PrP: Goblintown Sewers

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|   Name   |  Race  |    Class    | E Lev| CHP | HP  | AC  | For | Ref | Wil |
|Thora     |MOUNTAIN|Clr          |  2   | 22  | 22  | 13  |  6  | -1  |  7  |
|Albain    |HUMAN   |Ftr/Wiz      |  4   | 32  | 35  | 13  |  5  |  4  |  4  |
|Elessa    |HUMAN   |Rog          |  4   | 24  | 24  | 20  |  2  |  8  |  2  |
|Radek     |HOBGOBLI|Ftr          |  2   | 14  | 21  | 18  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
|Gwendolyn |HUMAN   |Pal          |  5   | 34  | 34  | 18  |  9  |  5  |  9  |

GAME: Rogun damaged Thora for -1000 points. 22 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Albain for -1000 points. 35 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Radek for -1000 points. 21 remaining.

<OOC> Rogun says, "So, for those who have not scened with me before: If you 
think I missed something please /page/ me about it so we don't derail things 
with a lot of extra input. If RL snags you and we wind up skipping you -- don't 
sweat -- I'll pick you up as soon as you return. Also don't take it personal. I 
try to stay within a 4 hour (now closer to 3) time frame so everyone doesn't get 

<OOC> Rogun says, "With that said. Refresh your spells. Make sure your AC is 
correct and page me your CMD."
<OOC> Rogun says, "I'll start generating content momentarily."

Gwendolyn pages: AC 20, CMD 20
Elessa pages: 20
Radek pages: CMD 17
Thora pages: My CMD is 9. 
Albain pages: CMD is 15. 

The hovel of Goblintown is made up of squat wood and stone tenements which lean 
upon one another at such perplexing angles its a wonder that they stand at all. 
Most here are neither inventor nor adventurer. Instead they are the working-
class gobbers who punch the clock in the various factories of the small 
industrial area which is adjacent to them.

In the near-distance this industry of the Goblins can be viewed through great 
fire-belching towers of glass and iron which are veined by conduits bearing pure 
artifice energy. This certainly appears to be a wondrous place though the high 
walls which surround it permit few visitors.

You lot were selected because adventurers of your particular skill-level was all 
that could be afforded. When you arrive at the assembly hall there are already 
dozens of ruddy wide-eyed gobbers about and their story is this:

"There's somethin' in the pipes! It bit me bum!" Another corrects, "It don't 
bite! It shoots water! Pushed me right through the roof it did." Then another, 
"Naw! It burns!"
Then someone else, "My cousin said his brother were pulled into the pipe. Took 
the mornin' paper in with him -- we 'eard a scream -- and then there weren't 
nothing left."

Things break down from there. A myriad of tales. Something is attacking the 
goblins while they 'do their business'. Eventually you extricate yourself from 
the mob and one of the manholes is uncovered.

FADE IN -- Goblin Town Sewers

Darkness. Beyond the single shaft of light provided by the manhole cover above 
none those with special vision can see almost nothing. A great torrent of filth 
flows in a river through the center of the sewer. The ladder you would come down 
puts you upon the access shelf at the bank of the filth-strewn river.

The smell if alien to most of you -- and not in a good way. The result of 
working-class appetite and goblin metabolism no doubt.

Radek has no real qualms with sewer work, sometimes work is dirty. He ties a 
loose cloth around his nose and mouth to best negate as much smell as he can. 
His real concern is keeping his weapon ready, the rifle held in his hands as he 
peers into the darkness.

Elessa knew this day would come, when she'd have to go trudging through the 
sewers to do a job. Everyone at the Guild warned her, it was only a matter of 
time before it happened. Well, here it is. She's in some nasty sewers, and it 
not even proper sewers like in Alexandria, but goblin ones. She made sure to 
wear her worst boots, and kept her sword up out of the muck as much as she could, 
even if they weren't walking in it... yet.

Thora looks about as out of place as... well, as a cleric of Navos in a goblin 
sewer. She's holding her robes out of the worst of the filth, and treading very 
carefully; she's carrying BOOKS! They're IMPORTANT! "The... things one does... 
in the pursuit of knowledge," she grates through the fabric of a lacy, frilly 
handkerchief she's tied around her mouth and nose in a vain attempt at keeping 
the worst of the stink out.

Albain's spirits seem to be only temporary dampened as the smell washes over him. 
"I can now say with authority what Goblin waste smells like." he comments, 
drawing his Dragonspitter from its holster and flipping open the breach to 
expose the glowing mana chamber within. His other hand motions an intricate 
pattern above it, and then his grimaced look fades. "Ahhhh, much better." he 
declares as he breathes in without discomfort.

GAME: Albain casts Prestidigitation.

Albain pages: Unless the smell becomes strong enough to impose a condition, then 
I doubt this cantrip would stop it.

You paged Albain with 'The smell is not enough to impose a condition. Though 
that would be entertaining on higher level PCs. :)'

<OOC> Rogun says, "You are in a dark sewer. Those of you without dark vision 
won't be able to see for very long once you move away from the manhole. Is there 
anything in particular anyone wants to do in terms of this or in terms of 
beginning exploration?"

You paged Albain with 'The smell is not enough to impose a condition. Though 
that would be entertaining on higher level PCs. :)'

<OOC> Thora will cast Light.
GAME: Thora casts Light.
<OOC> Albain says, "I can also cast more Prestidigitations on people's noses to 
block out the stink."

	Goblin sewers, Myrrish sewers, gnome sewers, all were the same to 
Gwendolyn Edelweiss, Paladin of Daeus. In that they all were...

"A haven of Evil, no doubt. Or, so the stories say. There is, no doubt, some ill 
mannered fiend or terrible beast within the sewers, preying on the citizenry of 
this fine town. Thus, it falls upon our lot to wrench forth the foulness..." 
Gwen pauses, mid speech, to look around, her classic broad grin not dimmed in 
the least by the waste and refuse around her. "... Well, actually, there's quite 
a lot of waste. Hmm... Blast. Well, we shall just sally forth and slayeth evil, 
etcetera etcetera." There was a pause.

"I really need to work on my speeches." The tall redheaded human mutters, as she 
trudges through the filth.

