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Sana'thyrl Maorthadl

About My Character

Sana is a newcomer to Alexandria City, and is generally found hanging around taverns and bars where she can overhear the scuttlebutt about adventures, the current goings-on, and maybe earn some coin playing cards or other games of chance. While she will tell you that she is a dancer with a local traveling troupe, and that is true, she is a rogue at heart.


Born to a Sildanyari mother and human father in the city of Elvengate, Sana'thyrl was raised in a tumultous time and place. It wasn't long before parents separated, not amicably, and in the process, their daughter slipped through their fingers and out onto the street. Sana raised herself for the last five years in taverns and gambling houses, passing herself off as a traveler deft with the cards in order to make a meager living. It wasn't long before she was noticed, befriended, and coaxed into doing some dance performances with a troupe, a profession that she didn't much take to, but did enjoy.

Her true delight was found in pilfering the trinkets and baubles of the rich, a proclivity that she quickly found made her more income of the gold coin sort than either of her "day jobs". It became an easy thing to bumble a few hands of Bones, drawing in a mark at the table before suddenly getting lucky with a big-draw hand and cleaning the hapless loser out of a few stacks of silver and gold crowns. This was usually followed with an apologetic purchase of an ale for the lad, laughing with him at the bar and further swooning him out of even more spending. It was commonly how she got along without paying for the majority of her wine and meals, in good times. She could easily explain her profession as that of the dance troupe character "Silk", which was handily proveable if any locals were there to vouch the claim. Life was good.

It was then that one bad night in the common room, a drunken Oruch and two too many ales all culminated in shouts of cheating, the drawing of blades, and the expulsion of Sana from her favorite hangout. The Bearded Bear would not longer let her step foot inside the establishment, the barkeep now convinced that she had been cheating at cards the entire time. Time to pull up her roots, as such they were, and travel on. Alexandria has become her newest conquest-to-be, and already she is looking for the inns where the coin and cards fall freely for the likes of her.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Sana is commonly found in taverns in the city, as she is a gambler.
  • A known dancer, you might catch her at a festival or party, dancing with a troupe.
  • Newcomer to town, she might be out shopping for gear, looking for a job, or even a home.

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Full name: Sana'thyrl Maorthadl
Heritage: Sana was born to a Sildanyari mother and human father, and never really fit into either culture very tightly. She tends to be a bit of a loner, is defensive about questions, and misdirects inquiries with conversation.
Role: Sana is an entertainer, a dancer with a troupe.
Faith: Ceinara
Homeland: Born and raised in Elvengate, recently moved to Alexandria City.