Oasis 4: Jack's Quest

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<OOC> Beaglefinder does a recap, then we're open RP. This scene depends on you guys, and your actions. :3 Depending, it may open a set of plots, too!

AND SO. And so, as the sun drops over the oasis, you prepare to confront Lady Kamila and her unwholesome practices. Through your investigations, you'd uncovered her true nature, that she had at one time, broken the Truce of Water. What followed, one may only guess.

You'd even secured a piece of the bowl. Kisaiya had fudged her bookings, ensuring chaos in the future. A bit of fun that your employer, Jack, had seemed pleased with.

Now all that remains is to confront her.

At the moment, you're in Jack's tent, preparing to go.

Logs, maps: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Category:Oasis

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "My poorly made map: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Oasis_Map :3"

A lean, middle-aged man comes into the tent. "Jack said you might be hungry," he says. If his grin is a bit sharp, well. The Veyshanti are merchants, aren't they? He sets the tray down on the central rug, where it's (moderately) safe from the sands. He's leanly muscled, and black of hair, similar to his employer.

A stare at the food and she leaning in. Sniffs at it, then leans back to look at the man. Kisa raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms slowly over her chest, "Is this part of the Veyshanti hospitality or have we ventured into the room and board section of business agreements?"

Sasha is starting to finish up her daily prayers when the man comes in. "I don't know...you know more of merchantry than I do, Kisa." She says as she stands up with her staff.

Bits and bobs are sorted through, and placed with exacting care in the wolfs-head pouch at Alba's hip. Potions, shaken and sniffed, and slipped in order under the leather vambrace on Alba's right hand. Bones great, small, polished and newly-stripped, wrapped in a tangle of reed bits and enveloped in a low-quality hide. Bones, after all, will have little use against their quarry, and may simply provide a comfortable background noise to her. This must not be allowed to happen.

Upon the employee's arrival in the tent, Alba looks up, a smile tugging at one corner of her mouth. "So and so," she says, eyebrow rising as she digs into another pouch, eventually bringing up a golden coin to flip the man's way. "Then attentive and thoughtful is his man, and deserving payment for his diligence."

Once all her things are arranged to her satisfaction, she regards her compatriots. "So. So so so. A charming creature of death and deceit we hunt. Advantage, though, have we; her pets have fought us before, and are half as strong in number as once they were. Lies will drip from her lips like rubies; believe not that the sky is blue if she speaks it, unless you hear another confirm it."

In response, the lean man looks over to the side, where the pottery shard rests next to Alba. The look could not be mistaken, nor the story behind it: Kamila had broken the Truce of Water, a sacred bond to the Veyshanti. Kisaiya knew that story, and Alba did, and had related it to each of you over the past few days. What she has become after, however...

Well, Sasha might feel the depth of it in her bones. Contracts with Thul. Undeath. Hidden apparently, for most of the oasis favors her.

Then the man grins, and accepts the coin. Flips it in his nimble fingers, before tucking it away. "Clan Ahl thanks you. Enjoy your meal before you go. Don't...be alarmed if you notice a few extra shadows. Not the type you're describing, I hope," he says.

And of course, there's an extra pastry there for Sasha. As there always has been, since you'd arrived. Jack is incorrigible.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha, YOUR pastry looks especially tasty. Everyone else's looks tasty. Yours, looks ESPECIALLY tasty. D:"

<OOC> Beaglefinder, SUBTLE. XD

<OOC> Sasha says, "I see that. >.>"

You paged Kisaiya with 'Water, especially a priest and an ALTHEAN priest, are especially valued in the desert. Since Sasha hasn't noticed until this point, Jack is...well, he's continuing in that vein. It's neither impolite nor...well. It's /appropriate/? and modestly direct.'

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

Sasha rubs face as she looks at the extra pastry......and makes it a point to share it with her friends.

<OOC> Beaglefinder d'aww. :3

Kisaiya takes her own one, starting to eat it and looks at Sasha as it was offer. I mean, it was the right thing to do, but she shakes her head, "Newp! That extra one is all yours. It wouldn't be polite to take the food that's been offered to the /special/ guest." She tries hard not to laugh and hides her smile amidst another bite of her own food. Mmm tasty -snicker- so-so good, yes. She turns to watch Alba instead, a half-smile, since she is eating after all with her legs tucked under her.

Alba picks at her meal, eating in very small bites; it's in her eating habits, especially here, that her feral years show the scars they've lain on hr psyche. Food is torn apart, eaten in birdlike bits and specks, and not a single solitary crumb is left on the plate. Sasha's sharing of her bounty gets a raised eyebrow, and a nod at Kisaiya; girl knows what's up.

"You have earned the favor of a notable family," she says, suspiciously mildly. "Is it not pleasing that this be so?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs and laughs. Ok. :3

<OOC> Beaglefinder moves us on, if there's no objection? :3

"I am a simple cleric of Althea." Sasha says to Alba. "I do not deserve more than my own fair share. It is simple as that. If they have enough to give to me....it can be shared with all of us."

<OOC> Sasha doesn't object.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sure. ':)"

<OOC> Alba says, "Have at!"

And so it goes. Food is shared, and divided. And then...well, then you are off to the darkened oasis and beyond the caravanserai's protective walls.

Now that you're aware of them, your eyes spot the difference between mount and hyena. The footprints wander near the edge of the caravanserai, and become quickly more numerous beyond it. They wander here, there, and everywhere, though the areas Arubesh had sensed the most activity in were the northeast forest, and the cemetery nearby it. Where to?

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You've two choices--the woods or the cemetery. Where would you like to go? And, any details I should be aware of?"

<OOC> Alba says, "It was the woods that the hyenas lurked in, right?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "They do, yeah. They sometimes come to the lake to drink, and stare at the caravanserai but...they've learned to keep from the bowmen guards."

An oasis forest is a desperate thing. The trees are...while they're not the thick broughs in Alexandros, they're a welcome break from the dune-ridden landscape. They stretch as high as two, three men and their branches whisper above you. Relief. Shade, from the sun's harshest nature.

You swear you hear laughter on the wind.

As your party draws closer, the footprints become denser, crossing over and over one another. Just how many of the beasts are there?

Laughter. There it is...to the far right, and ahead of you.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Perception checks, please. :3"

GAME: Alba rolls perception: (2)+12: 14

<OOC> Alba says, "OH COME THE HELL ON."

<OOC> Beaglefinder XD

GAME: Kisaiya rolls perception: (11)+3: 14

<OOC> Kisaiya :D

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "I'M AS PERCEPTIVE AS ALBA!"

<OOC> Alba deep breath, 2, 3, 4...

<OOC> Beaglefinder >.>

<OOC> Kisaiya :D

<OOC> Alba chuckle.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha?"

GAME: Sasha rolls perception: (5)+3: 8

<OOC> Sasha XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies. Ok. :3

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Beaglefinder has dropped a TIMESTOP!

Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Beaglefinder to instruct you further.

For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


<OOC> Sasha got 3 higher than alba.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You did!"

GAME: Alba rolls initiative: 18 + 4 = 22

GAME: Kisaiya rolls initiative: 1 + 4 = 5

GAME: You roll initiative for Sasha's Best Friend: Roll: 1 + Bonus: 2 = Total: 3

<OOC> Kisaiya sneeeeeeeeerks

<OOC> Beaglefinder XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Go ahead and init, Sasha. <3"

GAME: Sasha rolls initiative: 10 + 2 = 12

<OOC> Alba forgets, often. XD

<OOC> Sasha remembered earlier...that's why I said something. :D

<OOC> Sasha reads init.....gets a severe sense of dread.

<OOC> Sasha says, "Lahar...if I get a wolf humping my leg, I'm gonna beat you over the head with a nerf bat."

<OOC> Beaglefinder D:

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 22.

It is now Alba's turn! Sasha is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Alba ended.

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 12.

It is now Sasha's turn! Kisaiya is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Sasha ended.

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 5.

It is now Kisaiya's turn! Sasha's Best Friend is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Kisaiya ended.

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 3.

It is now Sasha's Best Friend's turn! Alba is next!

GAME: Alba refreshes spells.

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+8: (7)+8: 15

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It misses! Posing..."

GAME: Sasha refreshes spells.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "A wolf? No. Maybe a jackal disguised as a man. :D"

<OOC> Sasha yikes.

Laughter. The beast--oh, you're not surprised to see it. You'd come out here LOOKING, after all.

The surprise is in its lack of fear. It lunges forward, rushing towards Kisaiya.

Behind all of you, a sudden yipping-howl. A jackal stands there, its long ears folded back. Its coat is black, and diamond-gray.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "There is a very large hyena in Kisa's fase!"


Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 22.

It is now Alba's turn! Sasha is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Alba!"

<OOC> Alba says, "Pop up to just under the oasis tree canopy, and use Misfortune on the 'yena."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

<OOC> Alba says, "DC 19 Will save."

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (15)+2: 17

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Go ahead and pose the pointy finger of misfortune! XD"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 12.

It is now Sasha's turn! Kisaiya is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha! Your bff is here! And it is trying to gnaw Kisa's fase. :3"

<OOC> Sasha says, "why do I have the feeling he's a were-hyena?"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Is it a Hyena?! A Hyena! A Hyena?!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It looks toothy!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "Weapon of awe on Kisaiya's scythe."

<OOC> Sasha :D

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Cast and pose!"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Awwwwww!"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 5.

It is now Kisaiya's turn! Sasha's Best Friend is next!

GAME: Sasha casts Weapon of Awe. Caster Level: 7 DC: 15

<OOC> Kisaiya swi-i-i-ings the Scythe!

Sasha runs up to Kisaiya and puts a hand on Kisa's back. the magic passes through to Kisa's scythe.......makeing it look a LOT scarier than it was.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll'em!"

The moment the hyena leaps out to make its attack, Alba shoots skyward, stopping at the understide fo the forest canopy. Her razored hand stabs out, one finger extended. "Call yourself a threat?" she jeers, voice high and mocking. "Hunchbacked chucklepup, can't even close her teeth around strong flesh! Can't even avenge her sisters! What a pitiful creature is she!"

It might be apparent to the observing eye, or it might not, but Alba's mockery is only the vehicle by which the magic takes hold; subtle, twisted tendrils of mana that insinuate themselves into the hyena's shadow, and from there her mind.

<OOC> Beaglefinder bwahaha. :3

<OOC> Sasha says, "+2 to damage, Kisa."

<OOC> Alba says, "And crits give you a chance at establishing... shaken, was it?"

<OOC> Sasha says, "yup."

<OOC> Sasha says, "crits give them shaken...no save."

GAME: Kisaiya rolls Scythe 1: aliased to 1d20+13: (7)+13: 20

GAME: Kisaiya rolls Scythe 2: aliased to 1d20+8: (20)+8: 28

<OOC> Kisaiya snickers..

<OOC> Kisaiya confirms?

GAME: Kisaiya rolls Scythe 2: aliased to 1d20+8: (9)+8: 17

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "ALl hits. :#"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "ANd confirm!"

<OOC> Sasha XD

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Last one was the confirm."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "So that's confirmed crit?! ::D:D:D:D"

<OOC> Sasha says, "after we just told her about what confirming a crit does."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It is!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll epic damage! :D"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Does the damage multiply?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It does."

<OOC> Sasha says, "doesn't say, so I'd say so"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 2d4+6: (3)+6: 9

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Everything multiplies, except +dice damage, and +precision type."

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 8d4+24: (19)+24: 43

<OOC> Sasha says, "was about to say."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ded. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Pose the epic kill. :D"

GAME: Beaglefinder removes the timestop.

Timestop by Beaglefinder has left.

GAME: You remove the timestop.

<OOC> Alba says, ".....Wow. o.o"

GAME: Stirling has disconnected. <Timeout>

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "There is more. ':3"

<OOC> Alba says, "Oh I assume, but. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Scythes are epic. :3"

<OOC> Alba says, "This is like a horror movie where the first jumpscare gets *decked in the face* and suddenly nobody knows quite what to do with themselves anymore. XD"

GAME: Aenyn has disconnected. <Quit>

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "In the meantime, perception, and then k/arcana and k/religion if you have it. :3"

GAME: Kravar has connected.

GAME: Alba rolls perception: (20)+12: 32

<OOC> Alba says, "THAT IS MORE LIKE IT."

<OOC> Beaglefinder XD

GAME: Sasha rolls knowledge/religion: (9)+11: 20

GAME: Alba rolls knowledge/arcana: (6)+13: 19

GAME: Sasha rolls perception: (17)+3: 20

GAME: Kisaiya rolls perception: (5)+3: 8

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Pick one or roll both?"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 5: (6)+5: 11

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Human improv."

The Hyena makes Kisaiya let out a shriek as it lunges at her, she was not expecting a chucklepup to be /RIGHT/ there! But there it is for you, she brings the scythe up as she tries to ward it off, but thankfully it doesn't seem to get her just - misses. Maybe it was her epic war cry/shriek?

It's a quick rally for Kisa though as she feels Sasha behind her, can't let Sasha get hit after all and there was an energy that ran through her and gave that scythe extra scary looking jagged bits to the underside of the blade. She didn't know why, but she didn't care as she steps first to the side, the scythe flying low and catching it with a shot along the ribs. With a push of her hip and a sinking of her weight she brought the scythe about her in a whirling display like one might use a staff. Using her finesse, she rises back up for the slash, the curve of the Scythe coming up under where the hyena's head should be and -- it didn't move.

Kisaiya's blade pulls right up and through the bottom of that creature's neck, before she even realizes it, the scythe is arching with light playing off the crimsoned silver blade. The chucklepup falls, landing on its side as the head rolls to a stop next to it.