Elessa smiles back at Gwendolyn, "Though it is during those speeches that one 
can sneak up and attack... I can go first, as long as someone as some light I 
can see by. I don't know about you, but it's pretty dark down here, personally."
With a murmured phrase that sounds curiously like a mathematical formula, and 
the hasty sketchings of a diagram in mid-air with the tip of a finger, leaving a 
faint, glowing tracery of magic hanging for a moment, the... somewhat pear-
shaped dwarven lady causes a bright light to spring up from the tip of the beak 
of the copper raven perched atop her staff, illuminating the area well enough to 
read by. "Well, I felt inspired!" Thora enthuses in Gwendolyn's general 
direction. "I'll bet there'll be -something- interesting down here."

The pale light of the spell illuminates the dank corridor which stretches 
endlessly before you. As your eyes adjust you note places where pipes run down 
the side-walls to spew its torrent of foul smelling liquid from the buildings 
above and into the sewer.

Despite the ramshackle appearance of the hovels above the sewer is orderly and 
branches off into intersecting corridors that generally coincide with the 
streets and alleys above.

Your footing here is slick but manageable at a walk.

Albain perfumes each of you with a small that you find more pleasant than the 
sewer. However, you cannot help but crinkle your noses as the perfume of his 
smell is sometimes overpowered by a particularly filthy spell.

Radek grunts faintly. "If you need light, there is little point to scouting, the 
light will give you away. Lets just move ahead."

Albain loads an actual bullet and paper-wadded powder charge into his weapon 
after utilizing its magical properties in his spells. "I am of two minds on the 
issue. On the one hand, having us all blunder into trouble is not ideal. On the 
other, if she is spotted first, she could be too far ahead for us to intervene." 
he reasons.

Elessa smiles at Radek, "Well get me some goggles that can see in the dark and 
there won't be any problem." She turns and starts off in one direction in order 
to see what she could find at the edge of the light, trying to stay within sight 
of the others so they do not get lost in the maze that the sewers could 
potentially become.

GAME: Elessa rolls perception: (12)+8: 20

Thora shrugs expressively, the light atop her staff bobbing along with the 
gesture. "Not everyone is from a predominantly subterranean dwelling race," she 
says, emicably enough. "If light is needed, well, light we'll have. It doesn't 
seem like whatever has been bothering the residents here is too shy of 
confrontation, anyway." When she speaks, she enunciates every word very 
precisely and clearly, adding emphasis on ambiguous consonants so that, for all 
that the group is currently in a sewer, she sounds like she's delivering a 
professorial lesson to a lecture hall.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Perceptions."
GAME: Elessa rolls perception: (12)+8: 20
GAME: Radek rolls perception: (5)+2: 7
GAME: Thora rolls perception: (1)+4: 5
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls perception: (7)+2: 9
GAME: Albain rolls perception: (15)+4: 19

**PERCEPTION OVER 15** As you begin wandering you note that some of the pipes 
appear to be stretched and worn. More than one has been dislodged mid-joint 
halfway up the filthy wall.

Elessa stops a little ways down and looks up at the wall. "That's strange... I 
don't know much about sewers and such, but aren't pipes supposed to stay 
connected?" She points to some pipes that seem dislodged mid-joint. "That's not 
the first one I've noticed, and some others appear to be stretched and worn..."

"I am surprised. Goblins have always struck me as pragmatic engineers, creating 
devices to purpose. What that purpose is can be, at times, slightly dubious, but 
they are not terribly foolish, classically." Gwendolyn murmurs as she walks, 
smiling gently at Thora at her 'lecture'. "What do you think is plaguing this 
place? Some manner of beast? Or worse?"

Radek turns to look at what was pointed out, frowning at the sight. "We can only 
make assumptions until we find it." He turns to look around more. "We should 
keep moving, there should be some kind of signs as to whats down here."

Albain draws his knife and uses it to pick at the spots where the pipes appear 
damaged. Though he refrains from comment, sheathing the knife and moving to join 
the others. A second source of light flares up from his hands as he casts a 
spell on a pebble, but he drops the stone back into a pouch for now.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Anyone with survival can attempt to roll that."
GAME: Radek rolls survival: (15)+6: 21
GAME: Elessa rolls survival: (18)+1: 19
GAME: Albain rolls survival: (20)+8: 28
GAME: Thora rolls survival: (1)+4: 5
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls survival: (19)+2: 21

"Honestly, I'm thinking of some sort of elemental," says Thora, musing as she 
flips through a small black notebook crammed full of pencil notes in tight, 
cramped handwriting. "Biting, shooting water, burning..." She taps a pencil 
against her lower lip, musing, apparently distracted enough not to pay terribly 
much attention to her surroundings... until she steps into a slightly deeper 
depression in the floor, and there's a sploosh of horrible sewer water splashing 
over the hems of her robes. "... pursuit of knowledge, pursuit of knowledge," 
she mutters to herself like a mantra as she picks herself out and on again, this 
time trying to keep a somewhat sharper eye on her surroundings.

Indeed, now that its been pointed out its clear that /something/ has been 
tampering with the pipes. Whereas most are seemingly regularly maintained you 
readily encounter those which have been dislodged from the wall or their seams 
have busted where one section connects to the next.

You might spend hours down here looking for busted pipes and scratching your 
heads were it not for the fact that several of you note that the pipes are 
damaged down corridors in certain directions. It is easily surmised that this is 
a trail to be followed and so you begin to do so.

You continue your trek for what seems like a long while and eventually note that 
the filth-strewn river takes on an odd purplish tint. Then this too becomes a 
trail as the purple color overrides the blackness of the filth. Soon most of the 
pipes are damaged.

Then you round a bend.


Large red letters are posted upon a sign that has been affixed to a rusty iron 
portcullis which bars the way. There is an iron man-gate though it is locked. 
Evidently the sewers beyond this point are privately maintained and the wench 
mechanism is inconveniently upon the other side.

Thora pushes her glasses higher up on her nose, squinting at the sign. 
"Fascinating. An industrial complex? In the sewers?" She pauses then, and peers 
down into the odd-coloured water... and drips a finger into it, bringing the 
finger up to the light at the end of her staff to see if it's left any residue. 
"Whatever is going on here, I'm willing to wager whoever or whatever is on the 
other side of that gate knows something."

Thora pages: Any chance I can identify whatever the purple gunk is?
You paged Thora with 'Roll Knowledge/Arcana.'

GAME: Thora rolls knowledge/arcana: (6)+7: 13

You paged Thora with 'Or craft/artiface (if you have it)'

Thora pages: Alas, no. Knowledge/engineering, though. And dungeoneering.
You paged Thora with 'You are not sure what the coloring is though it is 
definately unnatural.'

