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Shivani Vex'illimdril

About My Character

Race: Mul'niessa
Date of Birth: Vhast 11 901
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Juggler, Adventurer, Acrobat
Class: Swashbuckler
Level: 3
Organizations: The Acquisitioners

A refugee from the Dark Below who's come to Alexandria to make a new life, Shivani holds a bright spirit that's just a little rough around the edges. Mul'niessa society can demand a lot from an individual, and when her parents left her to the dregs after discovering she had no aptitude for magic, a traveling Undercity carnival became her new family. There she learned to entertain, putting her natural grace and outgoing personality to good use. There her act was all about acrobatics and the lash of a deadly blade, as with all things in the Great Undercity, the crowd was always starved for a little blood. But her new family was not like those bent on clawing their way towards ascension and the favor of the Shadow Council. She learned the way of Eluna over Taara, and that their people had a kindness that had not been entirely destroyed by the dark goddess' machinations. When the carnival was found to be working with resistance groups who opposed the Shadow Council, Shivani was forced to flee in the wake of a great attack, heading to the surface with a few other outcasts or former slaves, intent on regrouping somewhere in the light.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Her impressive glowing slug collection! While you might embrace the wonder of such oddly colored, tentacle waving creatures, she will happily offer to share them with you while demonstrating how tasty they are!
  • A mutual friend introduced her to a few of the Acquisitioners, and she sure is excited to take part in her first expedition! Have a lead? Want to help investigate one? Stop on by and chat up your new best friend.
  • Are you a rebel? Do you have a cause? You'll find a kindred spirit here, as she seems most interested in matters of toppling cruel oppressors.
  • Are you, too, a fellow refugee from an Undercity in peril? At the very least she can buy you a drink, and maybe even give you some news from down under.