Pages sent out: '...oh. The teeth are rotten, as though whatever it had feasted on was eating at its insides. As healthy as the creature is, within a year or two it would have been unable to eat, and become food for its comrades. Another thing...there are bits of flesh between its teeth. You aren't sure what those are, but the way the jackal sits back once she's noticed, licking its chops. This can't be good. Some research might be able to determine it.

More pages: 'An examination of the hyena's fur shows the markings you'd seen in Kamila's ledger. There's a feeling of ...compulsion to it. Thul's essence overlays it.

The hyena staggers for a moment. Its heavy, muscled frame holds the beast upright for a second longer...and then the body falls to the sands. Bleeding out fast, the red trickles over gold and sinks into thirsty earth.

The remnants of life's trail will be gone in minutes, in this place.

The jackal trots forward, sleek and lean. It nudges at the hyena's muzzle, exposing a closer look at its teeth.

Kisaiya pages: Epic enough?

"definitely thul's work here." Sasha blinks as the other hyena walks forward and starts to lick. "nono. You don't eat this." She says softly. "Whatever it's been eating, has been eating at it's insides....."

You paged Kisaiya with 'Awesome. :3'

<OOC> Sasha says, "can I roll Heal to see exactly what?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sure!"

GAME: Sasha rolls heal: (2)+13: 15

<OOC> Sasha XD

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "2's or 20's."

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

You paged Sasha with 'Whatever it is eating, it isn't normal flesh. You've seen similar damage around a campfire.'

You paged Sasha with 'Which is REALLY WEIRD.'

Sasha looks at the teeth. "Whatever it's eating...it's not normal flesh. Similar damage around a campfire......this is really strange...."

"Hold," Alba says sharply as the jackal approaches the corpse. "As the shaman says... Tainted food, this." For her part, she drifts down, razored fingers shaving away fur around a mark in the creature's flesh. "This symbol I have seen. In the woman's ledger. It stinks of compulsion, and I like it not."

Kisaiya gives a little shake of the haft to get off some of the blood as she seems a little caught up in that. She turns her head in time to see the jackal moving on up and she eyes it until it nudges the hyena's head. "No-no-no!" She runs toward it, "Don't!" But it didn't look like it was going to do anymore so she breaths a sigh and looks down at- "Oh Gods. What the hell is wrong with its teeth?" She points at the hyena and shakes her head a bit. She crinkles her nose, "That really doesn't look good."

She backs away from it, curious if there's more to the Hyena's corpse. Maybe there's more there like rotting or what not but. Hm. "Yeah, you're right Alba, they look like those marks in the ledger, and it /looks/ healthy. Except for the teeth? How odd."

The jackal leans forward, and sniffs at the creature. After your warnings, it's more cautious, except... As it scents the markings, the teeth, it makes a yipping sound--wild, lighter. A scavenger's noise and not the rough, protective sound of a mastiff or hound.

It then, jogs towards the forest. It stops there for a moment, then looks back at you--and takes off, jogging towards the southeast. /Along/ the forest. Not inside of it.

Sasha watches the hyena and.......tilts her head. "Alba.....follow the hyena." She says with a rather....authoritative voice.

<OOC> Sasha thinks we would've come to the same conclusion anyways.

Alba nods, pushing off the forest ground and flying off in pursuit of the jackal.

Kisaiya, of course, follows the Jackal as well.

<OOC> Sasha wants level 8 badly. Why? Blessing.....of....fervor....

Sasha also follows.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "I'm sure Alba will want a level to... to change out a spell for a different one. RIGHT ALBA!? *grins*"

<OOC> Alba actually hit level 10 recently. Retribution Hex, you all are *so welcome.*

<OOC> Beaglefinder moves things forward a touch. :3

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

And so, you go! The forest in the oasis--a desperate thing. A hope, a dream but one that would never survive beyond the lake's borders. So it doesn't take long, because the forst isn't very big.

You run into another hyena on the way, and Kisaiya dispenses it with similar efficiency. Another notch for her scythe, another headless chucklepup.

The same markings are found on it, as well. Alba and Sasha confirm them, and now that they know what they're looking for--can confirm Thul's scent, and its similarity to the markings in the ledger.

Which makes...well. When the jackal heads to the cemetery, it's not a surprise. When two, three others join it, and one is Jack, maybe that isn't, too. Jack looks rueful, his features pale beneath dusky skin.

"I'd hoped we wouldn't have to do this, friends of my friend. But, what my clan here tells me that what had found on her creatures confirms it. If what you found is right..."

"...come with me please, to look at the graves. Witch," he says to Alba. "With profound apologies for my mysticism. But once we are there, if it is within you, any of you, I hope you will understand, and forgive me--if it is within your nature to do so."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "And what about Message?" grins, "How about /that/ spell, Alba."

<OOC> Alba XD

"....We shall see," Alba says, guardedly, eyes narrowing behind her mask. "It is suddenly of great interest to know the whole of this secret shame, he who speaks for his clan. And to know why it is a sudden and new thing, that we would come to know this."

Kisaiya is a little oblivious to such things, well, besides leaving the headless hyena somewhere back there. When they finally catch up to the others she moves forward toward the jackal and tries to scratch its head just behind the ears. "Who's-a-good-boy-or-girl? Huh? Who's-a-good-jackal?" She grins.

Sasha looks at jack....then looks to Kisaiya....nudging her lightly. "Kisa.....guard up. something is very wrong here."

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies.

<OOC> Alba ... :|

<OOC> Alba swat Kisa

The grave-markings of the cemetery indicate numerous faiths and followings. What stands out to you, however--and if it is not noticed at first, Jack and his clan will subtly nod that way. The one near Kisaiya doesn't seem to mind having its head scratched.

Though it tries to look dignified about it.

...but what you notice, starkly, are the disturbed graves. The earth has been churned and what the hyenas had feasted on more quickly becomes apparent.

"I knew she was Thul's bargain, witch. ...but I dared never believe she'd be behind--well, those." Jack nods towards a particular, an older set of graves.

Graves that bear the marks of janni.

"What sort of Veyshanti does that?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "K/the planes if you have it!"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 5: (12)+5: 17

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Human improv!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

<OOC> Kisaiya :D

GAME: Cesran has connected.

GAME: Alba rolls knowledge/the planes: (13)+13: 26

Kisaiya just sighs, and looks at Sasha, "It's not /wrong/, he just likes you. My Gods, it's like he would have to club you over the head with pastries and bury you in dresses and ushankas to realize it." A raise of an eyebrow, but she looks toward Alba and Jack and shrugs, "Maybe you should try that... Oh. You mean /that/." she looks toward the graves and nods her head, "Yeah. Okay. Undead. Graveyard, I getcha. Maybe not a great place to be."