Radek looks at the portcullis, then the winch, he considers it for a moment. "I 
don't suppose anyone has magic or something that can open this?"
Elessa tilts her head at the door. "I'm used to locks and tumblers, not 
necessarily this... but I can see what I can try with it, if you want me to."
Albain gets up close to the gate to have a better look at the winch. With a 
shake of his head he turns around to face the group. "It's far too heavy for the 
magics I prepared." he admits.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Knowledge/Engineering if anyone wants to try to get a 
description of how the winching might work. The man-gate is an iron-gate in the 
portcullis that is locked in a manner Elessa might be familiar with."

"Not my area of expertise," says Thora, with a tone of infinite sadness. Alas. 
Not even the Temperances of Navos can know everything. "Do feel free to give it 
a try, though! I don't think I can reach that winch even with my staff..." She 
pauses. "Perhaps we could tie a rope to the end of it, loop it around the winch, 
and, hmm." The chubby dwarven lady shuffles forward to inspect the mechanism.

GAME: Thora rolls knowledge/engineering: (7)+7: 14
<OOC> Thora says, "It's apparently Low Roll Day. I blame Whirl."
<OOC> Rogun says, "This is his event."
<OOC> Albain says, "Sewer plot, low rolls; Whirl's calling card. :)"

<OOC> Rogun says, "Knowledge/Engineering if anyone wants to try to get a 
description of how the winching might work. The man-gate is an iron-gate in the 
portcullis that is locked in a manner Elessa might be familiar with. (Repeat for 

You paged Thora with 'The winch is affixed to the the wall and a thick metal 
chain is coiled around it. The chain extends upwards and into a metal shaft that 
vanishes into the 'ceiling'. If someone were to get to the otherside or could 
manage to turn it from this side the portcullis would raise. The metal of the 
portcullis itself is rusted and not regularly maintained. The iron door 
possesses a lock but it doesn't appear too complex.'

GAME: Elessa rolls disable device+2: (10)+11+2: 23
<OOC> Elessa says, "The +2 is the Trapfinding in rogue, I just did the math, 
it's not in the numbers."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Sure. Do you have thieves tools?"

When faced with a door, one would think to open it. But... 

"This does appear to be the correct way, but the way is shut. Were I a simpler 
person, I would say we could just lift the gate, but I can only assume that it 
is too heavy. It may still be done, but perhaps... Knowledge and subtlety will 
carry the day?" Gwendolyn asks, looking hopefully at the rest of the party. 
Mostly because her fortes are Talking Nicely, and SMITING EVIL.

You paged Elessa with 'You may pose heroically opening the mangate.'
Elessa pages: Yay!

Elessa nods and she gets up closer. Digging in her pack, she pulls out a box and 
opens it up, but keeps the contents away from the eyes of the cleric and paladin. 
No need for them to get overly concerned about what is inside it. "Give me a 
minute, I'll see what I can do." The young woman is quiet as she works and after 
a bit of work, she manages to get the man-gate open with a smile. "There we 
are," She offers, as she puts her things away quickly.

"No, see, the winch winds the chain that's going into the groove there," says 
Thora, helpfully pointing out where the chain from the winch disappears up into 
the ceiling. "Likely there's a system of pulleys, blocks and tackles outside our 
view to make it possible to raise the gate on one's own with that winch, but I 
suspect it'd be too heavy to lift directly." And then there's the sound of 
success from the side, and the Khazad woman beams a smile at Elessa. "Well 

Radek nods "Good." He raises his rifle, holding it ready, cause usually its 
moments like this when your attacked. He gestures for the others to go ahead, 
his vision excellent in the dark, so he doesn't need to stay close to the light

<OOC> Rogun says, "Folks with it may roll knowledge/nature"

"Excellent. Grubar Industries and its purple concoction await." Albain declares 
quietly with a bright smile, drawing his pistol once more before following the 
others through the gate. "Oh, and any mysterious fiends and beasts that trouble 
the people." he adds, with a glance to Gwendolyn and a mischevious grin.
GAME: Albain rolls knowledge/nature: (12)+9: 21

<OOC> Thora says, "Alas, that's one of the knowledge skills I haven't acquired 
yet. Sooooon."

The door is open!

The party travels forward along the banks aside the violet colored river of 
filth. The water-level, as it were, shallows as your progress. 

Soon dim mana-lamps line the walls of the corridor which begins to widen 
drastically and you begin to encounter all manner of vermin corpses. Rats, 
snakes, lizards, a crocadile, and even an otyugh are encountered half-eaten and 
in various degrees of decomposition. Hundreds of corpses.

You paged Albain with 'The corpses are mis-shapen and often larger than the norm. 
As if preverted by some force.'
"... well, now, that's -fascinating-," says Thora, pausing momentarily at one of 
the less badly decomposed corpses and poking at it with the tip of a pencil. 
"What would eat an otyugh? We're dealing with something of a voracious appetite 
here." Straightening up, the dwarven priestess tucks the pencil back behind her 
ear, seemingly heedless of the fact that it leaves a smudge of something 
indescribably on her plump cheek. "I'd advise caution from here on. Not that 
we'll likely be able to get the jump on anything - it likely knows we're here 
already - but if we're in the lair of whatever it is, it might be feeling 
protective of its food."

Albain pauses during the macabre journey to pull out his knife and stab a rat 
corpse. The half-eaten body is lifted up into the light of a mana lamp and 
turned about. "There's something more. Even gorged on the cargo of a ship, rats 
don't grow like this. Not this big, nor - " he says, pausing to flick it back 
into the muck. "- so bloated and twisted. Suddenly I don't think it's a good 
idea to bathe in or drink the purple fluid."

Thora glances over the rim of her glasses at Albain at that, looking amused.

Radek continues to hold his weapon at ready, for whatever may come. "We should 
stay quiet and listen, whatever this is will likely alert us by sound before we 
see it. Probably eating noises."

Stepping gingerly over the corpses, (and pointedly finding something RATHER 
INTERESTING about the piping as the Rogue cracks the lock with her TOTALLY LEGAL 
set of tools), Gwendolyn seems to silently share in Albain's sentiment, for 
different reasons. "For something to cause this much destruction, it cannot 
simply be food. There are easier prey then these beasts..." She murmurs quietly, 
her grin dimmed down to a slight upturn at the corners of her mouth. It is 
sobering, wading through corpses of things. Even if the monsters are, well, 

You listen and after a time you hear: <RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE> <SPLASH> -- as if 
something fell through a pipe and landed ahead.

