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About Seyardu

Seyardu is a rather short(for her species), silver scaled sith-makar.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Seyardu can be cautious about speaking too much of herself on certain matters, and can become bothered or annoyed if attention is brought to the color of her scales.
  • Seyardu is often selfless to a fault. If there is someone in need, she will do what she can to help, even if it may be to her own detriment.
  • Dealings with Charn can be a touchy subject, though one she will always try to hear more news about when possible.
  • Learning more about Alexandria and non Sith-Makar customs is something she is always looking to do. If there is a chance for new experiences or to learn something new, she is usually up for it.
  • Likewise, spending time with other Sith-Makar is something she actively seeks out, perhaps more than might be expected.
  • She has surprising number of connections back in Am'shere, though she will rarely bring it up.


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Shaman Caste, with some ties to the Speaker Caste.
Draconic Ancestry: Predominantly silver bloodline in appearance
Tribe: N/A.
Faith: Cleric of the Celestial Mother, Althea.
Politics: Overwhelmingly Supportive of the Silver Empress.