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About My Character

Formally known in some circles as: Dame Betrys of Dragonier, Knight of the Lost Crown

Known in a lot of circles as: KnightMare. Usually with a 'the' prefix.

A somewhat worn and battered War Golem from Dragonier, Dame Betrys spends much of her time seeing her countrymen to safeholds or escorted out of Heth's reach behind the borders of neighboring countries. Her construction is... quirky, a collection of grim whimsy and ill considered planning has given the construct an ominous appearance, though her bearing is usually reserved.

Usually. She has shown a certain eagerness for battle once joined, one that transcends the usual War Golem call to function.

Her worthy steed, a coal grey Dragonieri destrier breed with russet fetlocks, mane and tail named Cysgodawyr (old Dragonier for 'Sky Shadow') seems to share, if not exceed her interest in combat, though he can be quite mellow off the field as well.

She makes a habit of looking into the sky.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dragonier - Her homeland, she wants to see it returned to, and surpass, it's former glories, as well as it's people.
  • Heth - She really wants him dead.
  • Horses - She has a certain way about them, as well as being a Cavalier