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About My Character

Kirranelion, Kirran for short, came from a small village of Wild Elves in Llyranost on the hope of finding some sort of answer for some of the hardships his people suffer. He has been in Alexandria for about a year, having arrived since the blizzard that nearly froze the city to death.

He helps patrol the Druid's Grove outside of the city, usually staying there when he is in the area. As of late he has been doing scouting missions for Rune in their efforts to drive Dran away from it's borders.

Recently, when visiting the Ydgrassil tree, a small hawk joined him in his endeavor, naming her Tuilin, she is a Harris's Hawk and is his companion in his efforts to spread Gilead's care over the world, and stopping unnecessary destruction.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Anything nature related
  • Anything archery related
  • Rune/Dran war


Kirranelion grew up deep within the woods of Llyranost, in a small enclave of Sylvanori, the Wild Elves, near the Deeper Forest. There he saw the troubled times in his homeland even among the Wild Elves. His father was a Green Warden of Gilead, while his mother was actually a Seer of Eluna. They met when his father got hurt during an orc raid, and she healed him. The two never left Llyranost, having grown up there in their enclave, fallen in love, and had Kirran several years later.

Kirran grew up following under the guidance of his mother, and thus the local church of Eluna. He showed great promise for the faith, and it was expected he would join the faith when he entered into maturity. However, all of that changed when his father decided to teach him how to be a ranger. It was nothing against the church of Eluna, but just a chance to teach his son a strong elven tradition. Kirran was a natural at it, and instead of looking over toward Eluna, he made a drastic change and sought to become a Green Warden like his father.

When he finally became of age, Kirran became a ranger to protect his home like his father did, and initially started the process of becoming a Green Warden of Gilead. When word reached all the way into Llyranost about the Azure Queen falling in Alexandria, among many other things that Kirran heard over the past one hundred years, he decided it was time to go to the city. Something was happening there, and maybe something that would help him and his people. The falling of the Veil had helped so far, but the Sylvanori may need more help to protect them in the future.

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