GAME: Sasha rolls 1d20+2+1: (1)+2+1: 4 (EPIC FAIL)

You paged Alba with 'The Janni are weaker of the genie race, and have been known to mix among humans. That they were buried here isn't...too...unusual, and bears witness to the legends of Veyshan's past. Janni also, are known for their elemental natures. Elemental natures which may remain after death, and destroy over time, the teeth of a beast that feasted. She rolled high enough, feel free to look at the janni entry. But those are the important parts. :3

You paged Kisaiya with 'The Janni are the weaker of the genie race. Her merchanter's background knows that the Veyshanti place some importance on them.

<OOC> Beaglefinder hee. :3

<OOC> Beaglefinder sends out pages. Move on when y'all are ready. ':)

"....One who is desperate but witless," Alba says, running her un-bladed hand over the gravestones. "One who has many new protectors to feed, but knows not that the jann's elemental nature lingers in the flesh well beyons death. One who thinks that the god of the unquiet dead places her beyond consequence. One who is very, very stupid, and very, very much in trouble."

Her head rises, turning toward the tent. "Is this not so, Kamila of the honeyed tongue?" she says, pitching her voice to carry.

Alba *wants* this to be heard.

Like she's picking a fight, Witch-style.

GAME: Fazahd has connected.

Sasha looks over towards Jack. "you and your friends maywish to get clear." She says softly. She then looks to Kisaiya. "Maybe after the mission is complete, I'll talk to him, Kisa."

Kisaiya looks at the marks, "Oh hey! Aren't those like... Janni markings? They're supposed to be the weaker of the genies, right? Hah." She looks back at Sasha, then over to Alba and Jack, back to Sasha.

"Seriously. He likes you. I thought you would've picked up on that." Back to Alba and Jack, she'll move closer to the both of them just in case the words are fightin' words and Kamila makes herself known.

<OOC> Sasha says, "Sasha being courted by a Veyshan noble. Oh boy."

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Hey! Serra's courting a Princess. Strange things do happen."

<OOC> Sasha says, "the alts I make that aren't looking for a mate....END UP GETTING FLIRTED WITH!!!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "isn't that right...Lahar!?"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Pfft! It's not like Kisa was looking for someone."

"Well, there you have my secret. We aren't a large one, my clan. We wish to expand our trade, hence my contact with our mutual friend. ...lucky for us, it means doing a little more digging, a little more research than the average merchant. Not enough, apparently. I really had intended for this to be a nice, little quest," Jack says, wistfully.

He winks rogueshly at Sasha. "A favor to her, you might say."

Jack looks to Alba, "And ah, now that you've found this. I see this quest isn't so simple. So we're honor-bound to--"

"--and if you'd mind your own business, jackal, none of this would be an issue." A woman in long robes steps into the cemetery. She wears the traditional wrappings of a trader, and a light dagger at her belt, wrapped in golden tassels.

"Who are you to believe, honorable ones? A proven trader...or a scavenger?" she asks. She smirks at Jack, and turns a gentler smile to the rest of you. Honeyed. "Surely you've heard the stories of jackals?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "He noticed she can Create Water, and that she is Althean. It would be a practical arrangement, beneficial both parties! (Also, he is devilishly handsome.)"

<OOC> Beaglefinder (it's very Veyshanti). XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "...but mostly, I am getting to harass you. :3 :D"

<OOC> Sasha XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder :3

<OOC> Sasha says, "I thought so."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Jackals in stories are scavengers and tricksters, btw. Any of you would know that, and it's what the woman would be referring to. :3"

"We hear many stories," Alba says, lifting a few inches into the air, and turning to face the robed woman, mask-to-face. "We hear a great many indeed. We hear of broken oaths, and of doomed chucklepups menacing this oasis and the caravans that seek it. We hear of dead jann, dug up to become a poisoned meal for beasts given no choice in whom they serve."

Sasha says, "And eating diseased flesh, when they have nothing else to eat."

Kisa turns to look at Sasha, "He-e-e-e-ey Sa-a-a-asha? We're reasonably sure that this lady is a little less than the living, right? So why not do something that only affects them. If she's alive, then shouldn't hurt her - if she's not..." She tosses an arm up in the air (the other is holding the scythe) "Woo! Mystery solved." She steps a little off to the side and forward though. This doesn't seem like it's going well.

"And let's not forget, seen markings that are all over." Kisa says, "Markings that mysteriously you seem to have some sort of connection to. All over those poor hyenas."

"Really? You'd believe a jackal over the Kamila family?" the woman turns her head to the side. Behind her, the heavy pad of feet.

You know them, by now.

Sasha's best friends!

"..." and then Kisaiya says something, and her face goes as still as well, death. She reaches into her pouch.

The jackals begin to yip, frantically.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTENTION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Beaglefinder has dropped a TIMESTOP!

Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Beaglefinder to instruct you further.

For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.


GAME: Sasha rolls initiative: 5 + 2 = 7

GAME: Alba rolls initiative: 2 + 4 = 6

GAME: Kisaiya rolls initiative: 18 + 4 = 22

GAME: Kisaiya has reconnected.

Kisaiya has reconnected.

GAME: You roll initiative for Kamila: Roll: 14 + Bonus: 5 = Total: 19

GAME: You roll initiative for Hyenas: Roll: 2 + Bonus: 2 = Total: 4

GAME: You roll initiative for Clan Ahl: Roll: 20 + Bonus: 7 = Total: 27

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 27.

It is now Clan Ahl's turn! Kisaiya is next!

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+10: (14)+10: 24

Jack howls, a keening, yipping sound. And then, well, there are jackals. Where there had been three, there are now four. They swarm, running towards the hyenas appearing from the forests' edge. A larger one runs forward, knocking Kamila's hand as he rushes past!

She swears, drawing back her teeth that now show signs of rotted canines.

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 22.

It is now Kisaiya's turn! Kamila is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Kisaiya ended.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Can I charge Kamila? :D"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kisa! Kamila is around 20' ahead of you. There a many hyenas closing in. Apparently, she'd summoned them, or they were right behind. The jackals aren't quite their size, but have rushed forward to try and head some of them off. Doubtless, some will get through."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "And is that Weapon buff still on-going?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You can!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no. ^^;"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Okay! Well, I'll charge her all the same! :D"

<OOC> Sasha says, "it was the only one I had of that, Kisa."

<OOC> Beaglefinder ok! Roll the epic! :D

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "S'okay!"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls Scythe1 +2: (11)+Scythe1+2: 13

GAME: Kisaiya rolls Scythe 1 +2: aliased to 1d20+13 +2: (13)+13+2: 28

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It helped you collect your evidence a bit faster. :3"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Hit!"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 2d4+4: (8)+4: 12

<OOC> Kisaiya :D

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ouch! Pose hitting her and her recoiling with a hissing cackle!"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 19.

It is now Kamila's turn! Sasha is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "She turns into a hyena, and moves away! There's a tanglefoot bag at her feet, that had been knocked away. It'd been intended for one of you."

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 7.

It is now Sasha's turn! Alba is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Sasha ended.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "do the hyena's look undead?"

