Log:Broken Blade: Metal Identification

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April 24, 2015 Broken Blade: Metal Identification Kyson and Stirling

There are many labs and rooms in the artificers halls but luckily they are laid out in a logical maner and there is only one ringing with the sound of steel on steel. In one such workroom a large chrome clad Arvek pounds away at a billet of metal on an anvil, the hammer coming down repeatedly as it slowly shaped and transforms the lump of metal. The room itself is litered with contraptions of all kinds, alchemical solutions bubble on a workbench while in another corner a steam furnace drives gears for some unknown purpose.

The young wizard slowly makes his way into the Artificer's hall and heads towards the nearest laboratory from which he can hear sound eminating. Pausing at the doorway, he spies Stirling and recognizes the form of the powerfully built Arvek. "Master Stirling," he calls with the hope of seeing if the worker can be disturbed for a while. "...might I trouble you for an opinion on something?"

Stirling looks up from his work and sticks the metal work piece back amongst the glowing hot coals of a fire. He then wipe shis hands on a rag and aproaches Kyson. "Sure thing, what can I help you with?" he asks with a grimace, not appearing all that happy to be interupted.

Kyson withdraws a wrapped bundle from his satchel and starts turning it over and over in his hand to unbind it. The wrapping is thick cloth with large portions of embroidery in some unintelligible design. Only when it's fully unwrapped is it clear that the cloth is actually a fragment of a large flag; the flag of the Kingdom of Rune. The young wizard then holds out a gleaming fragment of a sword - the handle, hilt and a few inches of blade. "I was wondering if you could tell me...well anything about this." He holds the sword fragment, by the blade with the cloth of the flag and adds, "I suspect it's from Rune but I'm not sure about the metals used."

Stirling takes the blade in his enormous chrome fists and turns it over a few times before leading Kyson over to a work bench, carefuly laying the weapon fragment on cloth. "Well lets have a good look. Its awfully heavy for its size, so its not one of the lighter materials like mithril and probably not steel." he suggests. From a wooden box he retrieves an tubular eyepiece and uses it to examine the break in the weapon. "Hrmmmmm....."

Kyson peers, "I...know that it was a well-crafted weapon at one time. The enchantments placed upon it were apparently quite potent to leave such an echo...but I have no idea how long ago it was broken." The young wizard peers as the artificer starts to work at identifying the materials.

Stirling nods, continuing to examine the piece. "Ah yes... there was a lot of magic involved in the crafting. I suspect adamantine, barring something rare I have never seen before. Which is unlikely." he adds before moving onto the hilt. "Interesting hilt as well.

Kyson hrms and seems a bit confused, "I've not heard of that metal before. What is it? Something magically inclined or... maybe something rare?" With the immediate questions starting to pour from his mouth, the young man withdraws a leather-clad journal from his satchel and starts to jot down a few notes. "Where would one find ... adamantine you say?"

Stirling nods as he begins examining the handle "Star metal, it falls from the skies as meteorites. Its very hard, difficult to break which makes this specimin all the more impressive. Its quite rare, very good at breaking other weapons and makes for very tough armor if you can collect enough." he adds sounding just a little bit impressed at seeing it in the weapon.

Kyson takes a step forward to where the metal-man is working. "Star...metal..." he mutters while scribbling into the journal. "So what in the name of the Father could break it?" It's a simple question but definitely one from one who doesn't understand the complexities of metallurgy. With a faint sigh the young man leans against anything that might support him while pondering the new information. "Have you ever worked with this type of metal before?"

Stirling handle wobbles at the last question, not a subtle gesture with his large Titanfists. "I have worked with it a little bit, there are a few components in my armor made of it but all rather small due to the rarity. Enough force would break a weapon like this or enough damage over time. Its very hard but not indestructible. Do you plan on getting it remade by chance? It would likely make for a very good blade. The inlay work on the crossguard is quite incredible."

Kyson blurts out a faint sound of impossibility which sounds like a weird sneeze. "I would like to but if it's as rare as you say then I'd never be able to afford enough to complete..."he pauses mid-thought as an idea jumps in front of him. "... wait, this could be repaired?" The thought had never occurred to him before then that the broken blade could, one day, be made whole. "If the metal is so near-indestructible...then maybe the other half has been lost somewhere?" The idea isn't exactly impossible - at least in the wizard's mind. "Could you reconnect the two-halves if I found it?"

Stirling nods "The two could be rejoined with magic, something you may want to go to a wizard for. Alternatively I could reforge the weapon if you found the rest of the material. However I would in essence be making a brand new sword using the existing material. In all honestly... there poeple who are better at it than I am."

Kyson nods and walks over to pick up the broken hilt. Holding it in his hand seems about the most awkward and unnatural thing for him - but, being a wizard, it's not all that unfamiliar. In the young man's hand the broken blade is little more than an over-grown, highly ornamented dagger. "Well," he begins while starting to wrap it back in the flag, "...if I can locate more of it I'll let you know. Maybe some of the smiths in Rune might know." Finally secured with a slender, white cord, he returns it to his satchel and adjusts the fall of the strap on his shoulder. "Anything more you could tell me about it?"

Stirling shrugs "Nothing that matters, really. However if you find the other piece I will gladly direct you towards experts in the matter. I wish you good luck." he adds with a bit of a grin.

Kyson nods and starts to bow to the golem but pauses and slowly extends his hand in friendship. Manners. "You have been very helpful Master Stirling. I appreciate your expertise." Turning to head for the door he calls back, "Do I owe you anything for the consultation?"

Stirling shakes his head "Not today. Perhaps next time." and then turns to resume his work.