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Omah Nkulu

About My Character

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Roleplay Hooks

  • ROFC: It's a Witch thing.
  • Brewer: He makes potions from time to time. Nothing too major.
  • Xian: He hails from the Jade Islands, and finds much of Alexandros rather odd.
  • Alcohol: Nothing beats it, and he'll never stop yammering when he gets his hands on it.
  • Animals: He loves them all. Except dogs. Can't stand the sight of 'em.

PC Badges

Humans07 aesir.png

Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Xian
Associated With: Jade Islanders
Faith: Tarien

Scroll med.png

Faith PC Badge
Faith: Tarien
Temple: Tarien's Sanctuary
Role: Devotee
Landmarks: None

Scroll med.png

Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Homeland
Family History: How your family came to be there, their roles; anything you'd like to say about them
Politics: What do you think of your homeland's politics?
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