Matthias Haelker

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Haelker Family

The Haelkers were a minor noble family that owned land bordering the Wyrmwood of Dragonier, along with one farming village. Count Urich Haelker was the last to lay claim to the hereditary estate, before Dragonier fell and the family was forced to flee. Currently the family resides in Myrddion as the guests of another lord.

Matthias's Personality and Motives

Matthias’ demeanour can be dramatically different than what is expected from a holy warrior of Daeus. The lessons imparted from his mentor, and the harshness of life, have stripped away his civility. Though still capable of kind words and proper etiquette, especially when wooing a pretty lady, foul curses and blunt commentary come more easily to his lips. He puts the honesty of the paladin’s code into practice on his own terms, not afraid to speak his mind on any topic.

Gambling, drinking, and chasing after the fairer sex are his vices, though ones he has well under control in order to avoid crossing the line; he indulges them at his discretion to heal his mind and prepare himself for the next ordeal. He prefers the company of common folk of lower breeding, and finds those of higher breeding to often be disingenuous. Not to mention his preferred activities are more commonly found in unsavoury areas.

However his work is as righteous as any other that serves Daeus, and it’s here that his true nature is displayed. Though he might protest and complain when performing his work, it is just an outlet to avoid bottling up his negativity, and not a sign of a lack of commitment. He’ll see things through to the bitter end, and he is a loyal friend to those not easily offended. In his martial pursuits he fights with just the bare minimum of honour needed to not violate his code, but otherwise gives the enemy no unnecessary advantages. The cornerstones of successful warfare are information and deception, and he plays his part by making sure he surrenders as little information to the enemy as possible.

RP Hooks

  • Gambler: Did you know that paladins can still gamble? Matthias prefers card games, and usually keeps his religious affiliations to himself when seeking out games around the docks. He doesn't lie about, he just doesn't mention it unless asked.
  • Daeus: Though impious in tone, he is still a paladin and therefore tends to the needs of the people in Daeus' name. However he has little need for the organization of the temple, and doesn't pay much attention or respect to other clergy unless they earn it.
  • Wyrmwood Countryman: Though Dragonier is known for its floating island cities, Matthias lived in the countryside on the border of the Wyrmwood forest.
  • Refugee: Matthias has nothing to return to in Dragonier. His family's estate was besieged, the nearby village burnt to the ground, and everyone he ever knew is either dead or fled to neighbouring lands.
  • Nobility: The Haelkers may have lost their land, but there's still some who pay fealty to them, as well as those with vendettas against the family. The remaining family members are staying as guests in Myrddion.
  • Renckley: Matthias' mentor is another Paladin of Daeus, and even more blunt and abrasive than Matthias. He's presumably still out there, if he didn't die upon returning to Dragonier.