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About Mittens

Mittanya "Mittens" Mudlump is a Lucht from the most boring farming community in all of the Vast (excluding the occasional planar monster attack). She was destined for a life of farming when she was given strange powers of weird magic! Banished from the sleepy village of Reedbend for becoming too awesome for them to handle, she struck out with her faithful pig on the hunt for ADVENTURE.

Mitten Hooks

  • Creepy hair.
  • She's new to adventuring. Please help.
  • Herbs.
  • Disguises!


Lucht Siuil PC Badge
Family: Mudlump.
Community: The Mudlumps of Reedbend.
Faith: Mittens follows a mysterious power of mystery, which probably isn't evil.
Favorite Tale: The one about the three unwise Kobolds.