Legwork Mini-Guide for GMs

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Have you ever had one of the following situations?

  • Players want to look into the bad guy's organization!
  • Players want to follow-up on a rumor!

Perhaps you'd like to:

  • Encourage players to coordinate for an especially tough scene ahead!
  • Let players accomplish some things that require some effort, but not necessarily a full scene run by you. Or perhaps it just happens over time. These efforts probably lead to a scene, but you're not there yet.

...and so on. The above are examples of what you might want to use a legwork for. They are not the limit!

How do I Set One Up?

Any player GM may request a Legwork queue, and have as many or as few players added to it as they wish. There are two ways to do this:

Option A: If your legwork immediately follows an event, type:+event/leg <#>=Hi! I've opened a legwork on this scene. Use +myjob/add <#> to reply to it. This will auto-add all /confirmed players from that scene.
Option B: If your legwork does not immediately follow an event, just +request/legwork <title>=This is for legwork relating to <thing>. You can use +myjob/source <#>=<name> <name> <name> to add players.

What Can I do with Them?

You can...

  • Ask for +rolls for investigative work
  • Ask players how they intend to accomplish a goal (RPP spends play a big role, here, so do not hesitate to ask who they have official ties to!)
  • Offer details on investigation, and any updated rumors
  • Even provide a miniature plot summary
  • ...and anything else you can think of

Legworks are a tool for every GM and player. Also, players may request or open them as well. Though this mini-guide isn't focused on that, you are free to request other PCs be added to your own legwork queues, as well.