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Millicent Brauerhaven

Vital Stats

  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Class: Cleric
  • Nationality: Alexandrian
  • Deity: Althea
  • Title: Hearthguard

Member of a rapidly expanding clan based in the Alexandria Temple of Althea, Millie is the eldest child of a human Hearthguard father and a elven Sentinel mother. With three younger brothers (all Hearthguard) and two younger sisters (both Sentinels) all born and raised in Alexandria, she is part of a clan that FIRMLY believes in the values that Althea and her followers espouse. Chances are, if you are involved with the Althean temple in Alexandria, you know at least ONE Brauerhaven or at least know the family's reputation.

Additionally, she is working on building her own little clan in the Althean tradition. Married to Miles Gower, a fellow half-elf who is a Sunguard of Daeus, they have a child of their own (Amalda - 4 years old) and three adopted orphans. Jerrod (5) is an Arvek Nar, Neral (8) is a half-elf, and Marek (6) is a human. There are good-natured jokes around the Temple that Millie has started adventuring for a bit of peace and quiet but it is evident that Millie and Miles certainly firmly believe in the tenants of Althea and Daeus in their household and despite a grouping of boisterous children, manage to maintain the cheerful good-natured attitude often seen in their churches.

RP Hooks

  • Althea: as a cleric, it is not surprising to know she is a true believer.
  • Actual Family Person: she has a husband and a pack of children. Sometimes this makes for amusing scenes on the street.
  • Lifelong Alexandrian: here during all the various exciting happenings of the city, she probably can tell you SOMETHING about them.
  • New Adventurer: she is taking a break from pastoral work in the temple and is instead moving on to doing work with the Explorer's Guild