Elessa continues down the sewer as well, keeping her ears open and her eyes open 
as well thanks to the light. What could be eating all of this and not even 
finishing it? Too bad they don't have some sort of ranger or druid with them to 
help figure it out.

The sound draws you ahead and soon its clear that a great circular chamber is 
ahead. Within this chamber are shoddy tin barrels which are cracked open and 
leaking multi-hued fluids. As your eyes go the ceiling you note that wide pipes 
which would carry waste, were this a residential area, instead flow a slow but 
steady stream of plum-colored fluid.

The center of the room is a shallow pool which is a mixture of these fluids and 
-- just as you take it all in -- a pair of eyes emerge from the fluids. 

Then, just beyond that, a pile of barrels overturn sending out a pair of massive 

From the dark recesses of the barrels the largest serpent you've probably ever 
seen slithers out from within the heap its forked scent tongue flaring as its 
head swivels to regard you for a moment and then, lowering its head, it begins 
to move towards you.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay. You may init."

GAME: You roll initiative for Snake: Roll: 2 + Bonus: 4 = Total: 6
GAME: You roll initiative for Crocidile: Roll: 7 + Bonus: 1 = Total: 8
GAME: You roll initiative for Rat_1: Roll: 5 + Bonus: 3 = Total: 8
GAME: You roll initiative for Rat_2: Roll: 3 + Bonus: 3 = Total: 6
GAME: Albain rolls initiative: Roll: 6 + Bonus: 7 = Total: 13
GAME: Elessa rolls initiative: Roll: 4 + Bonus: 4 = Total: 8
GAME: Thora rolls initiative: Roll: 20 + Bonus: -1 = Total: 19
GAME: Radek rolls initiative: Roll: 6 + Bonus: 4 = Total: 10
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls initiative: Roll: 5 + Bonus: 1 = Total: 6

<OOC> Rogun says, "So, the eyes are about 40 feet out. The snake and the rats 
are about 50. The terrain here is difficult as its either slick, garbage strewn, 
or waist deep purple goo."

<OOC> Rogun says, "Waist Deep being Knee Deep. :)"

===== Current Initiative Order =========
 19                  Thora
 13                  Albain
 10                  Radek
 8                   Elessa
 8                   Rat_1
 8                   Crocodile
 6                   Snake
 6                   Rat_2

<OOC> Rogun says, "Top of the round. Thora."

<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Oh! Can I turn on mah detect evils?"
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls initiative: Roll: 5 + Bonus: 1 = Total: 6
<OOC> Rogun says, "Sure."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Cool. Any pings?"

<OOC> Thora says, "Casting Bless, moving to the back of the group away from the 
approaching animals."
<OOC> Gwendolyn is guessing 'no', since animals aren't normally evil.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Correct."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Cool."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay. Pose it."
GAME: Thora casts Bless.

Thora lifts a finger, mouth open as though about to say something blindingly 
obvious... and then simply closes her mouth again with a click of teeth. There's 
only so much one can muster up of observations, after all. Instead, the dwarven 
woman grasps the copper disc pendant around her neck with a hand, lifting it 
into the air, and declares, "In the name of knowledge, scientific progress and 
historical accuracy!"

<OOC> Rogun says, "Albain."
<OOC> Thora says, "+1 to all attack rolls, +1 to saves vs. fear effects."

<OOC> Albain says, "One sec, checking spells :)"
<OOC> Albain says, "So we're all knee deep in water?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "If you leave the bank. Yes."
<OOC> Rogun says, "The bank goes all the way around but there are barrels in 
some places upon it."
<OOC> Albain says, "If I take a move action to circle along the bank, can I get 
closer to any of the monsters?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "You can basically move at half speed. And since you're moving 
around the perimeter its about 1/3 speed. So yes. You can get closer by 1/3 your 
move speed."
<OOC> Albain says, "Actually, scratch that. I take a shot with my dragonspitter 
at the eyes."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay. Roll it."

GAME: Albain rolls 1d20+6-2: (8)+6+-2: 12

<OOC> Thora says, "That's a ranged touch, yeah?"
<OOC> Albain says, "Yup."
<OOC> Albain says, "And I reload this round as my move action."
GAME: Crocodile's initiative total changed to '8'.
<OOC> Rogun says, "That's a hit on the eyes."
GAME: Albain rolls 1d8: (4): 4

<OOC> Thora says, "Don't forget your +1 to hit from my Bless, too!"
<OOC> Albain will remember for next round :)
<OOC> Rogun says, "The eyes are slightly hurt."

<OOC> Rogun says, "Radek."
<OOC> Radek says, "I shall shoot the big thing, and try to stay out of melee 
<OOC> Radek says, "LEss than 40 yes?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "The snake and rats are 50."
<OOC> Rogun says, "The eyes are 40 in the center of the basin."
<OOC> Radek says, "Can I move 10 closer and shoot the snake?"
Albain has a slightly confused look as he stares back at a set of large eyes 
that approach in the muck. With a shrug he levels his firearm at them and lets 
loose a shot, spending barely a second to check if he hit before loading a new 
bullet and charge in. "What is that creature?" he asks, after the echoing noise 
of his gunfire passes.
<OOC> Rogun says, "If you have a 30 ft move in your current get-up. Yet."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
<OOC> Radek says, "I'll just shoot the eyes then"
<OOC> Radek says, "Ranged touch at 40"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll it."

GAME: Radek rolls ranged+1: (16)+6+1: 23
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Radek rolls 1d12: (6): 6

Radek raises his rifle. "Just kill it." He squeezes the trigger, the blast 
echoing in the room as he sends a metal ball towards the eyes in the center of 
the pool. Like a blur he begins to reload, quickly ready to fire again.
<OOC> Elessa says, "Quick draw bow, shoot"

<OOC> Rogun says, "Elessa."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Quick draw bow, shoot"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Which creature?"
<OOC> Elessa says, "The eyes have been hit, right?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Them"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll it."

GAME: Elessa rolls bow: aliased to 1d20+7: (8)+7: 15
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Elessa rolls bowhit: aliased to 1d6: (4): 4

GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+7: (12)+7: 19

The rats skitter down the stack of tin barrels with a horrible shriek making it 
onto the walk-way surrounding the basin. The moment they hit the lip of the 
purple lake they shiver violently and then burst into flame. They are thirty-
five feet away.

Struck three times, the eyes suddenly rush forward revealing a giant crocodile. 
The beast streams forward with unthinkable speed and attacks the last thing 
which damaged it. Its great maw thrusts from the purple waters and snap at 
Elessa its dagger-sized teeth narrowly missing.

