Lanier Vaylan

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About My Character

Not much information is known about the Ranger named Lanier Vaylan prior to his introduction to the Ygdrassil Union by the Llyranesi druid named Nemiron. Trained by the druid in the ways of the woodlands of his home, and trained by the Elven Wardens in the more martial aspects of surviving with as harsh of a mistress as nature can be, Lanier has turned a corner and become somewhat of a guardian of the lands around Alexandros. He has made a living acting as a guide to the people of the city, as an adventurer, and as a mercenary selling a sword to those with enough gold to allow him to afford the things he can't make or find for himself in the forests.

RP Hooks

In Progress.

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Gilead
Temple: Gilead's Temple in Alexandria
Role: Green Warden
Landmarks: None


(RPP) Organization PC Badge
Organization: Ygdrasil Union
Role: Casual
Other Landmarks: