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About My Character

Pendleton Brundelssen is a second generation Myrrish man. His father, Brundel, fought to liberate Alexandria, eventually marrying and settling in the city to raise a family. Brundel returned to his first profession and established a family business brewing ales.

As a youth, Pendleton gained more of an interest in wines and distilled liquors, working with his brothers to branch out the family business. He always had a fascination with books and study, and soon set out to learn secret brewing lore from elves and dwarves.

In his dealings, he spent time with the clerics of Animus, and took to their quiet faith. From that time on, he became a seeker of knowledge. He also because a patriot, of sorts; he loved Alexandria and all it stood for, though with the idea that all good of Alexandria descended from the 'source' of civilization -- Myrddion.

He has been married for 26 years to Marny, a daughter of Myrrish merchants. He has 4 children: Radger (25), Zigmund (23), Nara (22), and Jon (15) (as of 2014).

Almost 10 years ago (2005) he grew increasingly irate about the growing anti-Myrrish sentiment in Alexandria, and finally decided to move his family west. He gave up his responsibilities for the brewing business in Alexandria and began setting up a new branch of the business in the western wilds of Alexandros.

Two years later, while investigating reports of undead in the Red Ridge mountain, his party was overrun. For several long days he was trapped in a crypt, tormented and fed on by undead, kept barely alive so they could nibble on his soul. He was rescued by his eldest son, Radger, and a few strong companions, the undead vanquished. He spent a year convalescing.

In (2008), given trouble along the border and problems with his business in western Alexandros, he and his family moved back to Alexandria... just in time for the mists to engulf them all. Ever since, he has focused on his family, through various troubles.

With the lifting of the mists, his family has slowly rebuilt the business -- in particular, all the vital merchant connections to receive materials (hops, barley) and ship their goods elsewhere.

Recently, the old itch has returned. His children are married or apprenticed, family business rising in prominence once again, and now...

RP Hooks

  • Brewer. His family has long been brewing a variety of ales and lagers, and experimented with dwarven distilling methods.
  • Merchant. Pendleton is somewhat known in various trade circles, though he has lost importance and prestige over the past 10 years.
  • Dwarves. The Brundelssens have a good relationship with dwarven brewers and merchants, and there have even been some marriages.
  • Animus. Pendleton was a cleric of Animus, and still holds his faith close to his heart.


Pendleton at the Fernwood - [1]

Pendleton summoning a spirit of the ale (warning, mildly NSFW) - [2]