Legend of Lady Branickbern

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The Lady Branickbern was the Countess in the eagle hills, a breadbasket and home to primarily farmers and hunters. When the Bludguni menace invaded Sendor it was called to lend weapons and men to the cause like any other province, emptying of all men and soldier capable of bearing arms.

So it was when a splinter tribe unexpectantly headed for the unprotected lands to loot and plunder, the Countess found herself without knights or soldier for defense. She was not one to go quietly though, no coward she, she took up the sword and the banner of a black eagle on silver shield, rallying all she could to take up arms in defense. Farmers, hunters, women and even young children were called to form a militia. called to defend thier homes. For 16 days the 4 score civilians, led by the Lady Branickbern gave battle against an overwhelming foe of hundreds. For 16 days she bled the invader, for 16 days she set ambushes, traps and harrased the foe FOr 16 days she took everything from the Bludguni and gave nothing in return. Eventually the Lady was captured in a box canyon along with those who remained of the militia she had raised. When questioned where the others were, because the Bludguni thought they were fighting hundreds of foe she simply smiled and responded 'We are all'. Only a handfull of the militia survived imprisonment to share the story, not including the Lady.

Those who would find valor against overwhelming odds do well to remember the Lady Branickbern. they do well to remember her story and those who would follow her example of unwavering duty often wear pendants with a black eagle on a silver shield, a small 16 underneath.

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