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Mogrinaar - The Dread Cleaver

About My Character

Son of Garuuk the Blood Letter and Oruka the Widow Maker, Mogrinaar is an Adom Orc from the wilds of Dran. His clan is rumored to have Dragon's blood in it and there is a fire that burns inside this Orc and his people. Mogrinaar decided to leave his clan in search of adventure, honor, coin, and knowledge. Taking part in the politics of strife between the Warlords and his own claims to leadership is something that brings little interest to him currently. Instead he finds joy in the midst of battle, fighting besides those whom he can rely on, bringing terror and swift death to their foes. Gruff and to the point, this warrior tells it like it is but prefers action to idle banter. He can normally be found checking for work around the taverns and adventurer's guild.



Roleplay Hooks

  • Roleplay hook - Orc Culture, Dragons, War
  • Roleplay hook - Mercenary work, Exploration, Dungeon Delving

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Three may keep a secret when two of them are dead.

Horse art by Ben Wootten and Paizo, Inc.