The snake slithers into the water and moves with much less haste. Its massive 
form seems the float half-way atop the water as it moves directly for the group. 
It is ten feet away.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Gwen."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Yep!"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Range on the Crawk-a-dillyo?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Its basically right on top of all of you. It's also large 
sized so has reach."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "So I'm not in melee with it, but to close with it I'll 
take AoO?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Nah. You're close enough to melee. It kinda threw itself near 
all of you. Its just moving away and other AoO provoking stuff that will do 
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Sure. I'll use mah furious focus to power attack at no 
<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay."

GAME: Gwendolyn rolls weapon1+1: (11)+11+1: 23
<OOC> Rogun says, "You hit it."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls 1d10+4: (3)+4: 7

<OOC> Rogun says, "Decent damage. It is moderately wounded."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Oh. Plus four, for power attack."
<OOC> Gwendolyn derps hard.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Nice damage. It is in bad shape."

<OOC> Rogun says, "Top of the round."
===== Current Initiative Order =========
 19                  Thora
 13                  Albain
 10                  Radek
 8                   Elessa
 8                   Rat_1
 8                   Crocodile
 6                   Snake
 6                   Rat_2
 6                   Gwendolyn

<OOC> Rogun says, "Thora."
<OOC> Thora says, "I'm going to be inscribing a blast rune onto the floor in 
front of me, so that anything that closes to melee with me will get 1d6+1 of 
energy damage. Hmmm... cold, I think."

Elessa quickly gets her bow out and watches where the others are targetting, and 
her arrow flys straight at it, with a smile on her face. As the crocodile comes 
closer, she starts a bit, but is glad her step is just out of reach, just in 

<OOC> Rogun says, "What ability is that?"
<OOC> Thora | "Blast Rune (Sp): As a standard action, you can create a blast 
rune in any adjacent square. Any creature entering this square takes 1d6 points 
of damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess. This rune deals 
either acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, decided when you create the rune. 
The rune is invisible and lasts a number of rounds equal to your cleric level or 
until discharged. You cannot create a blast rune in a square occupied by another 
creature. This rune counts as a 1st-level spell for the purposes of dispelling. 
It can be discovered with a DC 26 Perception skill check and disarmed with a DC 
26 Disable Device skill check. You can use this ability a number of times per 
day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay. You rune the area you predict the rats will pass 
through were they to continue on the causeway?"

<OOC> Thora says, "Well, if they were headed towards me, yeah."
<OOC> Rogun says, "They are circling that way. Yeah."
<OOC> Thora says, "I primarily mean to use it as a self-defense thing."
<OOC> Rogun says, "And on fire."
<OOC> Thora says, "Yarp. So ice!"

<OOC> Rogun says, "Albain."
<OOC> Albain says, "Cast flaming sphere on the rats on the causeway."
GAME: Albain casts Flaming Sphere.
<OOC> Albain says, "DC 16 Reflex to avoid 3d6 damage"
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+5: (14)+5: 19
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+5: (4)+5: 9

	Gwendolyn seems to be rather... Confused at the whole ordeal, though she 
reigns her emotions in when there is enemies to be slain. The eyes draw her gaze, 
as her eyes turn a lambent gold, seeking out any evil in the room. But of course, 
there is none. Animals are not evil! Though this purple sludge could exert an 
evil influence...

	Nope. It's natural! Naturally vicious. It was worth a shot. And then, the 
crocodile advances! Quite viciously! Well, the red eyes had her on guard, but 
the daggerteeth chompings on the rogue drew her ire far more.

	Drawing her long blade back, Gwen takes careful aim before driving the 
sword before her, right into the crocodile. "Come, beast! Try snacking on 
something that has teeth of its own!"

GAME: Albain rolls 3d6: (14): 14

The bottom of Thora's copper-shpod staff scrapes against the stone floor of the 
sewer tunnel in swift strokes; gripping it two-handed, she sketches out a rune 
eerily reminiscent of Khazadul writing, though to anyone familiar with the 
language it's clear it's not -exactly- that. As the staff drags across the floor, 
it leaves a brief pattern of frost, like the fractal-like patterns on a window 
frozen up in midwinter. Stepping back from the spot where she inscribed the rune, 
the dwarven priestess nods to herself, satisfied.

<OOC> Rogun says, "The flaming rats are startled by the fire but don't seem 
stricken by it."

<OOC> Thora says, "Shod, not shpod. Man, I typo constantly."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Radek."
<OOC> Radek says, "I will 5foot back away from all of them, and shoot the croc."
<OOC> Radek says, "I assume its considered in melee with someone?"
Albain aims his dragonspitter towards the rats as they reach the causeway. 
Instead of gunfire, a fiery ball is launched from the barrel of his gun with a 
muffled roar, expanding and landing into the midst of the beasts. Unfortunately 
the flaming rats seem to be not only immune to their flames, but the flames of 
other things as well.
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "It's definitely in melee with me."

GAME: Radek rolls ranged+1-4: (3)+6+1+-4: 6
<OOC> Rogun says, "It is considered in melee. The terrain is difficult (slick) 
so you will provoke an AoO for that action."
<OOC> Radek says, "For the 5foot?"
<OOC> Radek says, "Then I'll move 10 foot back. If its going to draw an AOO 
anyhow :)"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Sure. Lemme double check the terrain rule real quick to make 
<OOC> Rogun says, "You can only take a 5-foot-step if your movement isn't 
hampered by difficult terrain or darkness. Any creature with a speed of 5 feet 
or less can't take a 5-foot step, since moving even 5 feet requires a move 
action for such a slow creature."
<OOC> Rogun says, "So you move back 10 feet. :)"
<OOC> Radek says, "Ok"
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+6: (6)+6: 12
<OOC> Rogun says, "It misses. :)"

<OOC> Rogun says, "And so do you."

Radek slips back away from the fighting, its hard to shoot when things are 
trying to bite you. As he does something tries to take one of those bites out of 
him, but Radek evades it carefully. Now back away, he fires at the croc, missing 
perhaps due to the slick footing. He is already half done reloading by the time 
the smoke has cleared from the barrel.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Elessa."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Drop bow, quick draw sword, acrobatics in closer to avoid 
the AOO to attack"
GAME: Elessa rolls acrobatics: (20)+11: 31
<OOC> Elessa says, "Though if I do that, any chance I can get into flank with 
<OOC> Rogun says, "With a natural 20? Sure."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Woot!"
GAME: Elessa rolls sword+1+2: aliased to 1d20+8+1+2: (20)+8+1+2: 31
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Elessa rolls sword+1+2: aliased to 1d20+8+1+2: (16)+8+1+2: 27
<OOC> Rogun says, "Crit."
<OOC> Thora says, "Yer on a roll!"
<OOC> Elessa says, "Woot!!!!"
GAME: Elessa rolls swordcritsneak: aliased to 2d6+6+2d6: (7)+6+(6): 19

<OOC> Rogun says, "Hrm. You killed my crocodile."
<OOC> Elessa says, "WHOOOO!!!!!!"
<OOC> Thora says, "'Course, there's still a bigarse snake."
<OOC> Thora says, "And rats."
GAME: 'crocodile' removed from initiative list.

Elessa drops her bow and pulls out her sword with ease. With a dancer's grace, 
dispite the muck, she moves to it's side and shoves her sword deep down into the 
crocodile's side and hitting it's heart. She feels it shudder before it dies and 
she needs just a quick moment to slide her sword back out, turning to face the 
next creature.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Everyone but Radek was in melee threat of the Croc. Please 
roll reflex."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls reflex: (10)+5: 15
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll twice."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls reflex: (10)+5: 15
<OOC> Thora says, "... me too?"
GAME: Albain rolls reflex: (3)+4: 7
GAME: Albain rolls reflex: (10)+4: 14
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes. I do not believe you moved out of its melee range."
<OOC> Thora says, "Ohboy. xD"
GAME: Thora rolls reflex: (3)+-1: 2
GAME: Thora rolls reflex: (19)+-1: 18
<OOC> Thora says, "... yes, -1."
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d6: (5): 5
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d6: (1): 1
GAME: Rogun damaged Gwendolyn for 3 points. 31 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Albain for 6 points. 29 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Thora for 6 points. 16 remaining.
===== Current Initiative Order =========
 19                  Thora
 13                  Albain
 10                  Radek
 8                   Elessa
 8                   Rat_1
 6                   Snake
 6                   Rat_2
 6                   Gwendolyn

<OOC> Rogun says, "Now roll either strength or acrobatics."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls strength: (9)+4: 13
GAME: Thora rolls strength: (5)+-1: 4
<OOC> Elessa says, "Everyone?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Still need reflex saves from Elessa s well."
GAME: Albain rolls acrobatics: (19)+3: 22
GAME: Elessa rolls reflex: (12)+8: 20
GAME: Elessa rolls acrobatics: (5)+11: 16
<OOC> Rogun says, "One more reflex. Elessa."
GAME: Elessa rolls reflex: (7)+8: 15
GAME: Rogun damaged Elessa for 3 points. 21 remaining.
<OOC> Elessa says, "If that was for half damage, I have evasion"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Thank you for catching that."
GAME: Rogun damaged Elessa for -3 points. 24 remaining.

<OOC> Rogun says, "The snake exhales a windstorm. Gwen and Thora are knocked 
<OOC> Thora says, "Oof!"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Radek may or may not be after he rolls."

The flaming rats continue to scamper forth momentarily outrunning the flaming 
sphere. Rearing back on their haunches the open their mouths first one, then the 
other, and expel a cone of flames at the adventurers. They are thirty feet away.

The snake ceases it approach when the flames are unleashed and curls backward 
its scent-tongue flaring as it regards the rats and then the adventurers. Its 
lower-jaw unhinges and it exhales a whirlwind. The tin-barrels roll and tumble 
as the arcane sewage laps backward in waves. The winds pick several of you up 
hurling you backwards onto the ground knocking you prone.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Gwen."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "I'll get up (duh) and thennnn"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Is Thora in arm's reach?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
<OOC> Gwendolyn will touch her with LoH, for the freehealins.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll it."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls 2d6: (5): 5
GAME: Rogun damaged Thora for -5 points. 21 remaining.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Top of the Round."

===== Current Initiative Order =========
 19                  Thora
 13                  Albain
 10                  Radek
 8                   Elessa
 8                   Rat_1
 6                   Snake
 6                   Rat_2
 6                   Gwendolyn
<OOC> Rogun says, "Thora."
<OOC> Thora iiiiis gonna get up aaaaand... channel healin'. <.<
<OOC> Thora has selective channel, so no healing for the beasties.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll it. :)"
<OOC> Thora, alas, only has a 1d6 for healing. Better than nothing!
GAME: Thora rolls 1d6: (5): 5
GAME: Rogun damaged Thora for -5 points. 22 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Albain for -5 points. 34 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Radek for -5 points. 21 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Elessa for -5 points. 24 remaining.
GAME: Rogun damaged Gwendolyn for -5 points. 34 remaining.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Albain. :)"
<OOC> Albain says, "Can the flaming sphere move around the rats on its way back 
to me, or do they completely block its path?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "It will have to go around."
<OOC> Albain says, "So it can go around them? Or do you mean it has to go the 
long way around the entire chamber?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "It can go 'just around' which will cost it an extra five feet. 
So you can draw it into about 10 feet of you and it will be just over the ledge 
in the sludge."
<OOC> Albain says, "Alright, I'll do that with my move action. Then shout to 
everyone to look away, as I cast pyrotechnics on it."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Sure. Which effect?"
<OOC> Albain says, "Fireworks. DC 16 Will save (negate) to avoid being blinded 
for 1d4+1 rounds."
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20-1: (19)+-1: 18
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20-1: (14)+-1: 13
<OOC> Rogun says, "Rat 2 is blind."
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+4: (5)+4: 9
<OOC> Rogun says, "Serpent is also blind."

	Picking herself up and shaking sludge from her body, Gwendolyn sees the 
fallen bookish cleric and reaches her hand out, her fingertips glowing with 
golden light. "Rise, sister, your wounds are naught! You cannot show weaknesses 
to beasts such as these!"

<OOC> Rogun had to look up the will save. :)

<OOC> Rogun says, "Radek."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Still need either strength or acrobatics from you."
<OOC> Radek says, "From me?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes. The whirlwind could hit you."
GAME: Radek rolls strength: (18)+1: 19

<OOC> Rogun says, "But you are too strong for it."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Now. Your go. :)"
<OOC> Radek says, "Am I within 40 of the snake?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
<OOC> Gwendolyn totally forgot to pose getting knocked on her bum. Oh well.
<OOC> Radek says, "How far am I from the closest enemy?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "20 feet from the snake. About 40 feet from the rats."
<OOC> Albain says, "Oh, magical fires aren't extinguished, so I still have my 
flaming sphere for another round... not that it's doing much to the rats. :)"
<OOC> Radek says, "I'll shoot the snake."
<OOC> Rogun says, "ROll it."
GAME: Radek rolls ranged+1: (4)+6+1: 11
<OOC> Rogun says, "Miss."

