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About Liarora

Liarora is a bit of an anomaly even amongst her own kind, the Sylvanori. An overly curious wilder elf who would prefer to explore and encounter people of other races rather than hide within the safety and isolation of the remote wilderness, she seemed to lack the magical talent of her fellow villagers, and the ability to hear the voice of the forest. While she is a nature lover, her instincts for hunting and love for adventure sent her on a quest to find and rescue her missing sister, to avenge the death of a dear friend, mentor and fellow Ranger, and to learn what it means to be a true heroine. And maybe somewhere along the way she will finally learn to wield magic..

Roleplay Hooks

  • Magic Student - Lia is a struggling magic student who desperately wishes to learn to use magic. Unfortunately she's not very good at it - yet! Can you help her?
  • Have You Seen This Elf? - She seems to be searching for her missing sister..Have you seen her or can you help?
  • Nature Lover - Are you a fellow naturalist? Do you enjoy frolicking through the woods, going on hunting trips or simply enjoying nature? You might find Lia standing alongside you.
  • Heroine in Training - Are you an experienced adventurer who has braved many dangers, told many tales and accomplished many quests? Lia might instantly warm up to you and seek to learn from you.