<OOC> Kisaiya will, is getting dinner, but will pose sooooon-ish.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "They do not. Kamila is around 50' from you now, amid the swarm of hyenas. She is apparently not v brave."

<OOC> Sasha says, "Kamila looks undead?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "She did. Now she looks like a hyena. ...but being undead isn't a thing that truly changes. :3"

<OOC> Sasha says, "LASER!!!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "Searing light."

"Kraaa! You, and your ancestors will regret this!" Kamila recoils from Kisaiya's strike. Her robes whirl around her as she drops to all fours. A great-sized hyena takes to its paws, running towards its companions.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll'em!"

GAME: Sasha rolls ranged: (8)+7: 15

<OOC> Sasha says, "touch."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Barely, but you have it!"

GAME: Sasha rolls 7d6: (29): 29

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It burns! Pose THE BURN! Feel the burn! :D"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 6.

It is now Alba's turn! Hyenas is next!

GAME: Note Flat-footed on Alba ended.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Alba!"

<OOC> Alba says, "Sec..."

<OOC> Alba says, "Okay, so are they all in a cluster?"

GAME: Sasha casts Searing Light. Caster Level: 7 DC: 16

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "About as clusterish as you would a swarm of dogs who are attacking and lunging at eachother. So...I'd say a 30' spread?"

Sasha notices the hyena is trying to leave. So she lasers it. "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE LIVING!!!!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "There will be pairs attacking one another, or two ganging up on one, and so on. :3"

As she sees her she starts running toward her, letting out a roar of annoyance, KISA ANGRY! "You JERK! Stop trying to LIE!" She sends her Scythe into a bit more of a direct cut than usual, her blade cutting in to Kamila before she lets out a hiss and recoils backward.

<OOC> Alba says, "Perfect. Black Tentacles, which is a 20' spread, centered on a spot that'll get the most hyenas *plus* Kamila."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You'll get your allies too, as a heads-up. ^^;"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It might not be a concern; just lettin' you know. :3"

<OOC> Alba says, "Right, Kisa charged."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Clan Ahl rushed the hyenas, to try to drive some of them back."

<OOC> Alba says, "Save that, then; Retribution Hex on Kamila."

<OOC> Alba says, "DC19 Will."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "And the Jackals! Not just me!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Yus. Kisa charged Kamila. The hyenas were past Kamila. Clan Ahl charged the hyenas. Kamila changed shape and ran back towards the hyenas/Clan Ahl, figuring there was *some* safety and OH GOD MAYBE IT IS SAFER THAN THE LADY WITH THE SCYTHE."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+10: (1)+10: 11 (EPIC FAIL)

<OOC> Beaglefinder dieees.

<OOC> Alba XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Pose the revenge of the janni. :3"

<OOC> Alba says, "So for the next four rounds, she'll take half of all melee damage she does."

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round One - Init 4.

It is now Hyenas' turn! Clan Ahl is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder nodnods.

<OOC> Alba says, "5 rounds, pardon."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll me a wis or diplomacy while I work on the hyenas turn. :3"

<OOC> Alba says, "Me?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Yus. :3"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Whooo?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder :D

GAME: Alba rolls wisdom: (2)+2: 4

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "ALba, please. :3"

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs. Ok!

<OOC> Alba says, "Pf."

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+6+2: (2)+6+2: 10

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+6+2: (11)+6+2: 19

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+6+2: (6)+6+2: 14

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Alba, does the 19 hit?"

<OOC> Alba says, "Yas."

<OOC> Alba says, "....Sec."

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+8: (9)+8: 17

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Does that trip?"

<OOC> Alba says, "Nope! Also I'm in midair. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok! Can a large creature reach her?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "If not..."

<OOC> Alba says, "Yus."

<OOC> Beaglefinder fingersnaps. D'oh. XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha was going to get another friend! Why you make me sad, Alba? :("

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 2d6+6: (6)+6: 12

GAME: You damaged Alba for 12 points. 31 HP remaining.

GAME: You damaged Alba for -100 points. 43 HP remaining.

GAME: You damaged Kisaiya for -100 points. 47 HP remaining.

GAME: You damaged Sasha for -100 points. 55 HP remaining.

GAME: You damaged Alba for 12 points. 31 HP remaining.

Snarling, chuckling--three hyenas break away, charging fast. Their heavy bodies move with the weight of a khazad war engine, but more agility.

Which means when all but one of them misses, their mistress is left howling.


Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 27.

It is now Clan Ahl's turn! Kisaiya is next!

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 22.

It is now Kisaiya's turn! Kamila is next!

"BY YOUR OWN HAND WILL YOUR END COME," Alba thunders, slicing an eye-twisting symbol in the sky. With a gesture, she sends the symbol streaking toward Kamila's new shape, sizzling faintly as it comes home.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kisa!"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Do I know which one is her?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You do. :3"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Is she 5 feet away? :D"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Wading in would mean moving past your new friend. You also might risk an AoO from the chucklepupswarm."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "She is 30' away from you. 50' away from everyone else, unless they've moved forward."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "OH! I have a friend?!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You do! :D"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It tried to bite you!"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "I will attack my friend!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "ROll the love!"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls scythe 1: aliased to 1d20+13: (10)+13: 23

GAME: Kisaiya rolls scythe 2: aliased to 1d20+8: (7)+8: 15

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Hit, hit!"

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 2d4+4: (2)+4: 6

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 2d4+4: (8)+4: 12

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ow! It's bleeding. A lot. D:"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 19.

It is now Kamila's turn! Sasha is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kamila turns, attacking one of Clan Ahl with vicious fangs! They're blocking her escape!"

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+13: (11)+13: 24

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d6+7: (3)+7: 10

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "And...begins to bleed, herself. Posing..."

Kisaiya turns toward the chucklepup that's attacking her, she frowns and shakes her head, "Why are you attacking me? It's not my fault, it's her's! You should let me go after her, you'll feel better." She lets the scythe arc about her, moving the blade about in a whirl of motion before stepping in and slicing the hyena.


GET AWAY FROM ME! Kamila lunges, twisting to bite one of Ahl across the flank. She rips away a sizable chunk of flesh in her fangs. Then, the janni whisper to her, aided by Alba's magic.

Scars, fresh and bleeding, appear on her own fur. She stares around her, wild-eyed and perhaps, suddenly, afraid.

And then, really, REALLY pissed off!

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 7.

It is now Sasha's turn! Alba is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "another searing light on Kamila."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll'em!"

GAME: Sasha rolls ranged: (19)+7: 26

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Hit!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "I don't think that misses."

GAME: Sasha rolls 7d6: (22): 22

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You needed a 15. ':)"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ow!"

GAME: Sasha casts Searing Light. Caster Level: 7 DC: 16

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "You burn her with Althea's Light. She may not be long for this world, if you can call upon the Hearth's grace just one. More. Time. Pose it!"