Albain is singed from the fiery breath, but manages to maintain his footing 
during the windstorm, instinctively leaning into it much like a sailor on the 
deck of a ship. Shifting his attention back to the rats, he simultaneously 
directs the fiery sphere to roll around them, stopping right in front. "Close 
your eyes! Don't look!" he shouts, then points his dragonspitter at the 
conveniently placed source of fire. A crackling spark is issued from the barrel, 
striking the flaming sphere, and consuming it in a beautiful display of 
sparkling explosions and vivid colours.

Scrambling around on the floor for something, Thora looks momentarily flustered 
- as if her hair being blows all around and in her face from the whirlwind 
wasn't enough - but quickly regains her composure as she finds: her glasses. 
Slipping the lenses back onto her nose, the Khazad woman squints at Gwendolyn, 
gives her a kind of myopic, grateful little smile, and then, as she finally gets 
back to her feet, clutches the tilted-hourglass pendant on a chain around her 
neck. "The thing about, about the body's capacity for healing," she mumbles, "is 
that it's, uh, unpredictable. Sometimes a wound just will not grow, and 
sometimes, uh, well, life... life finds a way." And then there's a cool flash of 
light roiling out from the priestess' hands, encompassing her companions... and 
indeed, wounds do start to close!

Radek apparently is not having a good day. Just as he raises his rifle and fires, 
thats when the wind hits him, knocking his aim off so he misses the snake 
cleanly. He curses and starts reloading quickly, ready to try again.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Elessa."

<OOC> Elessa says, "Let's see... where's that stupid snake again?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Just ahead. About 5 feet from you."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Acrobatics to avoid AOO?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
GAME: Elessa rolls acrobatics: (4)+11: 15
<OOC> Rogun says, "It attacks you."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Okay"
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+8: (17)+8: 25
<OOC> Elessa says, "That's a hit"
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d6+6: (6)+6: 12
GAME: Rogun damaged Elessa for 12 points. 12 remaining.
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+11: (17)+11: 28
<OOC> Rogun says, "You are being constricted."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Lovely. Acrobatics to get out?"
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d4+4: (3)+4: 7
GAME: Rogun damaged Elessa for 7 points. 5 remaining.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes. You can use your action to try and escape."
GAME: Elessa rolls acrobatics: (19)+11: 30
<OOC> Rogun says, "You wriggle free. :)"
<OOC> Elessa says, "Yay"

GAME: Rogun rolls 1d4: (4): 4
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d4: (3): 3
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d4: (2): 2

Elessa tries to get in closer to the snake in an attempt to attack it. However, 
it grabs a hold of her and bites her, which causes her to grunt, but then cry 
out as it wraps around her. Not letting it stop her, she wriggles free from it 
and manages to get out of it's grasp. However, she isn't looking too good after 

GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+8-2: (11)+8+-2: 17

The flaming cones spewed by the rats peter out. They shakes themselves and drops 
back to all fours and continue to skitters forward. They are twenty feet out.

The snake hisses vilely as Elessa wriggles free and strikes blindly at her again. 
However, it misses for its poor vision.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Gwen."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Righto"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Since the snake used its AoO, uhhh"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "I could either saunter over and heal the rogue at 5 
hittypoints, or go for the flank-pa-ff-smite"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "I'll go with the attack, I guess, horrible healer I am."
<OOC> Thora says, "Like I'm any better. :P"

<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay. Attack it. :)"
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls weapon1+3: (11)+11+3: 25
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls 1d10+8: (10)+8: 18

<OOC> Rogun says, "A mighty wound. It is moderately wounded."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Top of the round."

<OOC> Rogun says, "Thora."
<OOC> Thora says, "Imma scoot on over to Elessa and convert a spell to healin'."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll it."
GAME: Thora casts Comprehend Languages.
GAME: Thora rolls 1d8+2: (3)+2: 5
<OOC> Thora says, "... :("
GAME: Rogun damaged Elessa for -5 points. 10 remaining.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Albain."
<OOC> Albain says, "is the serpent within 15 feet of me?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
<OOC> Albain says, "I'll color spray it. DC 15 Will. Assuming Elessa won't get 
in it too."
<OOC> Rogun says, "If you don't mind moving a bit you can do that. It'll bring 
you away from 'the party'. I'm assuming you'd choose to move away from the 

"Ooh, hold on!" Thora is hurrying all she can over to Elessa's side, trying to 
support the wounded rogue as best she can, taking her by the arm and generally 
fussing over her. "Now, stay still, this won't hurt a bit..." And, amazingly, it 
doesn't. Squinting in concentration behind those round glasses of hers, the 
Khazad priestess of the god of history and knowledge wills herself to -forget- a 
pattern of magic, to release its energy as healing. Bright white light glows... 
and leaves Elessa looking a little less badly hurt.

<OOC> Albain says, "Rats bad. So yup :)"
GAME: Rogun rolls 1d20+4: (6)+4: 10
GAME: Albain casts Color Spray.

<OOC> Rogun says, "The snake is stunned this round."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Radek."
<OOC> Radek says, "I will shoot the snake"
<OOC> Radek says, "It is in melee right?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
GAME: Radek rolls ranged+1-4: (12)+6+1+-4: 15
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Radek rolls 1d12: (1): 1
<OOC> Radek peers at his dice
<OOC> Rogun says, "You barely wound it."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Elessa."

Albain turns away from the rats, levelling his gun at the massive snake. "Leave 
her be!" he shouts, before reverting to Eldritch as the barrel yet again 
launches a spell. An impressively large muzzle blast of intense light roars from 
the end of it, dazzling the serpent's eyes.

Radek reloads quickly, sending another shot towards the snake. This time he hits, 
but only just enough to tear off some of its scales. He starts reloading again, 
cursing softly as apparently fate is not smiling on him today.

<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Sorry, got busy for a second."

<OOC> Elessa says, "Well since it's stunned and I'm in melee range... but do I 
have flank on it yet?"

As her friend of Totally Legitimate Lockpicking Skills tumbles right into the 
grasp of the snake, Gwendolyn wades in, seeing an opening as she draws back and 
then chops down, swiftly and precisely, with her weapon. "Stand firm, all! These 
animals are merely that! However twisted and vile their forms have been 
manipulated to, they still bleed! They can still be harmed!"

