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Lesmae Starwater

About My Character

The cause of an unhappy marriage, Lesmae was the result of what happens when the upper middle class drink and run with bad ideas. Because of social mores, however, the scandal was quickly averted by way of matrimony. Thus was how her human mother and Llyranesi father had a legitimate baby girl, and not the legitimate baby boy he would have rather had given the choice.

She grew up around a doting mother, loving grandparents on both sides, and lots of books and maps; idyllic enough until it no longer was. At 10 her mother passed. At 11 she was sent to boarding school. At 13 she rebelled, and by 14 she was a different, much more broken girl. Then her school burned down and she returned home. Good times.

The next several years many different things happened though. Having had a good ear for tongues to begin with she started to become almost savant-like as she poured through the different volumes available at the book trading company her father owned. She also began working along side his apprentices, picking up a fine hand and ability with a quill. Then Norgrun showed up. Norgrun's a hedgehog.

Now the young 20-something has grown, and has begun striking out on her own. Her vaguely tolerant father hopes that she'll end up married and someone else's problem, or maybe just die on one of these new adventures she's been on about. She's been flexing her wings and delving into some of the cultured she's only been reading about. And Norgrun has been teaching her all sorts of interesting things she can do if she really puts her mind to it...


Roleplay Hooks

  • Scribe and calligrapher
  • Translater of [as of June 2015] Celestial, Draconic, Gnomish, Goblin-talk, Khazdul, and Sildanyar. Available for hire!
  • Erstwhile witch
  • Mild pyromaniac
  • Unmarried gentry with a Dawn Elf father who is trying to get rid of her