<OOC> Sasha says, "and...that was the last one I had."

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 6.

It is now Alba's turn! Hyenas is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Pose the epic. :3 Alba!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Your allies are getting hit pretty hard, btw. Hyenas are bigger than jackals. ^^;"

"Get away, Alba!" Sasha calls as she singles out Kamila again. "Get to Kamila and finish her!" She says as she lasers her again. "Vardama will see to you, Kamila! I'm guessing you thought I was a pacifist! YOU THOUGHT WRONG!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kamila also does not look too great. There's a large hyena right near you. And, near Sasha. The one near Kisa. ...you think she's got it. <.<"

<OOC> Alba says, "Click my heels (activating the Daredevil Boots), and lunge out of the clot of 'yenae, and casts Ray of Exhaustion at Kamila"

GAME: Ga'Elian has connected.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

GAME: Alba rolls acrobatics+5: (20)+11+5: 36

<OOC> Alba assumes that means no AoOs. XD

<OOC> Sasha says, "......WELL that worked out!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

<OOC> Sasha says, "hey Alba..."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "...I will award bonus xp if you include a pirouette in your pose. <.< Just sayin'. :("

<OOC> Sasha says, "Do a 'TRACER' recall effect for that."

<OOC> Sasha says, "oh wait....that's Tara's thing. XD"

<OOC> Alba says, "Hee. XD"

GAME: Alba casts Ray of Exhaustion. Caster Level: 10 DC: 18

GAME: Alba rolls ranged: (20)+9: 29 (THREAT)

GAME: Alba rolls ranged: (15)+9: 24

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Though, sec."

<OOC> Alba says, "Just in case it can crit, which it can't, but hey. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "I am not sure that spell will work on undead. It requires a fort save. ^^;"

<OOC> Beaglefinder > Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Since you knew she was undead, would you like Alba to cast something else?"

<OOC> Alba says, "Yeah."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Otherwise, yus, epic. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "What would you like her to do, after her amazing flip? :3"

GAME: Zant has connected.

<OOC> Alba says, ".....:D :D :D :D"

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies.

<OOC> Alba says, "Curse of Magic Negation."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

<OOC> Sasha finds that one ironic.

<OOC> Sasha >.>

<OOC> Alba says, "Heeheehee."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Are you penalizing her will save in any way, so I know ahead of time?"

<OOC> Alba says, "Nothing that I can do as a free or swift action."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok. What's the save DC?"

GAME: Heinrich has connected.

<OOC> Alba says, "Will 19."

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+10: (3)+10: 13

<OOC> Alba says, "(A negated spellcaster has his ability to manipulate magical energies disrupted. He gains Spell Resistance equal to 10 plus twice the highest spell level he can cast. This Spell Resistance cannot be voluntarily lowered. In addition, anytime he casts a spell, he must make a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against this Spell Resistance. On a successful check, the spell is completed and the spellcaster's Spell Resistance is removed until the start of his next turn. Failure indicates he failed to muster up enough magical energy to cast the spell, but the spell is not lost and may be attempted again. Any feats or abilities that aid in bypassing Spell Resistance help with this check.)"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "And...she fails. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok! This is interesting. Pose casting and then please give me a moment. ^^;"

<OOC> Sasha says, "Kisa?"

<OOC> Sasha says, "The reason it's ironic.....is that Alba is using a spell that RAETHON gave her."

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (8)+2: 10

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (17)+2: 19

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (18)+2: 20

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (18)+2: 20

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (2)+2: 4

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (4)+2: 6

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (9)+2: 11

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (11)+2: 13

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (11)+2: 13

GAME: Beaglefinder rolls 1d20+2: (9)+2: 11

And hey, while she's handing out proclamations of doom, Alba has another one to throw on the pile. With a click of her heels, she launches up and out of the reach of the hyena currently savaging her, turning a bit of a pirouette on a trail of flame, before stabbing her razored hand at Kamila. "AND YOUR POWER SHALL TURN ITS HAND AGAINST YOU, OATHBREAKER."

The curse hits Kamila, roiling over her fur. Her silken fur, so unlike that of a normal hyena's, begins to burn. It burns first with fire, then ice. It crumbles to earth, and then the wind--searing and hot--blows it away.

What's left behind is the mark you're all familiar with.

If one listens, one might hear the whisper of the janni in the wind.

For a moment, no one moves. NO ONE. The hyenas stand frozen on the field.

But jackals are quick on their feet. Opportunists. The one you know as Jack yips and his clan takes the OPPORTUNITY. Instead of attacking the beasts, they turn and stare. Some of the hyenas fall over, dropping asleep on the sands.

Some, but there are a few more. Who now stand, looking confused.

Hungry, and confused.

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Two - Init 4.

It is now Hyenas' turn! Clan Ahl is next!


Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Three - Init 27.

It is now Clan Ahl's turn! Kisaiya is next!

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Three - Init 22.

It is now Kisaiya's turn! Kamila is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok. Spellcraft if you have it. Then give me an action. :3"

<OOC> Sasha says, "all of us?"

<OOC> Sasha doesn't have it. :/

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "I'm going to keep to inits for one round more, depending on your turn. I'll ask for it on your turns. ^^;"

<OOC> Sasha says, "ohw ait..."

GAME: Alba rolls spellcraft: (3)+17: 20

<OOC> Sasha says, "oh okie"

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

<OOC> Alba says, "Aderp, sorry, missed that. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder <3

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "We'll be moving fairly quickly, now. ':)"

<OOC> Sasha says, "K."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Sec."

GAME: Kisaiya rolls 5: (1)+5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "HUMAN IMPROV! :D"

<OOC> Beaglefinder ok. XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder <3

<OOC> Kisaiya :D

You paged Kisaiya with 'It looks like the symbol that'd been on the hyenas. ^^;

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "What would Kisa like to do?"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Is one of the hungry hyenas near me?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "I'll say yes. They look hungry and confused."

GAME: Delilah has connected.

GAME: Molly has connected.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Intimidate?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll'em!"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "RAR! RUN FROM US! WE NOT FOOD!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder XD

GAME: Kisaiya rolls Intimidate: (1)+11: 12 (EPIC FAIL)

<OOC> Kisaiya XD

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Oh no!"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "That... Is awesome."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "It looks more confused! And takes a half-step towards you!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Go ahead and pose. XD"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Three - Init 19.

It is now Kamila's turn! Sasha is next!

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Three - Init 7.

It is now Sasha's turn! Alba is next!

GAME: Cesran has disconnected. <Timeout>

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha!"

GAME: Heinrich has disconnected. <Quit>

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Spellcraft, if you have it. And action. ^^;"

Kisaiya turns and points out at the spell that was used. She gestures at it and says, "HEY! Is that magic missile? I've heard it's supposed to be a really good spell and all-." She pauses as everything else has been quiet for like... the last several seconds. Then things move and she looks at the Hyena.