<OOC> Rogun says, "You do not, no."
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "I think you're flankbuddying with me?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "But it is denied its dex."
<OOC> Elessa says, "True. I was wondering if I could used the stunned round to 
get into flank so I don't have to next round."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yeah. You can. :)"
<OOC> Elessa says, "Then do so before I attack :)"
GAME: Elessa rolls sword+2+1: aliased to 1d20+8+2+1: (20)+8+2+1: 31
GAME: Elessa rolls sword+2+1: aliased to 1d20+8+2+1: (2)+8+2+1: 13
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Elessa rolls swordsneak: aliased to 1d6+3+2d6: (1)+3+(8): 12

<OOC> Rogun says, "The snake is stunned. The rats continue to follow the 
causeway. One hits Thora's rune. Thora roll damage."

<OOC> Rogun says, "Gwen."
Elessa lets out a sigh of relief as she feels the healing from Thora. Giving a 
quick nod to the cleric, she focuses on the snake. Seeing the opportunity, she 
moves into a better position and slashes at the snake with her sword, attempting 
to start cutting off it's head, if it stays still long enough to let her do so.

<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "I'll power attack the snake! Again!"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "So, flanking too?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Yes."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls weapon1+3: (15)+11+3: 29
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
GAME: Gwendolyn rolls 1d10+8: (5)+8: 13
<OOC> Rogun says, "It is unconcious."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Thora? :)"
<OOC> Thora says, "Are the rats still skittering about?"
<OOC> Rogun says, "They're escaping. One just crossed your rune. Roll damage on 
it first."
GAME: Thora rolls 1d6+1: (3)+1: 4
<OOC> Rogun says, "The rat is in very bad shape but continues to run. As does 
the other."

<OOC> Thora says, "I'm going to... touch the snake. And see if I can find out 
what caused it to be so... well, big and weird and what's happened to it. Loke 
Keeper power."
<OOC> Thora says, "Lore Keeper, rather."
<OOC> Thora | Lore Keeper (Sp): You can touch a creature to learn about its 
abilities and weaknesses. With a successful touch attack, you gain information 
as if you made the appropriate Knowledge skill check with a result equal to 15 + 
your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier.

<OOC> Thora says, "I realise it won't help -now-, but I'm a cleric of Navos, 
damn it, I'd want that knowledge. ;)"
<OOC> Thora says, "Plus, maybe it'll help us see if there's more to this place 
than just magical pollution causing mutations or whatnot."
<OOC> Thora says, "Level 2, wisdom modifier +4."

You paged Thora with 'The snake was born as your average constrictor and was 
taken into captivity by a horrid goblin child. The gobber parents grew upset as 
the beast grew and flushed it into the sewers where it preyed upon other sewer 

...until the purple ooze. The purple ooze mutated it making it larger and larger. 
The elemental energies in the runoff and the barrels imbued it with elemental 

It is a giant ultra-powerful air-elemental infused creature.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Radek. The rats are 'headed right for you'."
<OOC> Radek says, "Eek!"
<OOC> Radek says, "I will 10 foot back and shoot a rat"
<OOC> Rogun says, "The wounded or unwounded one?"
<OOC> Radek says, "Wounded"

There's a *ZAP!* as one of the rats crosses the rune Thora laid down earlier, 
but she doesn't even seem to notice; she's leaning down over the unconscious 
snake, laying a hand on its flank and frowning in concentration. Her eyes take 
on a thousand-yard stare for a moment, and then... she nods, as though 
confirming her suspicions. "As I thought," she says, sounding pensive. "This 
purple... whatever it is... has caused these changes in the animals here. Leaky 
barrels. The band of adventurers everywhere." She sounds completely serious, 
saying it.
<OOC> Rogun says, "Roll it."

GAME: Radek rolls ranged+1: (14)+6+1: 21
GAME: Radek rolls 1d12: (6): 6

<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit. Dead."

<OOC> Thora says, "Bane, not band. The bane of adventurers..."
Radek backs up quickly as things keep moving. "Damn rats..." He raises his rifle, 
firing off a shot and managing to take down one of the rats before it gets near 
him. He quickly starts reloading, his hands moving with quick and practiced 

<OOC> Rogun says, "Elessa. The snake is unconcious. Will you smite it?"
<OOC> Elessa says, "Yes I will because it's NASTY"
<OOC> Elessa says, "If I recall, that would be an auto-crit if I hit"
<OOC> Thora says, "But it's just an animal. :("
GAME: Elessa rolls sword+1+2: aliased to 1d20+8+1+2: (12)+8+1+2: 23
<OOC> Elessa says, "It tried to EAT ME!!!"
<OOC> Rogun says, "Hit."
<OOC> Elessa says, "Plus I'm CN ;)"
GAME: Elessa rolls swordsneakcrit: (17)+swordsneakcrit: 17
<OOC> Elessa says, "Oops"
GAME: Elessa rolls swordcritsneak: aliased to 2d6+6+2d6: (9)+6+(6): 21
<OOC> Rogun says, "Dead"
<OOC> Thora says, "Aw."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay, we're at nearly five hours from the scheduled start. 
Four hours since the 'late start'. I think we can stipulate that if you REALLY 
WANT IT DEAD the rat can be killed too since they are fodder."
<OOC> Rogun says, "Okay. So shall I wrap this?"
<OOC> Radek says, "Fine with me!"
<OOC> Albain says, "Sure!"
<OOC> Elessa says, "Yep!"
<OOC> Gwendolyn says, "Belatedly, yep!"

Having discovered the likely cause of the tenement-bathroom invaders you take a 
moment to gather your thoughts. Within minutes yet another barrel come 
clattering down the piping and splashes into the pool.

You make your way out of the sewers and back to the surface where you 
immediately return to the guild with the tale of what occurred. The guild-
masters report your findings to the city council who consult with the Engineer's 

Days later you hear a rumor about larger-than-normal monsters in the goblin 
sewers and the fines which have been levied against GRUBAR INDUSTRIES for their 
role in these aberrations. You cannot help but feel pity for the poor 
adventurers which are no doubt hired by the corporation clean up the toxic 

..and then you wonder. If that's what the bi-products of goblin experiments will 
do to simple sewer animals what sort of twisted abominations or deadly machines 
are actually created behind those high walls which surround the flaming smoke 
stacks of goblin town.

<OOC> Rogun says, "Thanks for playing."