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Sarcis (Eitu, Daughter of Hangakore)

About Sarcis

Sarcis is very slender for a full-blooded oruch. It wouldn't be hard to think she was a half-oruch if it wasn't for just how much of a point her ears are, how thick her hair, or how dark her eye color.

Her manners are also completely contrary to what one might expect of Oruch, refined almost with an accent decidedly Alexandrian. She doesn't care much for crass behavior. She also often has a bit of parchment on her that's she's reading, she's protective of the papers.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Are you from Bonesworn? Talk to me! Should be able to work out a hook
  • Interested in Demons and Demonology? So is Sarcis!

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More About Sarcis


Oruch PC Badge
Clan: Bonesworn
Role: She once was a hunter and tracker
Honor: Honor is in doing what you do at its best. No matter what you do, strive to do it better.

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