, we try to keep the primary spotlight on adventure. So, you are welcome to develop your romantic relationships on the side. They are just not rewardable with game mechanics. A relationship can be mentioned as an aside to a larger arc, but we ask it not be the focus. Also, staff doesn't really need to read about manly chins. Really.

What Shouldn't I Do?

POPs are bound by our Behaviour and general PrP policies, and tend to follow those guidelines. In general, this means give others a fair shake, don't be a jerk, and don't be creepy. Involve others. Act like someone you'd want to invite back to the table, in other words. This is especially true if you are a high-level PC.

When in doubt, fall back to our Behavior policy.

Also be careful of describing others' PCs in your stories. This doesn't mean issue a glowing report--it does mean don't use POPs as a platform to describe what a jerk someone is, and then ask us to post it. We don't do that.