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Preston Bayweather

About My Character

The son of two prominent members of the Convocation of Rune, great things were always expected of Preston Bayweather. Sadly, he never quite lived up to his parent's expectations. There was no achievement quite impressive enough, no academic success or feat of study the young man could attain to earn more than a passing few seconds of approval from them. They'd soon tell him all about all the ways he could have done this or that even better.

He learned to adopt a sort of endlessly amused and casually urbane devil-may-care attitude to mask his growing weariness with the entire affair.

For all that, he loved his family, and they loved him, which is why when political turmoil in the Null Tower started growing dangerous they hired someone to smuggle him out of there, rather without asking him. He was, in fact, many miles from home by the time he woke up from the drugging. He was brought to Alexandria City and dropped off with enough money to get him by for a year. If he was careful.

Not long after that, he received word his parents had been assassinated.

With nothing to go home to except trouble, and a steadily dwindling purse, Preston Bayweather is a young man in need of a new direction. And he needs it fast. This has left him seeking both opportunities and alliances. One thing's for sure, though. He'll be steering clear of politics, if he can. Nothing good ever comes of those, you know.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Very Wizarding Wizardry!

Preston is short on cash. If you could use a wizard or a learned man in your pursuits, he'll probably be happy to help for a fair price, so long as you're not asking him to do anything sordid. He's also quite passionate about alchemy, should you find yourself in need of some. He's also gone ahead and joined Alexandria's Society for Progressive Arcanists; are you a member?

  • The Politics of Rune

Does your character have reason to care about the politics of Rune? Preston might still make a good ally, or pawn.

  • In Over His Head

Preston has lived an incredibly sheltered lifestyle. Before coming to Alexandria, he lived a life of luxury and scholarship. There's a whole lot he doesn't know about dealing with the outside world. Do you want to rescue him from a bad situation? It can probably be arranged...young wizards aren't exactly powerhouses yet, after all. Do you want to put him in a bad situation? This can also be arranged.