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Lucius Noctua

About My Character

The son of a blacksmith and a poet, Lucius found the path of adventure as an escape from his monotonous future in Bryn Myridorn, until then the only place he had ever lived or seen. A cavalier by training, his gifts include robust physical strength and a sharp, tactical intellect. Although his behavior can be erratic at times, as a friend he is loyal almost to a fault. So what are his true motivations? It’s possible that even Lucius himself doesn’t know. At present, this young adventurer moves forward purely for the sake of moving forward.


Physical Description


Lucius carries himself with an air of dignity and grace, and his slim but muscular build sometimes makes him appear taller than he really is. Wreathed in cinnamon brown hair, his youthful countenance is accentuated by a sharp jawline and fair, unblemished skin. He possesses a thin straight nose and wide, bow-shaped lips. Beneath his long, delicate brows sit his most prominent feature: a pair of deep-set, calculating jade-green eyes.


Black as night, Thunder possesses a sturdy build and a low-set tail. His eyes are hazel, and his neck is long, almost swanlike. His short ears are, on occasion, half-obscured by a thick, flowing mane. Anyone with knowledge of horse breeds might recognize him as one of the famed Corleonis warhorses of Myrddion.



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Horse art by Ben Wootten and Paizo, Inc.