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About My Character

Disdainful and dispassionate; a logical mind, a medical curiousity, a scientific parody, a theory yet to be tested. Choosing to cloak herself in secrecy rather than surround herself with friends, information has not been forthcoming from the new arrival to Alexandria. One thing is for sure, however: That gal ain't right.

Saiorse Ava Eiv-Eidhain

Roleplay Hooks

  • Saiorse is an Artificer of a fashion; though her studies are largely kept a secret, she is always seeking more schema and deeper understanding of the craft.
  • A wearer of masks; more than the proverbial, Saiorse has several masks that she wears dependent upon the circumstance. The most common is a plague doctor's mask that appears to be a woman's face stretched over a purple-black leather-crafted beak that pries from the open mouth of it like a bloated tongue. There's surely a story.
  • Creepy. Not necessarily because of how she's dressed, but likely moreso the lingering taint of the Kulthos common among the aberrant world of artifice.
  • Likely sees you as a scientific or medical curiousity; is there something unique about you she might find intriguing? A reason she might want to keep you around?
  • Rumour has it she's arrived only recently from Veyshan as some sort of diplomatic attache. Odd.
  • Rumour has it she can't breathe without that beak of hers -- people say the strangest things.
  • Seems to repeat herself often -- or, at least, particular words over and over.
  • Can't seem to resist pushing buttons of any variety -- including personal ones.
  • Often found in the military quarter, it can be assumed that she has some sort of connection with the armed forces of some nation or another; perhaps you're a mercenary that has worked with her before, or a diplomat that has been given her services in the past.
  • She seems incapable of holding those nasty hands of hers still. What's up with that?
  • There's an awful lot of liquid running through the canals and tubing of her mechanical accompaniment, though it's never made particularly clear whether it's pumped into her for medical purposes, or laying in wait for something more sinister.
  • Despite her unusual nature, she is passably pleasant; she possesses a regal bearing, and could have once passed for some sort of diplomat or liaison, were it not for that 'wrongness' she possesses.
  • A great admirer of art in all its forms, the pinnacle of unorthodox propriety and culture.

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