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About My Character

A young Giantborn who has pledged himself to Daeus instead of Angoron, Kor, or Maugrim like many Giantborn do. He's been a War Priest for the past handful of years and recently traveled to Alexandria to meet the local Priests and offer his blade in the service of the Sun to help defend the city during these dark days.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Braided Mohawk! (How cool is that?)
  • Social Drinker (And otherwise drinker)
  • Cleric of Daeus
  • Healer


Giantborn PC Badge
Heritage: Cloud & Stone
Clan: Vale
Lodge: River
Faith: Daeus


A huge man, even for a Jotunborn, he has granite grey-colored skin as the canvas for his high proud features. His features are angular over rounded with high prominent cheekbones that hollow his cheeks slightly. The jawline is chiseled, for lack of a better word, clean-shaven with a cleft in the square chin. His nose is proud, straight except for a slight bump near the top where it's been broken in the past. Blue eyes are bright with angular eyebrows almost an upside-down 'v'. Finishing his look is a wide mohawk of pale blonde hair braided at the back of his head to trail down to the small of his back.

His exceptionally broad-shouldered and heavily muscled frame is armored with a polished breastplate under a white tabard trimmed in silver. A golden stylized sun is emblazoned in gold across the center of his chest. Powerful shoulders and arms are bare except for gauntleted fists and forearms. A Khazad style kilt is attached to the waist of the breastplate, armored and heavy it is white leather and steel bands. Beneath the kilt can be seen a pair of leather leggings and heavy greaves wrap his shins and overlap his boots.

When not at the ready a heavy steel shield is slung across his back. For weapons he has an exquisite longsword in a scabbard on his left hip near a coiled morningstar.