"HEY!" She shouts at it, throwing up her arms "Get out of here! We're not food damn it!" And the Hyena looks confused and steps toward her. "Oh for the love of the Gods."

<OOC> Sasha says, "human improv"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll'em!"

GAME: Sasha rolls 1d20+2+3: (15)+2+3: 20

You paged Sasha with 'The symbol makes more sense, now. Sasha knew it was of Thul. You'd discerned it had to do with control...but the subtle markings? ...suggest water, and sand. It suggests oasis. Kamila was bound, as well.

You paged Sasha with 'The curse definitely disrupted something, but beyond that, she can't quite put her finger on it. With time to study...

<OOC> Beaglefinder pages. :D

GAME: Cesran has connected.

<OOC> Alba says, "Totally wasn't the intended result, BUT HEY I'LL TAKE IT."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "There's 3 hungry, confused hyenas left. That's why we're inits. Ahl put the others to sleep."

<OOC> Sasha says, "okay, spiritual ally to assist kisaiya."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kisa tried to scare one off, and it almost worked. <.<"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Cast and roll, then. ':)"

GAME: Sasha casts Spiritual Ally. Caster Level: 7 DC: 17

GAME: Sasha rolls 1d20+5+3: (20)+5+3: 28

GAME: Sasha rolls 1d20+5+3: (20)+5+3: 28

<OOC> Sasha stares.....

<OOC> Sasha says, "Just......stares."

<OOC> Alba pat. XD

GAME: Sasha rolls +2d10+4: +(8)+4: 12

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ded. :3"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Pose it. :D"

GAME: Beaglefinder advances the initiative order.

Round Three - Init 6.

It is now Alba's turn! Hyenas is next!

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Alba! Spellcraft. :3"

<OOC> Alba says, "How many are left awake and hungry?"

GAME: Alba rolls spellcrft: (1)+spellcrft: 1 (EPIC FAIL)

GAME: Alba rolls spellcraft: (4)+17: 21

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Just 2, and they're looking kinda confused."

You paged Alba with 'The symbol makes more sense, now. Sasha knew it was of Thul. You'd discerned it had to do with control...but the subtle markings? ...suggest water, and sand. It suggests oasis. Kamila was bound, as well. The curse disrupted that bond in a major way. ...even undead, she probably should have passed decades ago, which raises the question--just how long had she been here? And how old WERE those graves, anyway?

Sasha calls upon her power to create a force angel to assist Kisaiya. As the creature is conjured, it easily slays the Hyena there.....

You paged Alba with 'The pieces begin to fall into place, one after the other. To break the Truce of Water. To perhaps, murder one's comrades. ...you can't confirm that, of course. But Kamila had a sort of way about her, didn't she? Janni-blooded? Alba had called her honey'd tongue'd. (A lot of that comes from her Veyshanti heritage. Otherwise, her roll was just one over Sasha's. ^^;)

<OOC> Alba says, "........Gonna Intimidate the remaining 'yenae into fleeing, using my 10' hair radius to make me look bigger. XD"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Ok!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Roll with a +2 bonus!"

GAME: Alba rolls intimidate+2: (13)+15+2: 30

Kisaiya has partially disconnected.

GAME: Kisaiya has partially disconnected.

GAME: Beaglefinder removes the timestop.

Timestop by Beaglefinder has left.

GAME: You remove the timestop.

The masked witch hangs where she is as the Thulite burns away, head tilting to one side. For a long, long moment, she studies the symbol, then turns her head to regard Jack. "....How long *did* this creature reside in this oasis?" she asks... and it's not until *then* that the canines' continued presense registers.

It's barely even considered, really; her hair flares out in all directions, her claws sing against each other, and with a quick thundering of "FLEE FOR YOUR TICK-RADDLED LIVES OR I WILL PEEL YOUR FACES!" the canines are sent a-running.

Floating to the oasis floor, she stares unflinchingly at Jack, awaiting her answer.

"...I don't know." An admission of not-knowing is rare among the Veyshanti. It gives an advantage to another, but Jack offers it. He sits crouched, shielded by one of his clan. "Did you figure out something?" he asks. Keen, black eyes look at the party with interest.

The remaining hyenas jog away, and why not? You'd all but decimated them. The force that had controlled them is gone and with a little encouragement, they may be driven out of the oasis entirely.

Kamila, however old she was, whatever the nature of her bargain with Thul was, is gone.

GAME: Weather has connected.

Kisa sighs and gives a couple shakes of her scythe before resheathing it along her back. She looks back to Jack and Alba, her eyes moving between one and the other. Then the jackals! She grins and walks over toward one trying to look dignified.


"Yeah! we learned she's not living, and there's something with the... Jinn? Jann? The Lesser genie folk." Kisa nods her head a few times and looks toward Sasha. She wiggles her eyebrows and gestures with her head toward Jack.

Slowly, yet surely, turns her attention towards Jack....but does walk her way over towards Alba. To place a healing hand upon Alba's back. "Kamila....was also bound. That curse caused the binding to burn away.....and as such...her life. SO.....who bound her?" She says staring at Jack.........

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sense Motive, if you like. ':) Also, Survival. Anyone."

GAME: Alba rolls sense motive: (19)+2: 21

GAME: Alba rolls survival: (8)+12: 20

GAME: Kisaiya rolls +5: (1)++5: 6 (EPIC FAIL)


GAME: Kisaiya rolls Survival: (9)+9: 18

You paged Alba with 'He appears honest, but. You could gain an advantage by playing out the information. If she chose to. And those graves were OLD.

GAME: Baz da Ork has connected.

You paged Kisaiya with 'Those graves were OLD.

<OOC> Kisaiya is better at surviving.

<OOC> Beaglefinder laughs.

GAME: Sasha rolls sense motive+2: (20)+3+2: 25

GAME: Sasha rolls survival+2: (1)+3+2: 6 (EPIC FAIL)

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "An that's why Sasha and I are friends."

You paged Sasha with 'He appears honest, but. You could gain an advantage by playing out any information. If she chose to.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "We make up for eachothers deficiencies."

<OOC> Alba XD

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Sasha says, "Janni is singular and Jann is for plural, Kisa."

<OOC> Alba says, "G'head, Sasha. :3"

Sasha tilts her head. "So what DO you know, Jack?" She says walking her way forward, but keeping a little bit of distance.

Kisaiya stares toward Sasha and blinks, "Yeah, well Peas in your Nest." She sticks out her tongue and looks toward the grades then. She gives a frown and slowly tilts her head to the side.

"You know." She says, pointing over toward them, "Those graves 'r' kinda old. So, whoever did it, maybe they did it a while ago - or maybe she's been dead for a while and they brought her back? I dunno, this is well beyond my knowledge. Can I just play matchmaker instead?"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "*graves"

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies.

FOr the moment, Alba remains silent, looking from Sasha, to Kisaiya, then back to Jack. Her mask stays on, now, and whatever that means to Jack, is up to him.

"We knew she had a honeyed tongue. Every deal we made with her family...something seemed to go wrong." Jack flashes a smile. Just the right amount of teeth, to show his frustration. Look at me. Look how tame I am. My tail is curled over my claws. But, in this at least--he appears truthful.

Also, thankfully and tastefully covered by his clan member in front of him. Apparently, some things don't make the change well!

A shrug that ripples like water. "I thought it was unusual. Irritating, of course. How would it not be? But, anything beyond that, you put the pieces together. So, thank you for that."

And he starts to stand. STAND! He is totally going to stand up unless someone stops him!!!

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Does he look like a jackal? Because a jackal on two-legs would be cute."

<OOC> Kisaiya imagines the jackal walking away like people.

<OOC> Alba says, "He looks like a naked dude. XD"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Ohhhh."

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "I'll spoil and say he could do that. At the moment, he looks fully, dusky-skinned Veyshanti human. But he has 3 forms."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "brb, in 10. GO AROUND ME!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Aaaand Kisa goes: Newp, not stopping that! <nudges Sasha in forward, imperceptibly>"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "The rest of the world: <throws a towel!>"

Sasha says, "So where do you stand in this, Jack." Sasha is NOT looking down. NOPE's the hell out of that."

GAME: Astaren has disconnected. <Quit>

"I know not why," Alba says, tilting her head to one side. "But it is likely that she murdered her fellows, there. She has lived far longer than any of her kind would have the right to, unquiet dead or true-living. Lived so long, she, that it was only the magic that gave her form. Only her contract with her god. Of course she would have the advantage, Aul-man; she has been bound to *this* water, *this* sand, ever since she broke her clan. And who is to say how long ago *this* was."

GAME: Kisaiya has reconnected.

Kisaiya has reconnected.

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Okay!"

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<OOC> Kisaiya says, "What'd I miss?"

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"NO-NO-NO!" Kisa says, flailing her arms, "When she said where do you stand, she didn't mean literally to stand!" Then her arm comes down to scratch behind a jackal's ear as she looks toward Alba. She blinks.

"You know, I think I'm just going to have to trust you, Alba." And a look to Sasha, "And of course, Sasha," She looks back to Alba, "Because - honestly - I really don't understand half of what's going on. Are you saying she made a contract wiht a god to live long and how does this all play out? WAIT! Those symbols in the ledger! Is she sending weapons to agents of her God?"

Sasha says, "Her god was Thul, Kisa. Thul deals with the undead.....and she was the walking dead herself."

"...not curious enough of a jackal to go down that burrow. But it says something, about the Truce of Water, doesn't it?" Jack says, looking at Alba directly, when she speaks up.

There's a long, long silence. He'd taken that Truce, hadn't he? He thankfully, stays seated, though, after your warrior's gesturing. The jackal near Kisaiya stays where it is. It looks away, dignified. But it doesn't move away from the scratching, either.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Kamila you suspect, broke the Truce. ^^;"

Sasha looks over towards Alba. "But she was also bound, Alba."

Kisaiya has partially disconnected.

GAME: Kisaiya has partially disconnected.

"So it should," Alba says, looking Jack right in the eye.

As far as he or anyone else knows, anyway.

"Every Oasis has a story of what happened when its Truce was broken. There is good warning in the consequences. And now, there is a new tale to spread." With that, Alba uncoils, hair spreading as she turns to her compatriots, not coincidentally giving the Aul plenty of cover. "To the tents, we should return. A long journey have we to prepare for."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Aul?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Clan Ahl."

<OOC> Alba says, "Jack, of Clan Ahl. :D"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Oh!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder XD

<OOC> Kisaiya says, ".... OMG"

<OOC> Beaglefinder >.>

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "If I could give Beagle a cookie..."

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"Thul's a god of dark bargains, on top of it. I'd say she made a wrong choice, but then I wasn't there. The more this goes on though, the less curious I am about it. Not my burrow, as I said. I believe I owe you my part of the bargain, though." Jack says. He sounds unsettled.

And then, well, he bows. ...and walks towards the caravanserai. Thankfully, there are jackals. One of them stays a while near Kisaiya, though. Getting its ears scratched. Then, bounds after.

Kisa frowns at Sasha, "Nonono, that doesn't matter. I mean, /yes/ it does matter but-" she shakes her head, "-it's not important in what I was saying. Who she worships is a meh? But what about the rest! What about why she had the life! How she got it! AND THE WEAPONS!" she continues to scratch the ears as they start to move.

"I... Oh never mind. Whatever." Kisa sighs and turns, walking along back toward the caravan, "Doesn't matter anyway, just Kisa rambling. Got it."

<OOC> Beaglefinder dieees.

GAME: Dagdan has connected.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Y'all have most of the pieces. THere's more you can research if you like, but. If there's no objections, I'll go ahead and wrap us up. ^^;"

Alba pats Kisa's shoulder. "It matters, but perhaps less than you think, warrior," she says, as the jackals lope off. "There is more mystery to tease from these waters... but our part in this tale is done, and I will be glad to get the dragon's gifts back to his keeping."

Kisa glances toward Alba, "That was a lot of weapons that she was moving. Hey, since she's not going to be using it - maybe I should just take her ledger. I still say there's something more there." She rolls her head back, looking toward the sky above.

"Oh yeah... We were doing that job for the dragon."

<OOC> Beaglefinder dies.

"I doubt there will be issue, and I wish you joy of it," Alba says. For her part, the Witch seems utterly incurious, though now and again she can be heard to mutter a bit of the woman's story in a tale-teller's cadence.

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sasha? Do you want a pose?"

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Beags! Beags! In the wrap! Make sure Kisa is urging Sasha with Jack! She did say she would after!"

<OOC> Beaglefinder ok!

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "WOO!"

<OOC> Kisaiya smiles innocently at Sasha.

<OOC> Beaglefinder types. ':3

An ancient creature and an ancient curse died, tonight. The sands will have their way by morning. It's how legends live, in Veyshan--even what is known, or what is sure, becomes buried over. Becomes guesswork.

You visit Jack's tent, one last time. To rest and recover.

At dusk the next evening, he presents you with a gift. When you see it--a massive, yet delicately carved, glass-blown dragon, you know that your other employer will be pleased. And what would a dragon give to a person of interest, save an image of the greatest creature on Ea?

Well, it IS finely made. Perhaps the dragon IS interested. Or, perhaps Jack just understands something of a dragon's nature.

Other questions perhaps, will have to wait. In the meantime, Kisaiya has made a few new contacts. Alba has seen justice done, in her homeland. A piece of pottery from a drinking-bowl that any Veyshanti now, would want nowhere near themselves. And Sasha...

...there's a carefully-sewn cloak waiting for her the next morning, across her camel's saddle. A hyena pelt.

"With care, from Jack."

<OOC> Kisaiya says, "Oh! Can I take that ledger?"

<OOC> Beaglefinder says, "Sure. XD"